100 Watermelon Quotes to Beat the Heat in Summers

Summer is here, and so has the heat!

But don’t worry, there’s a tasty and refreshing way to fight the heat and that is watermelon!

There’s a reason why this sweet, pulpy and juicy fruit has been a midsummer favorite for centuries.


It’s not only tasty and yummy but it’s also high in powerful nutrients that may help you feel cool and refreshed.

This article will look at some of the best watermelon quotes from famous individuals and common people alike, all of which celebrate this delicious summer delicacy.

So no matter whether you prefer seedless or seeded watermelon, these quotes will make you want to eat a large and juicy piece of this.

Top 10 Watermelon Quotes


Pass the watermelon, please! ~ Unknown.


I love watermelons, but I believe you got to kill it to eat it. ~ Sergeant R. Lee Ermey.


Where there’s watermelon, there are summer vibes. ~ Unknown.


Be as cool as a watermelon. ~ Unknown.


Watermelon is the best flavor of anything. You can’t change my mind. ~ Unknown.


Every part of a watermelon is edible, even the seeds and rinds. ~ Katie Potter.


Watermelons are smiles of summer. ~ Unknown.


Tangy watermelon juice is always a good option in summers! ~ Unknown.


What are you all doing to keep cool today? We have very cold watermelon. ~ Unknown.


Even my slice of watermelon is smiling. ~ Unknown.


What was the watermelon’s naughty pick-up line? Want to see my melons? ~ Unknown.

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Best Watermelon Quotes


What’s your favorite fruit, and why is it watermelon? ~ Unknown.

Nowadays, I see people who chew you up and spit you out like a seed from a watermelon and sometimes leave you to rot. ~ Rebecca.

Do you like your watermelon in slices or cubes? ~ Unknown.

What do you call a watermelon that spends all day at the beauty spa? Must be a hot melon. ~ Unknown.

For it’s the sweetheart kissing season, and all the world’s in rhyme when it’s watermelon sweet love telling time. ~ Guy Webster.


Life is like eating a watermelon. You know you’re going to get some seeds, just spit them out and take another bite. ~ Jeff Steinmann.

Don’t underestimate the humble watermelon. It contains Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyes and boosts immunity. ~ Gordon Rock.

Watermelon exists. Why doesn’t earthmelon, firemelon, and airmelon? The Elemelons. ~ Unknown.

Everything is rind over here. ~ Unknown.


Life is a slice of watermelon. Never without seeds but sweet ’til the bitter end. ~ Unknown.

That’s all right if you’ve got a watermelon. Never let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon. ~ Jo Swerling.

Cute Watermelon Quotes


Tell me you love watermelon without telling me you love watermelon. ~ Unknown.

Big watermelon – yes, sweet – yes, luscious – you bet! That was probably the best-tasting watermelon I had ever eaten in my entire life. ~ Evelyn Murray Drayton.

You live as much in me as water in watermelon. ~ Unknown.

A watermelon slice of heaven. ~ Unknown.

‘Onions are the only food that can make you cry.’ That was before I hit him in the face with a watermelon. ~ Unknown.

That feeling when you cut open a fresh watermelon. ~ Unknown.


No salad is complete without a little watermelon. ~ Unknown.

I belonged to the church, and to the party of prohibition, and the villagers thought I died of eating watermelon. ~ Edgar Lee Masters.


Kids love watermelon, and the addition of a few cherries only makes it better! ~ Teresa Kennedy.

A watermelon that breaks open by itself tastes better than one cut with a knife. ~ Hualing Nieh Engle.

Freelance means I can take watermelon breaks, and no one can yell at me. ~ Mandy Ashcraft.


I love watermelon! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! ~ Greg Pizzoli.

Beautiful Watermelon Quotes

So, what do you do with an epileptic watermelon? Simple, you make a seizure salad. ~ Unknown.

What do you call a girl with no arms, no legs, sitting in a watermelon patch? Melanie! ~ Unknown.

My aesthetic is watermelon. ~ Unknown.

Eating watermelon is really fun. The juice runs down your face. But it’s even more fun to spit the seeds at your sister! ~ Katie Potter.


Pick up a sesame seed but lose sight of a watermelon. ~ Chinese Proverb.

A little watermelon goes a long way. ~ Unknown.

After about 60 days, tiny watermelon fruits appear on the vines. Over the warm summer months, these watermelon fruits grow bigger and bigger. ~ Julie Murray.

