20 Ian Watson Quotes from British Science Fiction Writer

Ian Watson, born in 1943, is a prolific British science fiction writer based in Spain.

He began his career in academia, lecturing in Tanzania and Tokyo, before dedicating himself to writing full-time from 1976.

Watson’s debut novel, “The Embedding,” which uses ideas from generative grammar, won the Prix Apollo in 1975.

His other notable works include “Miracle Visitors,” “God’s World,” “The Jonah Kit,” and “The Flies of Memory.”

Ian Watson

Watson is recognized for the screen story for the film “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and the first transatlantic SF novel collaboration, “Under Heaven’s Bridge,” co-written with Michael Bishop.

He’s also authored a series of novels connected to the Warhammer 40,000 games.

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Recent works include a collaborative book with Roberto Quaglia and “The Waters of Destiny” with Andy West.

In this article, I have listed down some of the most famous quotes by Ian Watson.

Best Ian Watson Quotes


When I go to the interviews and sit before a prospective employer, I’m going to try and look as employable as I can. ~ Ian Watson.


Every joke in ‘The Office’ was unexpected. I cringed; I could hardly look. I cried with laughter. ~ Ian Watson.


It’s bad enough being conned into singing an anti-war message by John Lennon when you think you’re just wishing everyone a merry Christmas. ~ Ian Watson.


I’m going to do the old ‘plaster removal’ technique and just get the pain over with in one go: ‘Life’s Too Short’ isn’t funny to me. ~ Ian Watson.

Warwick Davies is a cracking actor. The opening scene in the last ‘Harry Potter’ film, where he plays a captured Griphook, is mesmerising. His pacing is sublime, and the menace and regret he builds into the scene is fantastic. ~ Ian Watson.

People with a lot of money aren’t in the business of throwing it away, and those paying footballers’ wages, organising parking spaces for dead sharks, and even, dare I say it, buying iPads, are doing it because, for them, it’s worth the money. ~ Ian Watson.


My wife will automatically quote and compare the price of diesel at every petrol station we drive by, like she’s got oil-based Tourette’s. ~ Ian Watson.

My father-in-law just happens to be a global procurement guru. Now retired, he was the global head of procurement for some of the biggest companies in the world as well as our very own treasury. ~ Ian Watson.

Basically, I tend to see the world differently to other people, and I write books and stories to alter the imagination of people so that they also see the world in a different way. ~ Ian Watson.

I think it’s safe to say that ‘manliness’ was a common theme in my upbringing. It was an assumed status, but – and here’s the important bit – it was the Rudyard Kipling kind. The emphasis was on gentlemanly conduct, sportsmanship, fairness and stoicism. ~ Ian Watson.

Famous Ian Watson Quotes

I worked with Stanley Kubrick for almost a year back in 1990, trying to develop the screen story for his project ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ which is about a robot boy who wishes to become a real boy, a future scientific fairy tale inspired in the myth of Pinocchio. ~ Ian Watson.

I believe I’ve got the best of both worlds – a modern man with old fashioned values. I’m happy to be a house husband but won’t let my wife carry her own bag. ~ Ian Watson.

I’m working class. Not because my family have always been skint or because I’m from the grim north, but because I am from a class of people who believe in work. In paying their way. ~ Ian Watson.

Tokyo in the late 1960s seemed to be like one of the futures that science fiction presents. Here was the proto- super-technology of the future, electronically, robotically, blahblahblah, intercut with traditional Japanese cultural patterns, Shinto patterns. ~ Ian Watson.


The only time I even entertain the tiniest element of religion is for Christmas carols. ~ Ian Watson.

I think we are living in paradise with regards to the ways we can amuse ourselves, communicate. We have such a richness of possibilities. ~ Ian Watson.

The fact is that most ‘Irish-Americans’, in spite of dropping the word ‘Irish’ into half of all sentences, couldn’t find Europe on an atlas, let alone Ireland. ~ Ian Watson.

Dad’s funeral was standing room only; most in attendance were strangers to me. At the back, a lone Marine stood silently, then left. People told me he’d saved their life or helped them in their darkest hour. ~ Ian Watson.

That iPad you just bought. Do you care that it cost a few pence to manufacture? No. It’s cost you several hundred pounds because somebody else was willing to pay that much for it. If they weren’t… it wouldn’t. ~ Ian Watson.

So these were the 20 top quotes about Ian Watson.

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