Alyssa Cole is a historical, science fiction, and contemporary romance novelist from the United States.

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Top 10 Alyssa Cole Quotes

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Dejection was inefficient, and worse, it was pedestrian. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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People bury the parts of history they don’t like, pave it over like African cemeteries beneath Manhattan skyscrapers. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Someone knew about their relationship, and once people knew something existed they could destroy it. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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It seemed the more he cared for her, the more easily he hurt her. Is that what love was? A finely honed blade that would cut at the slightest pressure? ~ Alyssa Cole.

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How do you like your dukes? Grumpy? Tortured? Alpha, beta, or alpha in the streets, beta in the sheets? ~ Alyssa Cole.

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My mama has me trained well. Even if my hair is getting pulled out by the roots, I can sit still and not move. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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What twisted providence allowed people so subjugated to be so kind and thoughtful to the people who kept them under their boot? ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Like many a jerk I had known, he was quite handsome. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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His cheeks, and his courage apparently, had been warmed by whiskey’s sweet embrace. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Love was for brave fools. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Best Alyssa Cole Quotes

I fight for the Union because America is supposed to be a land where people can be free from tyranny, where families aren’t ripped apart to make a profit, where men aren’t whipped for speaking their mind and women aren’t abused worse than brood mares. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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I care because as long as slavery is sanctioned in this world, either directly or tacitly, we are a doomed species. There is no hope for progress, no hope for a world of peace and prosperity, if some men are allowed dominion over others for as arbitrary a reason as skin color. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Charity is well and good, but if you can let a person feel like they’ve done something, if you can make them feel human, that is an even greater gift. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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People who called instead of texting were a plague on humanity. ~ Alyssa Cole.

I believe that sometimes a man sees something he wants and covets it, whether it be property or a woman or prestige. Some men don’t see a difference among the three. They do anything they can to get them. A means to an end – is that the saying? For something that helps you get what you want? She glanced at him and he nodded. I think maybe I was the means and had confused myself for the end. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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He wore a forest green T-shirt and straight-legged black jeans that fit snugly, but not enough to advertise his eggplant emoji. ~ Alyssa Cole.

She was Ellen Burns, and she was going to help destroy the Confederacy. ~ Alyssa Cole.

What do you think people fall in love for, if not the hand holding? Do you think marriage is two people walking side by side, never touching lest one of them pull the other down? ~ Alyssa Cole.

Engaging the arguments of those who hold differing opinions is always a worthy use of one’s time. It’s how we strengthen our rhetorical skills and broaden our knowledge. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Such finery, paid for at the small cost of human lives and dignity. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Your Highness. While I admit that you are a fine specimen of a man, being a lesbian is not the only possible reason a woman wouldn’t respond to your attentions. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Popular Alyssa Cole Quotes

Maybe he was like one of those hitchhiking ghosts that kept a lunar schedule and helped lonely gay boys find themselves. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Actually, I need to change what I said. Everybody wants something from you, but sometimes there’s a person you want to give to. Sometimes what you give them makes you better for having given it. And it makes having to give to everyone else not so bad. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Violence is not in good taste, but sometimes punch is what’s on the menu. ~ Alyssa Cole.

People focused so much on the prince slipping on Cinderella’s lost shoe that they didn’t realize the real happily ever after was the moment she realized she was brave enough to go to the damned ball alone in the first place. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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Women helped each other in ways small and large every day, without thinking, and that was what kept them going even when the world came up with new and exciting ways to crush them. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Famous Alyssa Cole Quotes

She locked the brakes on her chair, gripped the handles, and then pushed herself to a standing position. Her arms shook a bit, but she transferred herself to the couch smoothly, crossing her legs before reaching for the remote resting on the table. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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This misplaced nationalism was another kind of corrupted love, and it was just as unpalatable. ~ Alyssa Cole.

What I desire is that which would give you pleasure. If this wine gives you pleasure, I will pour it. If there is something else you would ask of me, it is yours. ~ Alyssa Cole.

The walls were covered in rich, floral-patterned wallpaper and large oil paintings of white dudes at various stages of life and facial hair manscaping trends. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Man’s inhumanity to man wasn’t solely regulated by skin color, although it did allow its practitioners to choose their targets more easily. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Powerful Alyssa Cole Quotes

Most of her daily grind took place at home, where her office was tailored to her needs and she didn’t have to worry about accessibility, or spilling iced coffee on her laptop because straws were easier to ban than the plastics that actually destroyed the environment. ~ Alyssa Cole.

Suddenly an adolescent voice boomed through the train car. Showtime! Showtime, ladies and gentlemen! ~ Alyssa Cole.

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I need you to channel the confidence of a mediocre white man. ~ Alyssa Cole.

She was independent, and would cut anyone who implied otherwise, but acknowledged that her independence was linked to her bank account and inherited wealth: cleaners to help manage the chores that her disability made difficult and time-consuming, personal trainers to help maintain her physical health and make sure she stayed on track in physical therapy, a nutritionist to design meal plans that supposedly benefitted her, and doctors who offered the latest medications to help with her ataxia. ~ Alyssa Cole.

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