72 Tammy Duckworth Quotes from United States Senator

Tammy Duckworth is an American politician and United States military veteran.

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Top 10 Tammy Duckworth Quotes


I actually lost both my legs. I can walk because I got really good health care. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I said three things when I woke up in Walter Reed. ‘I love you.’ ‘Put me to work,’ and ‘You stink! Go shower!’ ~ Tammy Duckworth.


At my core, I know that the American Dream is about the opportunity to work hard to make your future. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


My arm bones looked like chicken bones. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


The military is a place of discipline, technical proficiency, and personal sacrifice for the greater good. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


When I got to Iraq, my world focused in on one mission. It was incredibly rewarding. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


The lessons I learned as an officer, the challenges I’ve faced, and the camaraderie I’ve experienced are at the core of who I am. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I did not know I was a Midwesterner until I got there. I just fell in love with the people. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I don’t ever want to be sad about my life. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


Veterans Day is a time to celebrate the men and women who have worn this nation’s uniform and to honour their service. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Powerful Tammy Duckworth Quotes

The contributions of African Americans, Native Americans, and immigrants throughout our nation’s history are undeniable, but the tendency to overlook their gallant efforts is pervasive and persistent. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


If I still had my legs, I would be in line for a battalion command, and instead, I’m flying a desk. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I consider myself lucky to have been born into a family that valued service to both one’s country and one’s community. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Every day, members of the LGBTQ community deal with challenges that most Americans will never have to face. These challenges appear in the workplace, in your homes, in your community, and even in the halls of Congress. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


The American Dream I believe in is one that provides anyone willing to work hard enough with the opportunity to succeed. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I’m going to find solutions wherever I can. I think it’s all a priority. You can’t just say, ‘OK, I’m going to work on this but not that.’ You have to work on all of it. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


The ADA allows persons with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the world around them. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I went to Iraq in 2004 because I believe in doing my duty, not because I agreed with the war. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

As a nation, we need to do everything we can to make sure those who have served have the tools they need to succeed in civilian life. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


In the military, a combatant command is the ultimate job. It’s the pointy tip of the spear, overseeing the people carrying the rifles and flying the aircraft. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Our military men and women are our greatest national treasure. They should be safeguarded as such upon their return. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Famous Tammy Duckworth Quotes


I spent twenty years in the Army; of course it’s going to color the things I talk about. If anyone spends twenty years doing anything, that’s going to play a part in who you are as a human being. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I almost can’t believe this even needs to be said, but it’s not unwarranted to burden retirement advisers with a requirement that they act in their clients’ best interest. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I didn’t want to get pregnant while commanding an assault helicopter company and, before I knew it, I was deployed and missed out on many of my childbearing years. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I had 12 years in the Army before I ever faced combat. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I’d do anything to help veterans. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

You fly. You aviate. You do everything you can to get the aircraft safely on the ground. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I get up every single day trying to repay a debt that I can never repay. Never. And I will work hard. Because I don’t know why I was saved. I don’t know. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

One of the good things about losing your feet is I can wear all the pointy shoes I want, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I can wear shoes just for fashion now. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


My experience in Iraq made me realize, and during the recovery, that I could have died. And I just had to do more with my life. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

When I hear from people who are struggling to put food on the table, I understand because I’ve been there. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

We should have completed the fight in Afghanistan instead of starting a new war in Iraq. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


Running for Senate is a very involved process. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Our soldiers show every single day that they are more than good enough. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Popular Tammy Duckworth Quotes


I always wanted to be an ambassador. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

We must be an inclusive nation that respects and supports all of its citizens: a nation that doesn’t give up on anyone who hasn’t given up on themselves. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

We have an obligation to our men and women in uniform – and to future generations – to do something about the issue of climate change. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


In the Senate, you can become one of the nation’s leading voices on the issues. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


When I joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 1992, there were no female four-star generals. I still remember the day in 2008 when a woman first achieved that rank. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

The women putting their lives at risk for our country deserve better than to be treated as second-class citizens. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I spent a lot of time between bars like this. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I was so proud when I was commissioned into the Army. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


I grew up a daughter of a United States Marine, a daughter of a man so proud to be an American. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Best Tammy Duckworth Quotes

My strength is in finding ways to make the government work for the people: finding waste, or money that is not being properly used… or finding opportunities that are out there and making them work for the community. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I believe accurately remembering – and honoring – our whole past is the first step in governing in a way that effectively represents the whole America. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


The power of the ADA is that it ended up changing my life long before I ever imagined it would. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

My therapist would be so happy to know I’m doing all this walking. They’ve done a great job of putting me back together, haven’t they? ~ Tammy Duckworth.

When you’re a member of Congress, you can become an expert in a couple of subjects. For example, I’ve worked on federal procurement reform, the Armed Services Committee, manufacturing, and women’s health care. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


Like so many women, especially military women, I waited to have children. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Female service members are so integrated into the military, so critical and vital to all functions of the military, from combat service support to combat support, to direct combat, that we could not go to war as a nation – we could not defend America – without our women. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

The wheelchair and the prosthesis give me a soapbox to stand on. If it helps me get my message across, I’m glad; then we need to talk about what we need to do for this country. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Energy is one of the most precious battlefield resources, but it is risky and expensive to deliver in combat zones. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Great Tammy Duckworth Quotes

I feel like moderate Republicans, who would support sensible gun violence legislation, are pushed aside by those folks who are absolutely beholden to the NRA. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Student loans, Social Security, and Medicare make a difference in the lives of working families every day, and the conversation that should be taking place is how we can save these programs, not weaken them. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Veterans are my life’s work. From the day my buddies saved my life in Iraq, I’ve woken up every single day dedicated to taking care of veterans and doing my best for veterans. ~ Tammy Duckworth.


Southeast Asia was home for much of my childhood, but I moved to Hawaii when I was in high school. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I’m glad that people know my military service. But, like this nation, we are more than our military. And the rest of our story is the same as the rest of my story. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

When I was young, my dad, a veteran who attended college on the GI Bill, lost his job at age 55 when the company he worked for was sold. My entire family pitched in – my mom took in sewing, and I got a minimum wage job after school. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Thought-Provoking Tammy Duckworth Quotes

I think back to the 1990s, when I joined the Army, and all those peacetime years that we had, thinking, ‘Will we ever go into combat?’ ~ Tammy Duckworth.

How can you have an educated workforce, how do you equal the economic disparities in this country, if you can’t make college more affordable for those who are struggling to make it? ~ Tammy Duckworth.


We owe it to all our veterans to make sure they have a chance to achieve the American Dream, just like the rest of us. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

I have personally seen what a devastating medical condition can cost. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Men view life to be as precious as women do, and to say that men have a more violent nature is insulting to men. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

The bottom line is, when you’re in the Senate, you have more of a voice in the beginning than a new House member. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

It’s really hard to use a laptop when you only have half a lap. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Barack Obama will never ignore our troops. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

Sometimes it takes dealing with a disability – the trauma, the relearning, the months of rehabilitation therapy – to uncover our true abilities and how we can put them to work for us in ways we may have never imagined. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

What seems like comfort and security one day can all be taken away the very next. ~ Tammy Duckworth.

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