17 Best Hyperfocus Quotes by Chris Bailey

“HyperFocus” is a guide to enhancing concentration by dedicating oneself to a single task at a time.

Written by Chris Bailey, the book dives deep into two productivity modes: focused (Hyperfocus) and creative (Scatterfocus).

The former emphasizes undistracted, singular commitment to a task, refraining from distractions like smartphones or other media.

The latter, Scatterfocus, is the mode where the mind generates ideas. It’s suggested that when one hits a block, activities like walking, showering, or reading can rejuvenate the mind and spark creativity.

Hyperfocus - How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction by Chris Bailey

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Bailey also sheds light on habits, recommending “Atomic Habits” by James Clear for deeper understanding.

“HyperFocus” discusses four stages of hyperfocusing: choosing a task, eliminating distractions, concentrating solely on the chosen task and realigning the mind when distracted.

The book also introduces three stages of Scatterfocus: Capture, Problem-Crunching and Habitual, emphasizing the importance of freeing the mind to foster creativity.

The key is to discover and apply what best resonates with an individual’s workflow.

Here is a collection of the most popular quotes from this book.

Best Hyperfocus Quotes by Chris Bailey


Setting specific intentions can double or triple your odds of success. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).


By focusing deeply on just one important thing at a time – hyperfocusing – we become the most productive version of ourselves. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).


One study found that when we continually switch between tasks, our work takes 50 percent longer, compared with doing one task from start to completion. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Continually seeking novel stimuli makes us feel more productive – after all, we’re doing more in each moment. But again, just because we’re busier doesn’t mean we’re getting more accomplished. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Hyperfocus Quotes by Chris Bailey

Ask yourself: After consuming one of those products, will you be happy with how you invested your time and attention? ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).


We are what we pay attention to, and almost nothing influences our productivity and creativity as much as the information we’ve consumed in the past. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Choose a productive or meaningful object of attention; eliminate as many external and internal distractions as you can; focus on that chosen object of attention; and continually draw your focus back to that one object of attention. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).


An unfortunate truth is that the brain is not built to do knowledge work – it’s wired for survival and reproduction. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Directing your attention toward the most important object of your choosing – and then sustaining that attention – is the most consequential decision we will make throughout the day. We are what we pay attention to. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).


Attention is the backdrop against which we live our lives wherever we go and whatever we do, even if we’re just noticing the thoughts in our head. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

How important it is to choose what you consume and pay attention to: just as you are what you eat, when it comes to the information you consume, you are what you choose to focus on. Consuming valuable material in general makes scatterfocus sessions even more productive. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

When it comes to productivity and creativity, scatterfocus enables you to do three powerful things at once. First, as I’ll discuss in this chapter, it allows you to set intentions and plan for the future. It’s impossible to set future intentions when you’re immersed in the present. By stepping back and directing your attention inward, you’re able to switch off autopilot and consider what to do next. Your brain automatically plans for the future when you rest – you just need to give it the space and time to do so. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Famous Hyperfocus Quotes by Chris Bailey

Becoming aware of what you’re thinking about is one of the best practices for managing your attention. The more you notice what’s occupying your attentional space, the faster you can get back on track when your mind begins to wander, which it does a remarkable 47 percent of the time. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Best Hyperfocus Quotes by Chris Bailey

1. How much of your time you spend intentionally 2. How long you can hold your focus in one sitting 3. How long your mind wanders before you catch it. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Compounding this is the fact that the brain’s prefrontal cortex – the large part of the forebrain that lets us plan, think logically, and get work done – has a built-in “novelty bias.” Whenever we switch between tasks, it rewards us with dopamine – that amazing pleasure chemical that rushes through our brain whenever we devour a medium-sized pizza, accomplish something awesome, or have a drink or two after work. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

Create a distraction-free mode for your team. Dale Partridge, author of People Over Profit, went as far as to equip his team with lamps and squirt guns to encourage them to focus when he was CEO of Sevenly. As he explained to me, “One of the smartest things I did at Sevenly was to build custom walnut desk lamps for the entire team. They turned them on whenever they wanted to focus, and the rule was that no one was allowed to interrupt them when their lamp was on. All forty-five employees were allowed to have up to three hours of uninterrupted focus time per day – we had to limit it because that uninterrupted time was so addictive! I also equipped everyone with a squirt gun they could spray each other with when they were interrupted. ~ Chris Bailey (Hyperfocus).

So these were the 17 top quotes from Hyperfocus book by Chris Bailey.

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