Jojo Moyes, a British journalist and novelist, is one of the few authors to win the Romantic Novel of the Year award twice.

Jojo Moyes is a master at developing empathic characters and giving them depth.

Three of Jojo’s manuscripts were rejected in the early stages of her literary career. If Jojo’s fourth novel had been rejected as well, she would have given up writing.

Her manuscript for the novel ‘Sheltering Rain’, on the other hand, sparked a bidding war among several publishers, opening the way for her to become a successful author.

We have picked 11 Jojo Moyes’ best-selling novels.

We have made a list of best books by Robin Cook.

Best Jojo Moyes Books

1. The Giver of Stars: A Novel

It is a stunning narrative about five amazing ladies and their incredible trek through Kentucky’s highlands and beyond during the Great Depression.

Alice Wright marries Bennett Van Cleve, a beautiful American, in the hopes of escaping her suffocating existence in England. However, small-town Kentucky rapidly becomes claustrophobic, especially when she has to live with her domineering father-in-law.

So when a team of women is needed to transport books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s new mobile library, Alice jumps at the chance.

Margery, the group’s leader and Alice’s ally, is a smart-talking, self-sufficient woman who has never requested a man’s permission for anything. They’ll be joined by three other remarkable ladies who will become known as the Kentucky Packhorse Librarians.

What happens to them and the men they love becomes a riveting story of devotion, justice, compassion, and passion.

These brave women will not be intimidated by men or convention. And, despite the dangers they encounter in a setting that is at times stunningly beautiful, at others terrible, they remain dedicated to their mission: delivering books to people who have never had them before, equipping them with information that will transform their lives.

The Giver of Stars, based on a true story from America’s history, is unrivalled in grandeur and epic storytelling. It is destined to become a modern classic—a richly rewarding novel of women’s friendship, true love, and what happens when we reach beyond our grasp for the great beyond.

Funny, heartbreaking, and enthralling, it is destined to become a modern classic—a richly rewarding novel of women’s friendship, true love, and what happens when we reach beyond our grasp for the great beyond.

2. Still Me: A Novel (Me Before You Trilogy)

Discover the love tale that has captivated over 20 million hearts in “Me Before You,” “After You,” and Still Me (this book), from the New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars 

Louisa Clark comes in New York eager to begin a new life, certain that she would be able to enjoy this new experience while maintaining her connection with Ambulance Sam over thousands of miles.

Working with Leonard Gopnik and his considerably younger second wife, Agnes, she enters the world of the superrich. Lou is determined to make the most of the opportunity and dives headfirst into her new career and life in New York.

Lou encounters Joshua Ryan, a guy who takes a sliver of her history with him as she begins to mix in New York high society.

Lou soon finds herself divided between her job on Fifth Avenue and the treasure-filled antique clothes store where she truly belongs.

When things get serious, she needs to question herself, “Who is Louisa Clark?” And how can you get the guts to go where your heart leads you?

“Still Me” follows Lou as she finds who she is and who she was always meant to be—and learns to live courageously in her strange new world. It’s funny, romantic, and tragic.

3. The Horse Dancer: A Novel

It is a story about a lost girl and her horse, lasting strength of friendship, and how even the smallest actions may alter everything, from the New York Times bestselling author of “The Giver of Stars”.

When Sarah’s grandpa presents her with a lovely horse named Boo in the hopes that she may one day follow in his footsteps and enroll in a prestigious French riding school far away from their slumbering London neighborhood.

She works out discreetly in the city’s parks and alleyways. When her grandfather becomes ill, Sarah must balance horseback riding, school, and hospital visits.

Natasha, a young lawyer, is suffering from her broken marriage: her professional judgement is being called into question, her new boyfriend is a disappointment, and she’s being forced to share her home with her charming ex-husband.

When Sarah, a feisty fourteen-year-old, crosses her way, Natasha decides to take her under her wing.

Sarah, on the other hand, is concealing a secret that will permanently alter the lives of everyone involved.

4. Sheltering Rain

Three generations of Irish women are confronted with the fundamental realities of love, responsibility, and the unbreakable link that binds mothers and daughters in this remarkable narrative.

Kate pledged a future oath to her daughter, Sabine, that she would always be a friend to her mother, who she had been estranged from since she fled away from her rural Irish home as a young lady.

But, as history has shown, history repeats itself, and Kate now finds herself in an ever-widening gulf with her daughter.

Kate is left wondering how they ever got here, and what she can do to bridge the distance between them, while Sabine prepares to travel to Ireland to meet the grandmother Kate has abandoned.

Seeing her grandchild is a dream come true for Joy. She’s looking forward to spending time with Sabine after her difficult split with Kate.

The absence of common ground between them deflates the young woman’s ardor almost as soon as she arrives.

When Joy is forced to confront long-buried truths from her past by Sabine’s impulsive, inquisitive personality, she understands that it’s time to fully mend old wounds.

5. The Last Letter from Your Lover: A Novel

It is a sophisticated, page-turning double love tale spanning forty years.

Jennifer Stirling wakes up in the hospital in 1960 and has no recollection of the horrific automobile accident that brought her there, her husband, or even who she is.

She feels like an outsider in her own life until she comes across a passionate letter signed simply “B,” begging her to leave her spouse.

Years later, in 2003, a journalist called Ellie comes across the same mysterious letter in a long-forgotten file in the archives of her newspaper.

She gets hooked with the narrative, hoping that it would help her stuttering career.

