When it comes to literature, inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Fiction may help us develop in the same way that the characters did.

Nonfiction follows closely after, with its consistent advice on how to do and not do everything from poetry to professional growth.

You’ll have to do things differently if you want to improve your life. You may also turn to inspirational literature to help you make a positive change in your life. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to change.

You will suffer agony and pain to alter your life. Change may be a difficult process, but the benefits of going through it are immeasurable.

We have compiled a list of some of the best inspirational books that can inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

Best Inspirational Books to Read

1. The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage

About the Book

“The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage” written by Mel Robbins, sold nearly 2 million copies, is Amazon’s 6th Most Read of the Year, published in 33 languages.

Mel Robbins will illustrate the power of a five-second choice using the science of habits, compelling anecdotes, and unexpected facts from some of history’s most famous events.

You’ll also meet and be inspired by hundreds of individuals all around the globe who are using the Rule to achieve their objectives, maximize their potential, and pursue their ambitions.

Mel created the 5 Second Rule during the darkest time of her life when her anxiety and finances were so severe that she could hardly get out of bed, as told in this fascinating and relatable book.

Mel has shared the Rule with audiences all around the world, the most prestigious businesses, and those who want to achieve genuine and lasting change since it was first created.

Book Review

You’ll see why once you read this book. The 5 Second Rule will assist you in developing a fantastic habit that will improve your life.

Mel explains how the 5-second rule may benefit you in numerous parts of your life. Courage and procrastination were the two that stuck out the most to me.

People’s comments about how the 5-second rule has helped them abound in the book. Original cutouts of social media postings serve as testimonies.

Key Takeaways from the Book

The trick to altering anything in your life is to follow the 5 Second Rule. The Rule and its countdown technique may be used to break any bad habit, stop self-doubt and negative self-talk, and encourage you to take the steps that will improve your life.

About the Author

Mel Robbins is a worldwide bestselling author and one of the top voices in personal development and change.

Her work includes the worldwide phenomenon “The 5 Second Rule” and the upcoming “The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life With One Simple Habit,” which will be released on September 28, 2021, throughout the world.

Book Details

You can purchase this book in Kindle, Audiobook, and Hardback versions.

  • Author: Mel Robbins
  • Pages: 248 (Hardback)
  • Category/Genre: Business Motivation & Self-Improvement, Motivational Management & Leadership, Personal Finance.

2. The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For

About the Book

“The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For” contributed by David McCullough is a timely collection that has won two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards and The Presidential Medal of Freedom, and so on.

McCullough has lectured before Congress, the White House, colleges and universities, historical organizations, and other prestigious institutions during his long career.

Now, at a moment when America is reflecting on itself in the aftermath of the presidential campaign, McCullough has compiled a collection of his most significant speeches in a short volume that celebrates the essential ideas and qualities that are uniquely American.

Regardless matter where we reside, whose political party we identify with, or our ethnic origin, McCullough reminds us of the basic American ideals that define us.

Book Review

McCullough is one of his generation’s great historical storytellers. Mr. McCullough is a big fan of the American narrative and its most famous characters.

In The American Spirit, McCullough, a national treasure, performs a national duty. It is both insightful and inspiring, and it calls on a troubled and divided society to remember and love our common beliefs and goals.

McCullough is a wonderful fit for the role of remember-in-chief. McCullough’s talks are shaped by the same elements that inspire his history and biographies. He is a superb storyteller, whether at his desk or a lectern.

Key Takeaways from the Book

This is a book about America for all Americans that serves as a reminder of who we are and guidance as we move forward.

About the Author

David McCullough has won the Pulitzer Prize twice for his books Truman and John Adams, as well as the National Book Award for The Path Between the Seas and Mornings on Horseback.

Book Details

This book is available in Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Audible versions.

  • Author: David McCullough
  • Pages: 192 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: Literary Speeches, Historical Essays, Civics & Citizenship.

3. Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living

About the Book

“Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living” presents a realistic and fervently optimistic vision of mankind for the twenty-first century, one that emphasizes personal growth as well as revitalized public activity and spiritual evolution.

It insists on the potential of a resilient and redeeming common life for this century, with beauty as a basic moral value and civility and love as muscular practices.

Krista Tippett’s great talent, in both her work and Becoming Wise, is to avoid reductive simplifications while yet discovering the golden threads that weave people and ideas into a dazzling braid.

The gift of presence, the thrill of engaging with life for its own purpose rather than as a means to an aim, is a compelling common denominator of the teachings taught to Tippett.

Presence, on the other hand, does not imply apathy or acceptance of the existing quo. Tippett and her instructors are, indeed, people whose work intersects with, and in some cases drives, enormous forces of change in the world today.

Finally, arguably the greatest benefit imparted by the spiritual brilliance Tippett harvests in Becoming Wise is the ability to meet the world as it is, and then to improve it.

Book Review

An in-depth look at what it means to be completely human and conscious, open-eyed in the face of the darkness that is inextricably intertwined into life’s light.

