She is the author of The Girl at Midnight trilogy, Rated, and The Valiant Ladies of Potosi.

Melissa Grey started composing her very first story when she was twelve and has never stopped since.

As a grad student at Yale University, she learned how to ride a horse and throw a bow and arrow, but she hasn’t had much need for those skills since graduating in 2008.

You can visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @meligrey to discover more about Melissa.

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Melissa Grey Quotes

War is like a drug. […] You spend so long chasing victory that you become blind to the fact that you’ll never find it. ~ Melissa Grey.

Humans make art to remember and be remembered, said Caius. Art is their weapon against forgetting. ~ Melissa Grey.

One needs only a single match to start a fire. ~ Melissa Grey.


There’s enough cruelty in this world without me adding to it. ~ Melissa Grey.

If her hormones had a face, she would slap it. ~ Melissa Grey.

One cannot have light without darkness to tempt it. ~ Melissa Grey.

Not the truth, but close enough. Maybe she ought to make that her life motto. ~ Melissa Grey.

Language knew. Language remembered. ~ Melissa Grey.

Best Melissa Grey Quotes

If Tanith’s insincerity were gold, Caius thought, I’d be a rich man indeed. ~ Melissa Grey.

She was fond of books. They were an escape from responsibilities. ~ Melissa Grey.

It would be earth-shatteringly poor manners for you to whip out your sword in my home. And then, oh sublime horror, Jasper winked. After all, we’ve only just met. ~ Melissa Grey.


The imagining of chaos was quite different from the reality of it. ~ Melissa Grey.

You’re a thief, Echo.’ The Ala Squeezed her hand, her grip strong despite her frailty. ‘Steal him back. ~ Melissa Grey.

If war had taught him anything, it was that it took the people who deserved long and happy lives and gave them short, brutal ones instead. ~ Melissa Grey.

She had gone to the library in search of hope, but what she’d found instead was a child. It would take her many years to realize that the two were not so different. ~ Melissa Grey.

Famous Melissa Grey Quotes

I like to be around all these books. It’s like having a million friends, wrapped in paper and scrawled in ink. ~ Melissa Grey.

The young always think they’re invincible, right until the moment they learn otherwise. Usually, the hard way. ~ Melissa Grey.

But think carefully on it. Names are not a thing to be rushed. There’s power in names. ~ Melissa Grey.


Greatness is not always good. ~ Melissa Grey.

I like to be around all these books. They’re very good at making you forget your troubles. It’s like having a million friends, wrapped in paper and scrawled in ink. ~ Melissa Grey.

Every good fairy tale has a kernel of truth to it. ~ Melissa Grey.

Warlocks had been human once, but dark magic came with a price, and their humanity had been the cost of their power. ~ Melissa Grey.

Top Melissa Grey Quotes

The library was her home. Books didn’t give her dirty looks or whisper snide comments under their breath. Books didn’t judge. ~ Melissa Grey.

But the only thing worse than remembering the feel of Rose in his arms, the softness of her black and white feathers, the sound of her voice when she sang quietly to herself, would be forgetting it. ~ Melissa Grey.

Where flowers bloom, you’ll find your way, through the darkness and the flames, but beware the price that you must pay, for only the worthy will know my name. ~ Melissa Grey.


Simmer down, Socrates, it’s just a cookie. ~ Melissa Grey.

There was something about churches that she found unsettling. Everything seemed overly concerned with death, as if someone had forgotten that the basis of the religion for which they’d been built was a rebirth. ~ Melissa Grey.

Echo looked around at her sea of tomes, and a single word came to mind: tsundoku. It was the Japanese word for letting books pile up without reading them all. ~ Melissa Grey.

When in doubt, bravado. Always bravado. ~ Melissa Grey.

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