25 Dennis Tirch Quotes on Compassion and Overcoming Anxiety

Dennis Tirch is a psychologist and author and is the founder of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy.

His approach focuses on mindfulness to beat addiction.

He’s written books like “The Power of Now: How to Overcome Addiction and Embark on a Lifetime Journey to Transformation.”

Beyond addiction work, Tirch shares his insights as a speaker and consultant improving leadership abilities.

Dennis Tirch  Quotes

He’s appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s podcast and spoken at events for major companies.

I have listed the top quotes by Dennis Tirch.

Top 5 Dennis Tirch Quotes


Self-compassion isn’t about taking baths or getting massages. It’s about consciously noticing long term patterns of avoidance and building the skills to change them. ~ Dennis Tirch.


You absolutely can act the opposite way from how you feel. I just want you to know that’s possible. ~ Dennis Tirch.


It is important to feel validated by others in relationships, but it isn’t always possible. Learning self-validation is a valuable skill. Practice noticing the emotion you are feeling, labeling it, and using self-talk to help make room for your feelings. ~ Dennis Tirch.


Your anxiety can trigger a lot of scary & compelling thoughts. Remember, that these are mental events, not things in the outside world. When you practice mindfulness, you learn how to observe these thoughts instead of letting them run the show. ~ Dennis Tirch.


If I told you that in order to drive your car more safely, you had to take your eyes off the road and focus on a searing condemnation of your driving skills, you wouldn’t believe me. Your brutal self-criticism throughout the day is a distraction, not a help. Self-compassion works. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Inspiring Dennis Tirch Quotes


Important things in your life are going to take time & practice. It’s frustrating, but you can see beauty in it, too. Again & again, you return to building this new life. Gently, and with great discipline, brick by brick, you build you. You’re an angel with rolled up sleeves! ~ Dennis Tirch.


People who are used to being intensely self-critical tend to think that self-compassion is somehow “going too easy” on themselves or taking the easy way out. This isn’t at all what self-compassion is. It is a skill that gives us the courage to face things that deeply scare us. ~ Dennis Tirch.

I woke up earlier than usual and used that time for a good meal, meditation, writing and practicing arpeggios. I feel very good. Taking care of personal practice is taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself means you are being cared for. Care for you today, please. Be well. ~ Dennis Tirch.


“Loving” someone doesn’t just mean that you have pleasant feelings or preference for them. “Loving” them means that you engage in the act of loving them – caring for them, giving from the heart, protecting, nurturing, and honouring them. Loving yourself means the same thing. ~ Dennis Tirch.

When, as a child, your emotional experiences are rejected, ignored, or invalidated, you can grow up having a hard time putting words to feelings. You might learn to fear, deny, or judge your feelings rather than noticing, listening and even caring for your own emotions. ~ Dennis Tirch.


If you could accept yourself just as you are today, what new possibilities might arrive? May you embrace yourself, all of the roughest and the smoothest parts of you, just as you are, here and now. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Real relationships involve the range of human emotions. There are conflicts, and you will face tough feelings. That doesn’t mean people have the right to treat you with cruelty or manipulation. It is hard to face it when it happens, but important to see clearly. Take care of you. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Strange as it may seem, our brains are designed to make mistakes, in that they are designed to regularly overestimate the possibility of threats. Why? Because doing so increases our chances of survival. You don’t worry because you are broken, you worry because you are human. ~ Dennis Tirch.


Feeling threat emotions like anxiety & anger is a natural part of life. You evolved to defend yourself & others against danger. Your threat system’s neural hardware is older than your species, hundreds of millions of years older. You can have the experience without it having you. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Best Dennis Tirch Quotes

When you can’t or won’t design your life, powerful interests and forces design it for you. Algorithms, advertisements, ideologies and cultural manipulation seize control of your time & purpose. What do you want to stand for today? How do you wish to spend your precious time? ~ Dennis Tirch.

In this era of “short-term therapy,” hyper-prescribed psychiatric medication and abundant “wellness” culture, it can be validating to remember that working through depression, anxiety and trauma takes time, a lot of hard work, lots of support & compassion. With you in my heart. ~ Dennis Tirch.

You didn’t choose your personal history, and it has powerfully shaped your anxieties and actions. At one point in time, your avoidant behaviors seemed to serve you. You can honor that and still choose to grow into something different. You don’t need to condemn yourself to grow. ~ Dennis Tirch.

These last years may have broken us in places, yet we grow stronger in these places, breathing compassion into every aspect of our being. May you invite the gradual and inevitable process of awakening into your heart. Invite your Self into your heart. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Uplifting Dennis Tirch Quotes

Sometimes we can think outside of the box. But, then we forget there was a box. We forget why we had a box, and when the box was established. We can’t recall what table the box was on. But we can definitely think outside of the box. It happens. It’s okay. Remember the box, too. ~ Dennis Tirch.

When you feel ashamed or regretful about something you’ve said or done that you’re not proud of, remember that your behavior today is a result of things learned before you were old enough to choose. Taking responsibility & conscious change goes farther than self-blame & shame. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Feeling anxiety, sadness and anger are a natural part of life. Emotions are not disorders, they are a part of our common humanity. What we choose to do in the presence of challenging emotions will make a huge difference in our quality of life. ~ Dennis Tirch.

Often, you can get stuck in questioning whether negative thoughts are “true.” It is better to focus on whether thoughts are helpful. If you buy into this thinking, what is the effect on your actions and emotions? If your thinking isn’t helpful, don’t let it take the wheel. ~ Dennis Tirch.

The fact that kindness, warmth, and understanding go a long way toward helping us. ~ Dennis Tirch, The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Overcoming Anxiety: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to Calm Worry, Panic, and Fear.

So these were the 25 top quotes about Dennis Tirch Phd.

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