When it comes to literature, romance is by far the most popular genre, both among readers and among writers. People frequently associate romanticism with movies or literature.

We’ve all read romance books by renowned authors such as Charlotte Bront, Emily Bront, Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, Carolyn Brown, Robyn Carr, and the list goes on.

Danielle Steel is one of those authors who has left a lasting impression on her audience. She is not just the best-selling novelist in the world, but also the most-browsed author in UK libraries.

After her parents separated, Miss. Steel began her literary career. Danielle began writing stories and poetry as a child and progressed to become an author. ‘Going Home,’ her debut novel, was released in 1982.

She’s authored more than 150 books, all of which are still in print, and 25 of them have been turned into films. Look no further if you’re new to Danielle Steel’s books and don’t know where to begin.

We’ve put up a list of the top Danielle Steel books for you.

Best Danielle Steel Books to Read

1. All That Glitters: A Novel

Nicole “Coco” Martin is destined for success. She has been given every chance in life as the only child of devoted and prosperous parents.

She has the world at her feet, having inherited her mother’s amazing beauty and inventiveness, as well as her father’s work ethic and devotion. Her Columbia graduation is quickly coming, as is the summer job of her dreams working at a magazine.

Life couldn’t be better for her, what with work, relaxing weekends at her family’s Southampton house, and spending as much time as possible with her closest friend, Sam until tragedy hits.

While on vacation in France, Coco’s loving parents are slain in a terrorist assault. Everything That Glitters is a captivating story of struggles, grief, discovery, and success that serves as a strong reminder that all that glitters is not the essence of life.

And everything we wanted was right in front of us the whole time.

2. Spy: A Novel

In Danielle Steel’s gripping new novel, a young woman gets caught up in a perilous double life on behalf of her nation during World War II.

Europe is on fire by 1939, and England is at war. Alex travels to London as a volunteer in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry from her lovely Hampshire home. However, she possesses abilities that catch the notice of a different branch of the military.

She would make an excellent secret agent because she is bilingual (French and German). Alex is surprising her family in pants and bright red lipstick within a year. No one, not even the pilot she falls in love with, can ever know about the work she performs.

Alex learns the craft of espionage as her nation and those she loves to pay the horrific price of war, leading to life-or-death missions behind enemy lines and a lengthy career as a spy in exotic locations.

Spy recounts Alex’s amazing exploits in World War II and later in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Washington, D.C., when her husband, joins the foreign service and the two become witnesses to a fast-changing world from postwar to Cold War.

She lives on the edge of things, with a secret she must keep hidden at all times.

3. Accidental Heroes: A Novel

Two planes have just departed for San Francisco on a lovely May morning at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport one a 757, the other a smaller Airbus A321.

Bernice Adams, a TSA agent, discovers a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge with an ambiguous perhaps ominous message at a security checkpoint. Bernice contacts security, and Ben Waterman comes shortly after. Her boss rejects her worries.

Ben, a senior Homeland Security agent who is still dealing with guilt following a botched operation that resulted in the deaths of hostages, gets suspicious. Who is the person who left the postcard, what flight is he or she on, and what does the message mean?

Danielle Steel blends strong action with stories of emotionally deep, linked people in her magnificent novel.

Strangers are brought together, difficult decisions are made, and destinies are permanently transformed by a handful of unintentional heroes as the plane approaches its destination of San Francisco.

4. Blue: A Novel

Then, on the anniversary of the tragic accident and grappling with her fear of death she meets a boy who would permanently transform her life.

Blue Williams, thirteen years old, has been living on the streets, abandoned by his family, barely attending school, and feeling completely alone.

Ginny follows her intuition and contacts him. He avoids her over and over because he is wary of everyone. But he always comes back, and their bond develops with each visit.

Blue radiates with colossal energy and an appealing blend of innocence and knowledge well beyond his years. As they establish an odd relationship and become the family they both lost, Ginny shows him respect.

But, just as Blue is starting to trust her, she discovers a stunning betrayal he has been concealing. Is it a wound that will never heal, or will she be able to fight the war that will bring them both back to life?

Blue is a penetrating and emotionally riveting narrative of dark secrets exposed, second chances, and the power of love and bravery to overcome life’s biggest obstacles, written by #1 New York Times bestselling novelist Danielle Steel.

5. Prodigal Son: A Novel

In the same town, twin brothers growing up in the same household. Even as children, their personalities are so different that they become bitter adversaries. One is excellent, while the other is awful.

When everything else fails, one leaves his tranquil village, yet twenty years later, the prodigal son returns. At first, the reunion of brothers is lovely and soothing, but it soon reveals shocking discoveries about good and evil.

Danielle Steel, the #1 New York Times bestselling novelist, weaves a stunning, gripping tale of mistrust, treachery, and a life-or-death battle for survival. As the tables flip again and again, which twin is good and which is evil?

Prodigal Son is a gripping tale of secrets, salvation, and redemption from great writer Danielle Steel. It is powerful, tragic, and packed with deep and layered characters.

Fraternal twins that were reared together turn up to be quite different and at odds. One twin leaves home, but is this prodigal son the wicked twin or his sibling when he returns? Prepare yourself.

6. Echoes: A Novel

Danielle Steel offers a gripping narrative of love and war, acts of trust and acts of betrayal, set against a vivid historical background.

Presenting the stories of three generations of women as they travel through years of grief and survival, united by an unbreakable loyalty that spans decades.