Krista Tippett has persistently reminded us of the spiritual quest’s ongoing challenge, depth, and complexity. This wonderful book will inspire, thrill, and rejuvenate the reader at this critical time in history when religion is being so flagrantly misused on all sides.

Krista Tippett is one of America’s best listeners, and in this book, she brings together many of the people she’s met and uses their stories to show us how many unexpected and idiosyncratic paths there are still too be found.

Key Takeaways from the Book

Tippett distills the lessons she’s gained from this brilliant dialogue in all of its dimensions into a cohesive narrative trip through time and from mind to mind in Becoming Wise.

Tippett has created a master class in living, which is complemented by a wonderfully ecumenical dream squad of teaching faculty.

About the Author

Krista Tippett is a New York Times bestselling author and Peabody Award-winning broadcaster. She was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama in 2014 for “thoughtfully digging into the riddles of human life.”

Book Details

You can buy this book in Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle with Audio/Video, Audible versions.

  • Author: Krista Tippett
  • Pages: 304 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: Unitarian Universalism, Dalai Lama, Self Help for Catholics.

4. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined 

About the Book

“The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” written by Steven Pinker is selected by the New York Times Book Review as a Notable Book of the Year.

With the constant flood of news about war, crime, and terrorism, it’s easy to believe we’re living in the most violent era ever.

However, as New York Times bestselling author Steven Pinker demonstrates in this astonishing and entertaining new book, violence has been declining for millennia, and we may be living in the most tranquil period in our species’ history.

War, enslavement, infanticide, child abuse, assassinations, programs, gruesome punishments, violent quarrels, and genocide were all commonplace over the majority of history.

But, as Pinker demonstrates (using over a hundred graphs and maps), all of these types of violence have decreased and are now universally condemned.

Book Review

The content is riveting for anybody interested in human nature, and when things become serious, Pinker knows how to lighten things up with sarcastic comments and a touch of humor a crucial book.

It takes a masterful achievement to be able to command so much research from so many diverse disciplines.

Better Angels is a huge accomplishment. Pessimists should find it much more difficult to hold on to their pessimistic view of the future after reading his book. We’re learning how to resist conflict, whether it’s an old adaption or a pernicious cultural virus.”

From a historical frame of view, the world’s inhabitants are genuinely growing into more compassionate individuals.

Key Takeaways from the Book

Pinker recognizes the major convergent tendencies of economic globalization, governmental normalization, and absorption of Enlightenment principles and norms and investigates them in extraordinary detail.

About the Author

Steven Pinker is a Harvard College Professor of Psychology. He has been designated one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World Today and Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers.

He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and the recipient of several honors for his research, teaching, and publications.

Book Details

You can get this book in Paperback, Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook formats.

  • Author: Steven Pinker
  • Pages: 832 (Hardcover)
  • Category/Genre: Violence in Society, Medical Social Psychology & Interactions, Popular Psychology Personality Study.

5. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

About the Book

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” contributed by the worldwide bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert is a must-read for all hoping to live a creative life.

For years, Elizabeth Gilbert’s works have inspired and empowered readers of all ages and areas of life. Now, this well-known author delves inside her own creative process to provide her knowledge and unique viewpoint on the subject.

She gives powerful insights into the enigmatic nature of inspiration with great empathy and dazzling compassion. She encourages us to embrace our curiosity and let go of unnecessarily painful experiences.

She demonstrates how to confront what we most like as well as what we most dread. She talks about the mindsets, methods, and behaviors that we need to be our most creative selves.

Book Review

In her new book, Gilbert guides readers through breaking out of creative ruts, finding fulfillment, and overcoming fear while establishing a balance between our spiritual and pragmatic selves.

In Gilbert’s first excursion into full-on self-help, she provides intimate insights into the life of a world-famous artist, complete with periods of paralyzing dread and frustration, in the hopes of persuading the rest of us to walk through the world a little bit braver.

Big Magic delves into the difficulties of having a creative life. Reading it is akin to having a coach at your side, honestly and selflessly applauding your achievements – whatever they may be.

Key Takeaways from the Book

Big Magic unlocks a world of wonder and delight, whether we want to publish a book, create art, find new ways to approach difficulties at work, pursue a long-held goal, or just inject more awareness and enthusiasm into our daily lives.

About the Author

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Big Magic, Eat Pray Love, and The Signature of All Things, as well as several other globally popular fiction and non-fiction, works.

Book Details

You can obtain this book in Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover versions.

  • Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Pages: 304 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: Popular Psychology Creativity & Genius, Creativity, Business Motivation & Self-Improvement.

6. Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition

About the Book

“Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition” presented by John G. Neihardt features a new introduction and a set of appendixes rounds out the edition.

The narrative of Oglala Lakota mystic and healer Nicholas Black Elk (1863–1950) and his people during the pivotal twilight years of the nineteenth century, Black Elk Speaks, provides readers with much more than a priceless view of a bygone era.

Black Elk’s piercing insights into humanity’s connection with the Earth, as portrayed by John G. Neihardt, have made this book a multi-genre classic.

