Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and people born under this sign are often very friendly, diplomatic, and fair-minded.

Best Libra Quotes

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Blaze all way to the Libra back to the cheater. ~ Unknown.

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All you need is love. Love is all you need. ~ John Lennon.

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It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things. ~ Nicholas Sparks.

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As a friend, it’s hard to know if you’ve ever really helped a Libra. ~ Alex Dimitrov.

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You don’t want to miss out on something and feel like an idiot. ~ Kevin Connolly.

I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny my sign represents me so well. ~ Cardi B.

Librans love people, but they hate large crowds. Like gentle doves of peace, they go around mediating and patching tip quarrels between others; still they enjoy a good argument themselves. ~ Linda Goodman.

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I always feel more grounded and stable when I have balance in my life; I’m a Libra! ~ Laura Regan.

Lovely Libra Quotes

I won’t stay silent anymore, not when speaking out can make a difference. ~ Romina Russell.

Libras love doing things for others, but they like to feel appreciated. A little thanks goes a long way. ~ Unknown.

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. ~ Oscar Wilde.

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Libra Dream: For the world to become a peaceful, happy place. ~ Unknown.

lgnore him, honey. He’s a Libra. ~ Sarah, ‘Jumanji’.

I am fascinated by crime scene investigating. I swear, I wish I was a crime scene investigator sometimes! ~ Kim Kardashian.

A libra is skilled enough to be one step ahead, but make you believe they are one step behind. ~ Unknown.

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Sometimes in my life I feel like a bit of a sorceress who can’t totally control all their power. I’m a Libra, so… Libra women are pretty magical. ~ Olivia Thirlby.

Beautiful Libra Quotes

I’m a Libra. That means that I can make a decision, but only after much thought. ~ P. J. Harvey.

Those who think only in straight lines cannot see around a curve. ~ Romina Russell.

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No one’s ever 100% proud of every decision that they’ve made, and that’s OK. ~ Kim Kardashian.

I’m Libra and to mess with a Libra will leave you nowhere. ~ YA Chhora.

Still, not all of the beautiful people in the world are Librans. ~ Linda Goodman.

Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others. ~ Unknown.

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There’s nothing wrong with you… not even the darkest corner of that beautiful soul. ~ Vicki Pettersson.

I’m a Libra too. That’s why we get along so well. ~ Iris.

Positive Libra Quotes

No surprise that Judge Judy is a Libra – it is the sign of the law, after all! ~ Judge Judy.

Libras like to take risks! ~ Cardi B.

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Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! ~ Dr. Seuss.

I’m pretty good at thinking about everything – all of my consequences – before I make a decision, and I think about everything that’s going to happen because of that decision. I’m a Libra, and I’m very strategic. ~ Hilary Duff.

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Libras want something more than adulation. They want something almost unendurable when it comes to love. ~ Alex Dimitrov.

Libra it’s so hard for me to snap out of a bad mood and the whole time I’m thinking why am I in a bad mood? ~ Bella Thorne.

I am a Libra so I have to balance things. ~ Mark Viduka.

I’ve always taken pleasure in a different kind of rebellion, which is putting a positive spin on everything, trying to enjoy myself at all times. ~ Zac Efron.

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Libras are the quiet freaks. ~ Unknown.

I’ll just be over here avoiding confrontation and being a Libra. ~ Unknown.

Libras are charming individuals who can put on an array of faces to please anyone they are with. ~ Unknown.

Popular Libra Quotes

Despise them on the one hand; crave their love and understanding on the other. ~ Walter Everett Jr., ‘Libra’.

With everything I do, I just try to be myself. ~ Kevin Durant.

I’m too much of a Libra. I too often see the other person’s point of view and capitulate, even though I have strong political convictions. ~ John Lithgow.

I’m a Libra, I always have two sides of everything. ~ India Arie.

River is time in water; as it came, still so it flows, yet never is the same. ~ Barten Holyday.

Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. ~ Will Smith.

Famous Libra Quotes

The Libra husband is reasonable. He is a born judge, and no other zodiacal type can order his life with so much wisdom. ~ Edith ‘Little Edie’ Bouvier Beale.

Don’t rush a Libra. Something this good takes time. ~ Unknown.

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A Libra is usually generous, provided you don’t take advantage of that. ~ Unknown.

Libra only gets stubborn when people don’t take them seriously. ~ Unknown.

Libras talk too much, but can be patient listeners. ~ Unknown.

Libra will make you feel special. That is their charm. ~ Unknown.

If I cannot live with myself, there must be two of me: the ‘I’ and the ‘self’ that ‘I’ cannot live with. Maybe, I thought, only one of them is real. ~ Eckhart Tolle.

I’m a Libra. If someone compliments me, I’ll say something nice to them. I like to give out compliments. ~ Amber Rose.

So these were the 53 top quotes about Libra Zodiac sign.

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