Bottled water is the choice of many people as it is high quality as well as easily portable.

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Top 10 Bottled Water Quotes

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I’m really addicted to water. I carry a bottle of water everywhere I go. I know people think I’m a nut. ~ Andie MacDowell.

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Faith is not like bottled water but like rain. Its destiny is not just to be kept and held but to make something visible grow. ~ Peter Kreeft.

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I’m the anti-rock star. I’m happy just to have a bottle of water. ~ Ben Kweller.

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The marketers can compete with free; it just has to be better. Look at bottled water if you don’t believe me. ~ Jonathan Potter.

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The world needs water. For every bottle of wine you drink you contribute to conserving the drinking water reserves. ~ Paul-Emile Victor.

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They got rid of bottled water. We got thermoses that say ‘Grey’s Anatomy Season 4’ with our names on it. Cool. ~ Brooke Smith.

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Life is like pouring water into a Coca- Cola bottle; if you’re the least bit scared you can’t do it. ~ Olive Ann Burns.

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I try not to use tap water on my face, especially when I’m traveling, to avoid any skin problems. Instead, I’ll use bottled water to rinse. ~ Claudia Kim.

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As long as gas is cheaper than bottled water, we can’t be in a position of dictating to the consumer what to buy. ~ William Clay Ford, Jr.

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Energy literacy means you can see the waste in disposing of a plastic bottle after you’ve drunk water from some place on the other side of the world. ~ Saul Griffith.

Famous Bottled Water Quotes

I think it’s mental to pay for water. Where is that water coming from? Are they in the hills puttin’ it into bottles when years ago it used to roll down and go into the lakes? ~ Karl Pilkington.

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I’ve tried every kind of bottled water, but Poland Spring is my go-to. I always have room-temperature bottles of it on side of stage for post-performance. ~ French Montana.

I’ll tell you what me scares me is plastic. Plastic bags and plastic bottles and these things. Why does my water have to be in a bloody plastic bottle? The landfill and the ocean. And I don’t know, I’m just terrified with the proliferation of plastic. ~ Helen Mirren.

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A rousing tale of techno-geek rebellion, as necessary and dangerous as file sharing, free speech, and bottled water on a plane. ~ Scott Westerfeld.

I’m scared by the enormous amount of bottled water being consumed today, instead of people drinking filtered tap water. Did you know that nearly 90 percent of those plastic bottles are not recycled and wind up in landfills where it takes thousands of years for the plastic to decompose? ~ Robert Englund.

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He was beyond gorgeous. But Eastlake High was full of pretty people who acted like total freaks. I blame the local water supply. Which was why I drank bottled water. ~ Rachel Vincent.

From pink water bottles for breast cancer to dumping a bucket of ice water on your head for neuromuscular conditions, it seems we’re bombarded by requests to be ‘aware’ of one thing or another. ~ Stella Young.

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After I’ve enjoyed a floral bouquet to its fullest, I drop a few petals in a bottle with distilled water to create my own soothing toner. ~ Megalyn Echikunwoke.

Top Bottled Water Quotes

The film ‘Tapped’ illustrates quite clearly how we’ve been getting ‘soaked’ for years by the bottled water industry. ~ Ed Begley, Jr.

The cat does more for the war effort than you do. He acts as a hot-water bottle and saves fuel and power. ~ Winston Churchill.

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The internet in hotels should be free – and I really resent it when they charge you five dollars for a bottle of water beside your bed. ~ Francis Ford Coppola.

My favorite drink is water – the bland one: Evian. I stick with that. I celebrate in the evening sometimes with Perrier. That’s why I love coming to California. They’re always talking to you about bottled water. ~ George Foreman.

If in 1989 I said, ‘I have an idea: Bottle water and sell it. And charge more than a beer,’ they would have chased me around with a giant butterfly net. The same with paying to watch a television station. ~ Adam Carolla.

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I like that Brita makes tap water taste good, so you don’t need to spend money or waste plastic with bottled water. ~ Stephen Curry.

Popular Bottled Water Quotes

Once I threw a water bottle from the stage into the audience, and it hit Tony Bennett in the head. It was a special moment for me. ~ Marilyn Manson.

We buy a bottle of water in the city, where clean water comes out in its taps. You know, back in 1965, if someone said to the average person, ‘You know in thirty years you are going to buy water in plastic bottles and pay more for that water than for gasoline?’ Everybody would look at you like you’re completely out of your mind. ~ Paul Watson.

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I’m not prepared for a zombie apocalypse. I need more bottled water, a shotgun, and stronger abs. I have plenty of canner food. ~ Jenna Fischer.

I drink tons of water. When you’re puffy, you think you can’t drink water since you feel more bloated and gross but that’s what you do to get the toxins out of your system. I put a little lemon in the water bottle that I carry around with me or drink a cup of hot water with lemon. It’s a natural diuretic. ~ Kate Walsh.

A few decades ago, many people didn’t drink water outside of a meal. Then beverage companies started bottling the production of far-off springs, and now office workers unthinkingly sip bottled water all day long. ~ Charles Duhigg.

Profound Bottled Water Quotes

If there’s a choice between tap water and bottled water, the consumer can make that choice. In a very large geography in the world, that choice does not exist. ~ Muhtar Kent.

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I think we should stop drinking bottled water. There’s no need to be drinking it if you’re living in western communities. ~ Cate Blanchett.

The waiter brought fresh-baked bread and cheese, a bottle of sparkling water for Annabeth, and a Coke with ice for me (because I’m a barbarian). ~ Rick Riordan.

My team fills two separate drink bottles for me in the car. One is water, and the other has orange juice. I just turn a valve and go from water to juice… to adjust my glucose levels. ~ Charlie Kimball.

So these were the 35 top quotes about Bottled Water.

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