18 Sam Richardson Quotes from the American Actor

Sam Richardson is an actor, writer, producer, and comedian from the United States.


Best Sam Richardson Quotes

Sam Richardson Quotes

I do think there’s something funny about being over-optimistic. ~ Sam Richardson.


I’m an audiophile and have been collecting records for as long as I can remember. ~ Sam Richardson.


I think Detroit deserves a comedy that’s not about suffering. ~ Sam Richardson.

As far as magazines, I’ll read ‘GQ’ to see where men’s fashion is, but that’s really kind of it. ~ Sam Richardson.

Being on ‘Veep,’ it’s so much fun, and I get to put so much creative input in there, but at the end of the day, what they say, I do. ~ Sam Richardson.

The most interesting thing about characters are their blind spots. They miss the periphery. ~ Sam Richardson.

The nature of improvisation is you don’t know what’s going to happen. ~ Sam Richardson.


There’s no place I love more than Detroit. ~ Sam Richardson.

It’s hard to not act like a fan when you’re in these scenes with your heroes, but you can’t do that because you respect everybody so much. ~ Sam Richardson.


I want to play my Joker. Not the Joker, but my Joker. Somebody who can have fun doing wrong. ~ Sam Richardson.

I really enjoy ‘Baskets.’ I’m a big fan of ‘Archer’ and ‘Mr. Robot.’ ~ Sam Richardson.

I’ve worked on shows where it’s fun; you want to hang out. If you’re enjoying it, that’s how you take ownership of it. You want to give to be a part of this thing. I feel that’s the mood on the set of ‘Detroiters.’ ~ Sam Richardson.


There are people there who live, work, and have lives. Not everybody who lives in Detroit is a gangsta. ~ Sam Richardson.

My mom is from Ghana, and my dad is from Detroit, so I would go back and forth to Africa a lot. ~ Sam Richardson.

Top Sam Richardson Quotes

I can do so many accents that I’ll never be able to use. There aren’t casting calls for a black guy to play a Scottish highlander. I can hope. I’ve got my brogue ready. I just need the opportunity! ~ Sam Richardson.


I think everybody, from whatever town they’re from, knows their hometown commercials. ~ Sam Richardson.

Like a real dumb idiot, I believed that to avoid a grenade that drops in the water, you could just jump in the water, and you’d be fine. ~ Sam Richardson.


I was a shy kid up until the sixth grade, and then I started to let loose. ~ Sam Richardson.

When you consume a half hour or an hour of television, you can talk about what happened as opposed to consuming ten hours of content, and then you don’t remember everything you want to talk about. ~ Sam Richardson.


A record is kind of a piece of art itself, and it’s such a tangible experience playing an LP end to end. ~ Sam Richardson.

I’ve worked on shows where the set was very morose and boring, kind of like nobody wanted to be there. I felt that affects the work. ~ Sam Richardson.

What I find funny are peoples’ blind spots. That’s the funniest thing about anybody – when they just don’t realize who they are. What’s funny about seeing a hippo do ballet is it thinks it’s a swan. ~ Sam Richardson.

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