Danielle Steel tells a big, sweeping story replete with fascinating characters and beautiful images from the exquisite traditions of Europe’s prewar nobility to the horrific desperation of Germany’s death camps with the elegance of a great storyteller.

Echoes weave a complex tapestry of a mother’s love, a daughter’s courage drawing us into a gone world. Even in history’s darkest hour, they were sustained by their unshakeable faith.

7. Safe Harbour: A Novel

Danielle Steel delivers an incredible narrative of survival in her fifty-ninth bestseller novel of how two people who have lost everything rediscover hope and of the remarkable acts of faith and bravery that bind and keep families together.

Danielle Steel explores the fragile connections between mothers and daughters, men and spouses, family members, and longtime friends with elegance and compassion.

Her evocative, melancholy story takes us on a journey through the complicated landscape of grief, revealing the gifts that may emerge from even the deepest catastrophes.

Safe Harbour is probably her most powerful and life-affirming work to date, at once a success tale and a heartbreaking elegy to those who suffer and endure.

A wonderful narrative of death, healing, pain, and the willingness to heal and try again. You’ll appreciate this book if you like D.S.

8. Silent Honor: A Novel

A heartbreaking tale about families divided and lives devastated by bigotry during one of America’s most terrible moments, from #1 New York Times bestselling novelist Danielle Steel.

Danielle Steel depicts not just the human cost of that horrible period in history, but also the amazing bravery of a people whose honor and dignity stood above the turmoil.

The shocking truth about Americans’ betrayal by their own country is revealed in Silent Honor as well as the victory of a woman stuck between cultures and determined to live.

During a terrible moment in recent American history, Danielle Steel presents a stunning, heartbreaking picture of families separated, lives destroyed, and a nation ripped apart by bigotry in her blockbuster novel.

9. The Gift: A Novel

It’s a tiny town in the Midwest with a high school, a downtown, a skating rink, and a movie theatre. And an astonishing series of events begin to unravel on a tree-lined street in America’s heartland.

And then a stranger appears a young woman who will have a profound impact on many lives before she leaves. She will meet and fall in love with a young man. Their pure, hopeful love aids in the restoration of a family’s dreams.

A young woman dressed in a summer outfit comes off a Chicago-bound bus into a tiny midwestern town on a June day. She has no intention of staying.

She’s only here for a short while. However, she has a reason for stopping here, and it is part of a narrative you will never forget. Danielle Steel’s third best-selling novel, The Gift, is a mystical tale presented with astonishing simplicity and force.

It exposes a very emotional connection that will steal your breath away. It also conveys a disturbing and wonderful reality about life’s unpredictability and wonders.

10. Jewels: A Novel

Sarah Whitfield’s recollections transport her back to the 1930s in New York on her 75th birthday. Sarah is crushed by a one-year marriage that ends in divorce.

Her emotions aren’t lifted by a vacation to Europe with her parents, until she meets William, Duke of Whitfield. Despite her reservations, William eventually agrees to give up his distant claim to the British throne to make Sarah his duchess and bride.

The newlyweds purchase an ancient French castle on their honeymoon, but the war breaks out soon after. Sarah, their first child, an infant, and their second child on the way, remain in France as William joins the allied forces.

Sarah survives the fear and hardship of the Occupation after the Nazis take over the chateau, resolute in her belief that her missing-in-action husband is still alive.

Danielle Steel‘s Jewels takes the reader on a journey through five decades of conflict, romance, international intrigue, and the strength of family.

11. Message From Nam

Paxton Andrews would have direct experience with Vietnam as a journalist. We follow her from Savannah high school to Berkeley college and finally to work in Saigon.

Viet Nam would impact the lives of the men she knew and met there in ways they could never have anticipated. Viet Nam would affect the lives of the men in her life in ways they could neither avoid nor deny.

Peter Wilson, a recent law school graduate, was a recruit whose destiny would be decided in Da Nang. Ralph Johnson, a veteran Associated Press reporter, had been in Saigon from the outset. He knew everything there was to know about Vietnam and the conflict.

Paxton Andrews would write a lauded newspaper column from the front for seven years before returning to the United States and joining the Paris peace negotiations. But life would never be the same for her or the soldiers who fought in Vietnam.

12. Kaleidoscope: A Novel

When a lovely young Frenchwoman and a talented American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love story begins happily but ends tragically. Their three children are ruthlessly divided when they become orphans.

Megan, the infant who was adopted by a wealthy family, goes on to become a doctor in rural Appalachia.

Alexandra, who was reared in opulence, marries a prominent man who takes pleasure in his pedigree and believes Alexandra is the natural offspring of her parents.

Neither of them has even the slightest notion that she is adopted, or that she has a tumultuous background. And Hilary, the eldest of the Walker children, recalls them all, as well as the anguish that tore them apart and separated them.

She creates an outstanding job while having no personal life, despite feeling the loss throughout her life and being unable to locate her sisters. When John Chapman, a famous private investigator, and lawyer, is hired to locate these three ladies, he is perplexed.

He was their parents’ sole friend as youngsters, and he has been tormented by regret for the rest of his life.

The detective follows a trail that goes from posh New York to poverty in Boston, from beautiful Parisian salons to the Appalachian mountains, and finally to the spot where the three sisters confront each other.

Final Verdict

But, because picking a favorite is never simple, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Danielle Steel books in order of publication as a compromise. Happy Reading!

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