Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian-Australian actress.

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Best Nathalie Kelley Quotes

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When you play a character, there’s always a part of you. Like, you always bring out a side of you when you do another character. ~ Nathalie Kelley.

I’m such a girl because all the guys go for cars because of their engines or something like that. I like the color and the design. ~ Nathalie Kelley.

Nathalie Kelley Quotes
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I feel that ‘Tokyo Drift’ blew people away because not many people had high expectations for it. ~ Nathalie Kelley.

I grew up in Australia, but I’m not from there originally. Like, my dad’s South American, so I know what that’s like to grow up in a culture that’s not your own. ~ Nathalie Kelley.

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