Black Elk Speaks is memorable, whether as a tragic account of a Lakota life, a history of a Native country, or an eternal spiritual testimony.

In 1930, on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Black Elk met renowned poet, writer, and critic John G. Neihardt and requested him to tell his narrative to the world.

Book Review

Black Elk Speaks is a really human document and more than that, it’s the chronicle of a profoundly spiritual journey, a people’s trip toward historical completion and climax, toward the achievement of a noble destiny.

If there has been a great religious classic in the twentieth century or on this continent, it must undoubtedly be assessed alongside Black Elk Speaks.

The memories of Black Elk and his colleagues, which may be read here, encapsulate the finest and worst stories about the demise of a country ever told in human history.

In this profound and motivating message for all humanity, Neihardt comprehended and shared Black Elk’s experiences.

Key Takeaways from the Book

This book recounts Black Elk’s personal biography, beginning with childhood memories and ending with a dream in which he was told of his destiny as a healer among his people.

About the Author

A Cycle of the West and Eagle Voice Remembers, both available in Bison Books versions, are among the works of John G. Neihardt (1881–1973).

Book Details

This book can be obtained in Paperback, Kindle, Hardcover, Mass Market Paperback versions.

  • Author: John G. Neihardt
  • Pages: 424 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: History of Ethnic & Tribal Religions, Native American Religion, Native American Demographic Studies.

7. Congratulations, by the way: Some Thoughts on Kindness

About the Book

“Congratulations, by the way: Some Thoughts on Kindness” written by George Saunders is the New York Times bestselling book.

A transcript of George Saunders’ graduation speech was released on The New York Times online three months after he delivered it at Syracuse University, where his straightforward, optimistic message struck a profound chord.

It had been shared over one million times in only a few days. Why? Because Saunders’ words elicit a desire in all of us to live lives that are kinder and more meaningful.

Congratulations, by the way, is a powerful, humorous, and insightful statement from one of today’s most important and unique writers.

Book Review

The graduating college senior in your life is most likely only interested in money. You can’t do much better than Congratulations, by the way, if you want to offer some sincere, plainspoken knowledge in addition to a check.

The loving selflessness George Saunders encourages, as well as the interconnectivity he acknowledges, could not be more pure, simple, or difficult.

The book is brilliantly constructed, even though the whole graduation address is published in The New York Times. Although the speech is just approximately 15 minutes long, each word is significant.

Key Takeaways from the Book

It’s a bold article that expresses the hope that our civilization isn’t just a thin veneer over deeper fundamentalism.

About the Author

George Saunders “Genius Grant” fellow, is the New York Times bestselling author of several short story collections, including Tenth of December, Pastoralia, and CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, as well as a collection of essays and a children’s book.

Book Details

This book can be bought in Paperback, Kindle, Audible, Hardcover forms.

  • Author: George Saunders
  • Pages: 64 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: Education Philosophy & Social Aspects, 90-Minute Education & Reference Short Reads, Philosophy & Spiritual Growth.

8. Educated: A Memoir

About the Book

” Educated: A Memoir ” contributed by Tara Westover is the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe bestseller, named one of the 10 Best Books of the Year by the New York Times Book Review.

Tara Westover was seventeen years old when she first entered a school, having been raised by survivalists in Idaho’s highlands.

There was no one to guarantee Tara’s children received an education, and no one to interfere when one of her older brothers turned aggressive since her family was so cut off from the rest of society.

Tara decided to explore a new way of life once her brother was accepted into college. Her desire for education changed her life, sending her across seas and continents to Harvard and Cambridge Universities.

Only then did she begin to question whether she had gone too far if there was still a way back.

Book Review

Despite the uniqueness of Westover’s upbringing, the concerns raised in her work are universal: What percentage of oneself should we offer to those we care about? And how much must we betray them for them to mature?

Westover has managed to convey not just her unrivaled background, but also to make her current circumstances appear not so extraordinary, and resonant for many others.

The molding of a mind is the subject of Westover’s one-of-a-kind narrative. She conjures a childhood that totally shaped her in swiftly paced writing. However, she eventually realized that it was also deforming her.

Westover draws readers deep into this realm, a milieu that is normally concealed from outsiders. As each extreme tale presented in neat writing attests, her story is remarkable.

Key Takeaways from the Book

A delicate, nuanced examination of how any sort of dysfunction may be normalized even inside the most traditional family structure, as well as the harm that such confinement can do.

About the Author

Tara Westover was born in the state of Idaho in the year 1986. In 2008, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA and was granted a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Book Details

This book can be purchased in Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, and Hardback versions.

  • Author: Tara Westover
  • Pages: 512 (Paperback)
  • Category/Genre: Religious Leader Biographies, Women’s Biographies, Memoirs.

Final Verdict

You’ll find a range of genres, interests, and viewpoints from a number of writers in these 8 inspiring novels (inspirational books). Despite their differences, they all want to help you become a better person and a better future. Happy Reading!

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