101 Best Maria Felix Quotes from the Mexico’s Diva

Maria Felix, born Maria de los Angeles Felix Guerena on April 8, 1914, in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, was a revered Mexican actress and singer celebrated for her beauty and powerful personality.

She launched her acting career in 1942, starring in nearly 50 movies across Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and Argentina, becoming one of the most successful actresses in Mexican cinema.

Her collaborations with director Emilio Fernandez earned her an Ariel Award and significant international film festival presence.

Maria Felix Quotes

Felix also worked with famous European directors like Jean Renoir and Luis Buñuel and leading actors such as Gérard Philipe and Yves Montand.

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Married four times, Felix was the mother to a son, Enrique Alvarez Felix.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep on her 88th birthday, April 8, 2002, in Mexico City, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the world of cinema.

Here are some amazing quotes from Maria Felix for you.

Best Maria Felix Quotes


Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything. ~ Maria Felix.


Nobody seduces me. I seduce them. ~ Maria Felix.


If someone is young inside, that naturally reflects in the exterior beauty. ~ Maria Felix.


Women have a place in life, and when they try to act like men, they look fatal. ~ Maria Felix.


A man must be mourned for three days, and in the room, you put on new heels and clothes. ~ Maria Felix.


Don’t be afraid to move on. ~ Maria Felix.


I’ve been very much abused, mistreated, thrown from the stairs, pinched, everything, but in the movies. ~ Maria Felix.


Flowers are a bad business. They last for a day, and you need to thank them for a month. ~ Maria Felix.

I have never loved someone as much as they have loved me. ~ Maria Felix.


Fight for a man? Why? There are too many! ~ Maria Felix.

Try to go over me, and you will know who I am. ~ Maria Felix.


Diva is something invented, but I was not fabricated. Life made me and made me very well. ~ Maria Felix.

Whoever has not suffered from love doesn’t know how to love. ~ Maria Felix.

I always have a book close by because reading is the mental gym. ~ Maria Felix.


A woman should look down just for one reason, to see how cute her heels look. ~ Maria Felix.

The stars of today don’t have the star power, and actresses of today are disposable, models that don’t even know how to speak. ~ Maria Felix.


If all the men were as ugly as you, I would be a lesbian. ~ Maria Felix.

Success can be reached by many people. Celebrity touches you and is with you forever. ~ Maria Felix.

An ex is not worth more than a few days of tears. ~ Maria Felix.

Famous Maria Felix Quotes

If I thought all day about everything that has been said about since I could reason, I would be unhappy. ~ Maria Felix.


My enemies are many and bad. My friends are few and good. ~ Maria Felix.

With so many interests in life, I never get bored. That is my beauty secret, the curiosity and the joy for life. ~ Maria Felix.

If you hang with fools, you will be saying foolish things later. ~ Maria Felix.


Getting married so a man can buy me stockings is horrible. ~ Maria Felix.

I can have my desires and capriciousness without affecting anybody, but the desires of a President can ruin a whole country. ~ Maria Felix.

From a man, I expect flattery, promises, declarations of love. What I don’t expect is for them to shine at my expense. ~ Maria Felix.

Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you. Normal people reject the expensive because they can’t afford it. ~ Maria Felix.

Stupid people are not the problem, but stupid people that also have initiative. ~ Maria Felix.

Nobody impresses me with a price, but with the results. ~ Maria Felix.


Better to cause envy than pity. ~ Maria Felix.

People with no ambition never get out of the hole. ~ Maria Felix.

I only have a bad memory of you and a great residence. ~ Maria Felix.

I am not nostalgic, and I don’t like to think about the past, but I have unbearable memory. ~ Maria Felix.

A ring can’t buy my kisses. I give them when I want. ~ Maria Felix.

Inspiring Maria Felix Quotes

If the one who criticizes you is ugly. It doesn’t count! ~ Maria Felix.

All of us should sweep and clean the same way we clean the city. We should clean ourselves because we are very filthy lately. ~ Maria Felix.


What do you want me to do? I can’t be ugly. ~ Maria Felix.

Others have seen less and paid more. ~ Maria Felix.

Women don’t know how to drive cars because they are made to drive men. ~ Maria Felix.

Since the beginning of time, men have taken the best part of the cake. ~ Maria Felix.

I’ve got one message for the women of my country and of the world, I wish they loved themselves like I love myself. ~ Maria Felix.


It’s okay to be an original. ~ Maria Felix.

I think that he knew he was sick, and he wanted to have a great year. ~ Maria Felix.

