21 Cancel Culture Quotes and Sayings You Must Read

Cancel culture refers to the practice of deleting someone’s social media accounts or excluding them from a group of people as a result of anything they said or did.


Top 5 Cancel Culture Quotes


Most of the abuse on social media is generated by narcissists. ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman.


Cancel culture is a real thing. Your digital footprint is your legacy, so think before you post. ~ Germany Kent.


Why should everything that happens be the entire world’s business? ~ Philip Wyeth.


Do I hate the speech? Or do I hate the truth within the speech? ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough.


When someone else seeks to control what I see or hear, I have to assume they think they’re superior and I’m too stupid to make up my own mind. ~ Kim N.

Best Cancel Culture Quotes

Disagreement is necessary in deliberations among mortals. As the saying goes, the more we disagree, the more chance there is that at least one of us is right. ~ Steven Pinker.

Suffering does amazing things to people, they become very different in a very short period of time, in many cases, they get a lot wiser an a lot braver and become very much more worth listening to. ~ Tucker Carlson.


The kids of well-off parents, bored and dulled by easy pleasure, find that hit of dopamine every time they cancel a nobody or, better, a non-nobody on Twitter. It’s entirely possible that the misery junkies fueling cancel culture are doing it because they have nothing else going on in their lives. And that “nothing else” could be beyond their control – consequences of a society that paradoxically offers dwindling opportunities for fulfillment despite offering huge opportunities for distraction. ~ Greg Gutfeld.

A world where you cannot even speak to another person without worrying about what they are going to think of you, has not advanced much from the days when white people used to own slaves. ~ Abhijit Naskar.


The term ‘hate speech’ is typically code for our hatred of the truth, not the speech. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough.

Humans are antifragile; exposure to discomfort and uncertainty -physical, emotional and intellectual- is necessary. ~ Heather E. Heying.


Cancel culture is a term bounced around by people afraid of accountability. But freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. ~ Monisha Rajesh.

In his analysis of the sublime effect, Edmund Burke termed ‘horror’ the state of mind of a person whose participation in speech is threatened. The power which exceeds the capacity of interlocution resembles night. ~ Jean-François Lyotard.

A cancel culture is people who have failed in life. People who failed to accomplished anything good. People who have failed to be themselves and to accept themselves. There is no successful person, Who can try to take away someone’s plate or who can try to destroy what someone has built, because they know what does it take to accomplish and to achieve something. ~ De philosopher DJ Kyos.

In our earthly world we debate the idea of prison reform and rehabilitation, yet the cyber world’s ‘cancel-culture’ leaves no room for such hopes. ~ Aysha Taryam.

There are many instances of people being called out, apologizing, adjusting their behavior, reconciling the conflict and moving on. The folks caught up on “cancel culture” are primarily bigots who feel entitled to engage in transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc w/o any challenge. ~ Bree Newsome Bass.

Woke and cancel culture are both signs of a judgmental culture, not a mentally mature one. A world where you cannot even speak to another person without worrying about what they are going to think of you, has not advanced much from the days when the white people used to own slaves. Let me tell you this, if you are kind, if you are compassionate, if you hold no discrimination towards people whatsoever, then you have no reason to worry about whether you are woke enough. ~ Abhijit Naskar.

Cancel Culture grows because we accept (and gluttonously consume) social violence. We no longer seek truth or both sides of a story. Whichever side is loudest, wins… regardless of its relationship to the truth. ~ Steve Maraboli.

Famous Cancel Culture Quotes


Cancel Culture doesn’t really exist. It’s a myth created by people who have been used to saying whatever they want without being challenged and are now surprised when there are consequences to their words. Rowling is still a very rich bestselling author with a massive platform. ~ Natasha Devon.

In recent years, the term “woke” has been widely used to describe those who’ve attained doctrinal purity in regard to the social justice movement. While that movement is secular, it seems to fulfill many of the psycho-spiritual appetites once served by religion. ~ Sky Gilbert.

So these were the 21 quotes about Cancel Culture.

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