60 Kris Carr Quotes from the Wellness Activist

Kris Carr is a bestselling author and wellness advocate.

Carr’s early career involved acting dancing and photography in New York City including roles in “Law & Order” and commercials.

After a Stage IV cancer diagnosis in 2003 she pivoted to filmmaking and writing.

Her “Crazy Sexy” book and film series starting with a 2007 documentary focus on young women with cancer.

Kris Carr Quotes

Carr’s work gained popularity leading to appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and founding an online community.

Here are some of the inspiring quotes by Kris Carr.

Best Kris Carr Quotes


If it is made in a lab then it takes a lab to digest. ~ Kris Carr.


Make space in your life, space for health and happiness. ~ Kris Carr.


If it has a shelf life longer than you, don’t eat it. ~ Kris Carr.


I love to breathe. Oxygen is sexy! ~ Kris Carr.


Gut health is the key to overall health. ~ Kris Carr.


Life is just to sweet to be bitter. ~ Kris Carr.


Resolutions are exhausting. Embrace ease. ~ Kris Carr.


No matter how you feel, you made progress today. ~ Kris Carr.


Change your plate. Change your fate. ~ Kris Carr.

It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice. ~ Kris Carr.

The Universe Always Has Your Back. ~ Kris Carr.

Famous Kris Carr Quotes


Folks are like plants; we all lean towards the light. ~ Kris Carr.

Sleep is the best time to repair, but it’s hard to get a good night’s rest when we don’t dial the inner chatter down. ~ Kris Carr.

My mom always said I liked to stir the pot with a glittering spoon. ~ Kris Carr.


Dump the doughnuts and chaos and watch the clock reverse. ~ Kris Carr.

If I had my dream, we’d all be eating more plants and less garbage. ~ Kris Carr.

It’s all mental management. Whether you can do something or not is in your head. ~ Kris Carr.

When we accept ourselves exactly as we are, in exactly this moment, we shift from living for tomorrow to appreciating today. ~ Kris Carr.

Yes, I have cancer and it might not go away, but I can still have a future because life goes on. ~ Kris Carr.

Inspiring Kris Carr Quotes

Cancer has changed, and so have I. Life goes on, even becomes normal again. I refused to let cancer wreck my party. There are just too many cool things to do and plan and live for. ~ Kris Carr.

Above all, cancer is a spiritual practice that teaches me about faith and resilience. ~ Kris Carr.


Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days ahead. ~ Kris Carr.

Going veg is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and the planet. Period. Your organs, blood, bones, teeth, and private parts will thank you. ~ Kris Carr.

My refrigerator is powerful. In fact, it has a direct link to my overall well-being. ~ Kris Carr.

If you really want to turn your health around, start juicing today. ~ Kris Carr.

Every time I see a cardinal, I know my grandmother is with me. This regal, red bird was Grandma’s favorite. ~ Kris Carr.

I am safe and secure. I exhale any anxiety and inhale calm. As my world expands so do my heart and mind. I am willing to stay open and accept all the miracles and abundance the universe has to offer me. ~ Kris Carr.

Motivational Kris Carr Quotes

How can you begin to uncover whether gluten sensitivity is causing some of your health issues? Symptoms occur shortly after eating gluten and improve or disappear within hours or days after gluten is withdrawn. Symptoms return again if gluten is reintroduced. ~ Kris Carr.

If your meals consistently revolve around corpse multiple times daily, you might become one sooner than you planned. ~ Kris Carr.

I was not going to kick back and wait for the unknown. I was going to dive in and become a full-time healing junkie. ~ Kris Carr.

There’s no need to wait for the bad things and bullshit to be over. Change now. Love now. Live now. Don’t wait for people to give you permission to live, because they won’t. ~ Kris Carr.


What if your purpose is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others? ~ Kris Carr.

Trust is a core currency of any relationship. Sometimes our need to control and micromanage everything erodes our confidence in ourselves and others. The truth: People are much more capable than we think. A hearty dose of trust is often what’s needed to unlock the magic. Go ahead, have faith. ~ Kris Carr.

Inspirational Kris Carr Quotes

Eventually cancer becomes just another annoying thing that you deal with, you know, like cellulite. ~ Kris Carr.

Processed foods cause inflammation, a source of most chronic illnesses as well as stress. ~ Kris Carr.

Whether you’re reaching for one of your favorite cookbooks or just winging it, do your best to keep a well-stocked arsenal of healthy ingredients at your disposal. At the very least, you’ll always be ready to whip up a green juice or smoothie. ~ Kris Carr.

I’m a leftover junkie. ~ Kris Carr.

Adversity is a call to action, and your freedom lies in taking the first step. Don’t worry about the entire staircase, just take one step, and then tomorrow take another. ~ Kris Carr.

When we truly embrace acceptance, that’s when our body exhales and can begin healing. ~ Kris Carr.

Cancer is very chaotic. ~ Kris Carr.

If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days. ~ Kris Carr.

Are the people in your life inspiring you or tiring you? ~ Kris Carr.

Top Kris Carr Quotes

Make peace with guilt. Guilt is a poisonous illusion. Many languages don’t even have a word for guilt. ~ Kris Carr.

I am capable, confident, intelligent, resilient and in charge. Health and happiness are my birthrights and I accept with gratitude. ~ Kris Carr.

Your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling, and everything to do with how you treat yourself. ~ Kris Carr.

Don’t shrink to meet the expectations of others, grow to become the person you want to be. ~ Kris Carr.

Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health. ~ Kris Carr.

If I let a blue mood run rampant, before I know it I’m obsessing about the color of the satin lining in my coffin – will it match my dress? That’s when I feel like Alice in Cancerland falling down the rabbit hole and just have to stop. ~ Kris Carr.

Popular Kris Carr Quotes

Life has a much bigger plan for you. Happiness is part of that plan. Health is part of that plan. Stability is part of that plan. Constant struggle is not. ~ Kris Carr.

When you’re the conscious captain in your kitchen, you’ll feel better mentally and physically. ~ Kris Carr.

You are amazing. A true light warrior and this world certainly needs you. ~ Kris Carr.

Find your bliss and your joy, know that you are a white light disco ball with no ceilings and no limitations. ~ Kris Carr.

I knew when I was diagnosed with cancer the only thing I could control was what I ate, what I drank and what I would think. ~ Kris Carr.

Direct your mind where you want it to travel instead of always going for the ride. ~ Kris Carr.

I cherish my work and all of my readers. ~ Kris Carr.

The only time you can change someone is when they are in diapers. ~ Kris Carr.

So these were the 60 top Kris Carr quotes and sayings.

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