A woman is very complicated and difficult. It is a labyrinth where anybody can get lost easily. ~ Maria Felix.

Don’t think I’m the Queen Bee. I am the Queen Bee. ~ Maria Felix.

Women like to kiss like men, do business like men, and to be treated like men, but I don’t think they are correct. ~ Maria Felix.


I don’t have a voice to sing, but I have a good style. ~ Maria Felix.

Women will never be like men, even though some men have a woman’s heart. ~ Maria Felix.


I don’t scream. What happens is that I have the important voice. ~ Maria Felix.

Talking about myself is difficult. To talk about myself is severe because I am better than what I appear to be. ~ Maria Felix.

Top Maria Felix Quotes

A bed is a divine piece of furniture where people can’t hide who they are. ~ Maria Felix.


They say that men should have initiative, but in my life, I’ve taken it. ~ Maria Felix.

It’s not enough to be pretty. You need to know how to be pretty. ~ Maria Felix.

I have an infinite admiration for intelligent men. ~ Maria Felix.

I have never gotten drunk because it looks like I am drunk all the time. ~ Maria Felix.

Everyone wants to know about me, even my enemies. ~ Maria Felix.


It is fundamental to learn the power of imagination. ~ Maria Felix.

I have never judged lesbians and gays. What they do from the waist down, it’s their business, not mine. ~ Maria Felix.

An intelligent woman doesn’t get sad. She gets pretty. ~ Maria Felix.

My great satisfaction is to have done everything that I wanted and made them happen, not just in dreams. ~ Maria Felix.

Leave the dead in peace, the ones inside can’t get out, and the ones that are out don’t want to go in. ~ Maria Felix.


The most important word in the dictionary is ‘love.’ ~ Maria Felix.

have been a winner everywhere that I go. I have always liked to win, and it’s not easy to win in a foreign country. ~ Maria Felix.

Don’t give me advice. I can make my own mistakes. ~ Maria Felix.

Beauty is a concept forged by everyone else. They value you or disregard you. They protect you or destroy you. ~ Maria Felix.

Within my battles, I don’t mention success because that didn’t cost me anything, although I have fought to not believe it. ~ Maria Felix.

You don’t need to be perfect as long as you don’t make any mistakes. ~ Maria Felix.


In life, I believe that success is inferior to a celebrity. ~ Maria Felix.

I might be one more woman in your life, but you are one less man in mine. ~ Maria Felix.

Stupidity is contagious. ~ Maria Felix.

There’s a warrior in you. ~ Maria Felix.

I have been too busy living my life that I have not had time to count. ~ Maria Felix.


To think about existence doesn’t make what doesn’t exist, exist. ~ Maria Felix.

Some friends told me that pearls make people cry. The only pearls that have made me cry are false pearls. ~ Maria Felix.

The only job that I’ve had had in life has been to learn because I started without knowing anything. ~ Maria Felix.

I am not used to lying, not even to defend myself. ~ Maria Felix.

With the lights off, the voice is what touches you. ~ Maria Felix.


Be yourself. You deserve it. ~ Maria Felix.

Hair to women is a medium to express ourselves. It’s not true that with black hair, women show their arrogance and disdain. ~ Maria Felix.

I’ve always had a beautiful man’s voice. ~ Maria Felix.

I don’t like help. When I ask for it, you can help me. ~ Maria Felix.

You don’t investigate an actress. You invent something about them. ~ Maria Felix.

I am a woman with a heart of a man. ~ Maria Felix.

My job has been to be attractive. ~ Maria Felix.


A mirror never lies. ~ Maria Felix.

Money is not happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari. ~ Maria Felix.

In movies and in life, to seduce is more important than to be liked. ~ Maria Felix.

Everyone will remember me being who I am, what I was, and what I will be. ~ Maria Felix.

Great Maria Felix Quotes

An original woman is not someone that doesn’t imitate someone, but the one that nobody can imitate. ~ Maria Felix.


Money doesn’t give you happiness, but it does help calm one’s nerves. ~ Maria Felix.

The quality has been lost. ~ Maria Felix.

A guy said to me, ‘You can’t live without me.’ I said, ‘Please, nor that you were the best thing in the world and I deserved so little.’ ~ Maria Felix.

I always say what I think and that has caused dislike in me. ~ Maria Felix.

The most serious mistake for many women is opening a man’s heart when they’re alone and not when they’re ready. ~ Maria Felix.


The dirt is very close to the poor. ~ Maria Felix.

I love my country, and I’ve wanted to represent it with dignity worldwide. ~ Maria Felix.