Maybe if this lovers’ story had a happy ending, she’ll be able to find one for her own difficult love relationship.

Ellie’s quest will change history and assist her in recognizing the truth about her own current relationship.

The Last Letter from Your Lover is a captivating, seductive love story with a stunning finale that will appeal to fans of One Day and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley, Callum Turner, Nabhaan Rizwan, and Joe Alwyn appear in this big motion picture now available on Netflix.

6. Me Before You: A Novel (Me Before You Trilogy Book 1)

They had nothing in common until love put everything on the line for them.

Louisa Clark is a regular girl with a regular life. She has a steady partner and a tight family who has never been beyond their little hamlet.

She accepts a much-needed position as a personal assistant to Will Traynor, the former Master of the Universe who is wheelchair-bound due to an injury.

Will has always had a big life, with large deals, intense sports, and international travel, and he’s quite convinced he can’t keep it up.

Will is abrasive, temperamental, and demanding, but Lou refuses to treat him as a child, and his happiness eventually means more to her than she anticipated.

She sets out to prove to Will that life is still worth living until she discovers that he has his own surprising plans.

Me Before You is a heartbreakingly romantic tale that questions, “What do you do when making the person you love happy also means hurting your own heart?” It’s a love story for our generation and great for lovers of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

7. The Ship of Brides: A Novel

It’s a post-World War II narrative about the hundreds of war brides who crossed the seas to confront their uncertain futures.

After World War II, young ladies all across the world are starting to fulfil the commitments they made to the men they married during the war.

Four ladies join 650 other war brides on a remarkable trip to England aboard HMS Victoria, which still transports a thousand military personnel in addition to guns and planes.

From the commander of the aircraft carrier to the smallest rookie deckhand, the rules are carefully followed. Despite the Navy’s strictures, the men and the brides will find their lives entwined.

And for Frances Mackenzie, a troubled young lady whose history returns to haunt her far from home, the voyage will permanently transform her life in ways she could never have imagined.

8. After You: A Novel (Me Before You Trilogy)

How can you go on after losing someone you care about? How can you create a life that is worth living?

Louisa Clark is no longer simply a regular girl going through the motions of life. She’s having trouble adjusting to life without Will Traynor after a transformational six months with him.

Lou can’t help but feel she’s right back where she started when an unusual accident compels her to return home to her family.

Lou’s body is healing, but she recognizes that she needs to be re-energized. That’s how she ends up in a church basement with the members of the Moving On support group, where they share their experiences, laughs, disappointments, and awful cookies.

They’ll also bring her to Sam Fielding, a strong and skilled paramedic whose job is to save lives and the one man who might be able to comprehend her. Will’s intentions are then hijacked by a character from her past, driving her towards a completely different future.

Life after Will Traynor means learning to fall in love again, with all the hazards that entails for Lou Clark.

Jojo Moyes, on the other hand, presents us two families as genuine as our own, whose pleasures and tragedies will truly affect you, and where both changes and surprises await.

9. The Girl You Left Behind: A Novel

It’s a tale of two journeys, one from World War I France to modern-day London.

World War I, Paris. While her loving husband, Édouard, battles at the front, Sophie Lefèvre must keep her family safe.

Sophie is compelled to serve the Germans every evening at her hotel when their town is taken over by the Germans.

A deadly infatuation begins the minute the new Kommandant sees Sophie’s picture, which was created by her artist husband.

Sophie’s image stands at Liv Halston’s home in London over a century later, a wedding present from her young husband before his untimely death.

A struggle over the portrait’s tumultuous history begins after a fortuitous meeting reveals its actual worth, and Liv’s life is flipped upside down once more.

10. One Plus One: A Novel

A single mother. One tumultuous family. One weird stranger. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Still Me,” comes an intriguing love story.

Assume your life is miserable. Quite a bit. Your spouse has vanished, your adolescent stepson is being tormented, and your math prodigy daughter has a once-in-a-lifetime chance that you can’t afford.

In a word, that’s Jess’s life until an unexpected knight in shining armor comes to save them. Only Geeky Ed, the arrogant tech millionaire whose vacation house Jess happens to clean, turns out to be Jess’ knight in shining armor.

But Ed has his own issues, and transporting the dysfunctional family to the Math Olympiad seems like the first time he’s done something selfless in a long time… maybe ever.

Jojo Moyes is at her most brilliant in One Plus One. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and when the last page is turned, you’ll want to start over.

11. Silver Bay: A Novel

It’s a surprising and touching love story set in an old-fashioned coastal village on the edge of transformation.

Liza McCullen will never be able to completely forget about her past. But, if not for herself, then for her little daughter, Hannah, the pristine beaches and close-knit community of Silver Bay provide the freedom and protection she seeks. Until Mike Dormer shows up as a guest at her aunt’s motel.

The mild-mannered Englishman, with his too-smart clothes and distracting eyes, has the potential to destroy everything Liza has worked so hard to protect, including not only the family business and the bay where her beloved whales can be found, but also her belief that she will never love, never deserve to love again.

Mike Dormer, for one, sees this as simply another business opportunity—an easy job launching a resort in a tiny coastal community ripe for growth.

However, he is perplexed by the quirky residents of the dilapidated Silver Bay Hotel, particularly the intriguing Liza McCullen, and their claim to the surrounding seas.

Mike and Liza’s worlds meet as the development takes on its own momentum in this profoundly emotional and fascinating story full of Jojo Moyes‘ characteristic humor and compassion.

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