Gmail has become an integral part of all of us. People all over the world continue to use its services not only for professional but also for personal reasons at times.

While the platform offers decently admirable functionality, there are still a few features that users can find missing. The feature of a resend button is also one among those.

There are several situations where you may want to resend an email:

  • To repeat an email to a number of other people without having to recreate the recipient list
  • To recreate a sales email for your clients or other recipients
  • To make some changes to the email and send it again.

Once you know how to resend, you’ll never have to again type an email you’ve sent before. Here, we have a look at the various options at your disposal by which you can resend an email using Gmail.

Using Gmail’s Native Feature

1. Head over to your Sent folder and open the email you’d like to resend.

How to Resend an Email in Gmail-1
  • Save

2. Copy the message and paste it into the compose box.

3. Add a recipient email address in the To field and enter the Subject line.

4. Hit Send and the email is sent. Until you do so, it will remain in the Drafts folder.

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  • Save

The entire point of resending an email is for the whole process to be effective and convenient. This is however, a really tedious process especially if you’re doing it repetitively.

To add to this, it has another limitation. You can’t just copy files from an email the same way you copy the written content. Hence, you’ll have to manually add and upload any attachments when drafting your resend email.

Using Gmail Reply

Another way to resend emails in Gmail is using the Reply feature.

  1. Open your Sent folder and find the email you want to resend.
  2. Click Reply.
  3. Edit the body of the email accordingly if you wish to remove anything that’s no longer relevant (or to add anything relevant).
  4. Change the subject line accordingly, then add the recipient.
  5. Click Send.

However, similar to the last method, a limitation with this one is that if there are any attachments that have to be sent, you’ll have to add them manually.

Using Gmail Forward

If the email you want to resend contains an attachment, you’ll need to make slight changes to the last two methods.

  1. Head over to your Sent folder and find the email you want to resend.
  2. Click Forward.
  3. Now simply follow steps 3, 4, and 5 from the previous section.

Note: You may have to manually delete a lot of emails and attachments if the particular email being resent was part of a longer thread of multiple messages.

These are the three methods that you can use to resend emails in Gmail.

However, Gmail has fixed the maximum emails that can be sent (or resent) in a day at 500. And if you’re using a Google Workspace account, this limit extends to 2,000. This can be another limitation which you may want to overcome.

GMass, when connected with an SMTP server like SendGrid, enables you to bypass these sending limits of Gmail without getting your account suspended.

Sending Recurring Emails in Gmail

A recurring email tool is not something that is used by a very large number of people. However, for all those who have to send the same emails day after day, it can prove to be extremely useful and convenient.

Gmail doesn’t yet allow you to send recurring emails. There is, however, a tool called Right Inbox which comes quite handy. Right Inbox lets you choose the recipient(s), write the copy, and then set your email to be set at a frequency and timing that you can decide.

Wrapping Up

While the native feature of Gmail already may not be the most simple one to resend emails, it also requires attachments to be added separately. This is the case with using the reply feature too.

However, resending your email using the forward feature does allow you to have the convenience of not having to add attachments manually. Sending recurring emails is also an option which you should consider if you have to repeat emails day after day.

We hope you will find this article useful and informative.

Do let us know in case you have any questions.