Don’t hope for the future when the present is not safe either. ~ Maria Felix.


If he left and then he comes back, it’s that nobody wanted the beggar dog. ~ Maria Felix.

You have more time in the business. You should know who you need to sleep with to become a star. ~ Maria Felix.

So these were the 101 top Maria Felix quotes and sayings on beauty, women, power and style.

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Short Biography of Maria Felix

María Félix a Mexican actress and singer became a cultural icon with her beauty talent and independence.


Starting her career in Mexico City she shone in over 50 films challenging societal norms and embodying Mexican women’s strength.

Full Name: María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña Years Active: 1942–1978
Birth: 8 April 1914, Álamos, Sonora, Mexico Other Names: La Doña, María Bonita
Death: 8 April 2002, Mexico City, Mexico Occupations: Actress, Singer
Resting Place: Panteón Francés de San Joaquín Spouses: Enrique Álvarez, Agustín Lara, Jorge Negrete, Alex Berger
Partner: Antoine Tzapoff (1980s) Children: Enrique Álvarez Félix
Website: mariafelix.com

Her legacy in film and music remains inspirational. Félix also had a profound connection with Cartier adorning their luxurious creative pieces like the famous “Crocodile” necklace showcasing her bold style.

This partnership highlighted her influence in fashion and cinema with Cartier honoring her with a collection in 2007 reflecting the enduring impact of her expressive style.

Quick Facts about Maria Felix

  1. María Félix often called the Queen of Mexican Cinema was a megastar known for her beauty talent and strong personality.
  2. She earned the nickname “La Doña” from her role in the film “Doña Barbara” and was known for her fierce independence.
  3. Another nickname “María Bonita” came from a song written for her by her husband Agustin Lara.
  4. A plastic surgeon once used Félix as a model deeming her face perfect.
  5. Her acting career started unexpectedly when she was discovered by a director while walking in Mexico City.
  6. Félix turned down Hollywood offers to avoid stereotypical roles and never learned English.
  7. She’s remembered for her empowering quotes including one that highlights her confidence over her beauty.
  8. Over her career Félix starred in 47 films across Mexico, Argentina, France and Spain.
  9. She inspired the creation of iconic Cartier jewelry pieces like the snake and alligator necklaces.
  10. Diego Rivera who was infatuated with Félix painted her portrait despite her not being a fan of it.
  11. Cartier honored her with the La Doña de Cartier collection in 2006.
  12. Félix passed away on her birthday April 8 living to the age of 87.
  13. Google celebrated her 104th birthday with a Google Doodle.
  14. She starred in Mexico’s second color film “La china poblana” which is now considered lost.
  15. Félix often portrayed women with questionable morals becoming a controversial figure in Mexican cinema.
  16. She turned down many major film roles choosing her projects carefully.
  17. Artists like Diego Rivera and Leonora Carrington paid homage to her through their artwork.
  18. Several songs were written about her reflecting her status as a muse to many.
  19. María Félix was also known for her distinctive and influential style in fashion.

Top Questions about Maria Felix (FAQs)

Q: Why is María Félix famous?

A: María Félix, also known as La Doña, is celebrated for her iconic status as a Mexican movie star and her memorable role in 47 films, particularly after her portrayal in the 1943 movie Doña Bárbara.

Q: Was María Félix in love with her brother?

A: There were rumors about María Félix’s attraction to her brother José Pablo Félix, but their parents intervened by sending him to Military College to prevent any inappropriate relationship.

Q: Who inherited María Félix’s wealth?

A: Her estate was left to Luis Martinez de Anda, her personal assistant; Antoine Tzapoff, a former lover; and Javier Tellez, the secretary of her deceased son, Enrique Alvarez.

Q: How many languages could María Félix speak?

A: María Félix spoke Spanish and French, but notably chose not to learn English to avoid Hollywood typecasting, enhancing her fame in Europe through French films.

Q: How old was María Félix when she passed away?

A: María Félix died at the age of 88.

Q: What happened to Enrique Álvarez Félix?

A: Enrique Álvarez Félix, María Félix’s son, passed away from a heart attack at the age of 62.

Q: Who received María Félix’s money after her death?

A: Her fortune was bequeathed to Luis Martinez de Anda, Antoine Tzapoff, and Javier Tellez, though her brother Benjamin Félix contested the will.

Q: What became of María Félix’s jewelry collection?

A: Following her death, María Félix’s renowned jewelry was auctioned, with Cartier repurchasing a notable necklace for its historic collection for around 20 million euros.

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