How to cut a watermelon, featuring me. ~ Unknown.


You can never have too much watermelon. ~ Unknown.

The real-life version of the watermelon emoji. ~ Unknown.

It’s watermelon o’clock. ~ Unknown.


Green Buddhas on the fruit stand. We eat the smile and spit out the teeth. ~ Charles Simic.

Lovely Watermelon Quotes


It’s a wonderful fantasy, but it’s not real. It’s just watermelon magic. ~ Hope Ramsay.

It’s not a melon-y to love summer as much as I do. ~ Unknown.

And what’s more, watermelon needn’t just be enjoyed as a sweet snack. It works well in dozens of recipes, sweet and savory. ~ Gordon Rock.


Today’s agenda – buy a watermelon, eat a watermelon. ~ Unknown.

With every watermelon you cut, there is an opportunity to cut a distasteful or unappetizing watermelon. Still, this does not keep us from purchasing watermelons. ~ Evelyn Murray Drayton.

Find me where the watermelon is. ~ Unknown.


Why are watermelons such good entrepreneurs? They always have seed money. ~ Unknown.

What will happen in a watermelon’s funeral? The people there will be melon-choly sad. ~ Unknown.

If you focus on only the seeds in a watermelon, you missed the sweetness of the meat. ~ Wally Amos.


Two watermelons cannot be held under one arm. ~ Turkish Proverb.

Water-ever, I don’t care if you think I love summer too much. ~ Unknown.


Your annual reminder that the best thing to eat in a heatwave is watermelon! Chill a watermelon until it is ice cold. ~ Unknown.

Watermelon you doing this summer? ~ Unknown.

Breath-Taking Watermelon Quotes


We love watermelon if you couldn’t already tell. ~ Unknown.

What do you call two watermelons that are not allowed to get married? A couple of can’t-elopes. ~ Unknown.


You can never be melon-choly in the summertime. ~ Unknown.

What did the father cantaloupe say to his son? Watermelon! ~ Unknown.

Will there be watermelon, though? ~ Unknown.


When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat. ~ Mark Twain.

Ready to eat all the watermelon this summer. ~ Unknown.

Watermelon is a tasty treat to beat the heat! ~ Unknown.


When life gives you melons, you may have dyslexia. ~ Unknown.

What will happen if the watermelon does not bathe for a couple number of days? It will start smelon! ~ Unknown.

Beach snack check! ~ Unknown.


It’s watermelon weather, that summer kind of weather when people get together and sing. ~ Guy Webster.

One way to cool down from the heat is to eat a watermelon. ~ Unknown.

Watermelon is 92% water and 8% sugar, so it is aptly named and remained among the most refreshing and thirst-quenching fruits of all. ~ Eugene A Defelice.


The refreshing fruit that tastes like a melon bucks. ~ Unknown.

Do you know what you call the outside of a watermelon? Rind of. ~ Unknown.

If people have time and patience, they will be able to count the number of seeds in a watermelon. But not one person can tell you how many watermelons will grow by planting one seed. ~ Evelyn Murray Drayton.

A slice for you, and a slice for me. ~ Unknown.


Those unattractive sounds you make when eating watermelon. ~ Unknown.

Watermelon you up to today? ~ Unknown.

You remind me of watermelon seeds. So hard to put a finger on, shooting off to escape the slightest pressure, and yet, once firmly secured, you are the source of great enjoyment and even pleasure. ~ David Thomasson.


Life is like a good watermelon, sweet and juicy, but you still have to pick out the seeds to enjoy every bit of it. ~ Unknown.

No matter how the watermelon is shaped, you know it is a watermelon from the outward appearance. Similarly, no matter what color or how the person is shaped, you know it is a human being. ~ Evelyn Murray Drayton.


Watermelon – it’s a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face. ~ Enrico Caruso.

You’re one in a melon. ~ Unknown.

Sweet Watermelon Quotes

Why do watermelons take such a long time to make decisions? They’re always melon it over. ~ Unknown.


I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it, watermelon sugar high. Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening. ~ Harry Styles.

Did you hear about the watermelon who starred in a telenovela? It was melon-dramatic. ~ Unknown.

The tastiest watermelon in the entire patch. ~ Unknown.

Oh, to be eating watermelon on a summer day. ~ Unknown.


Just looking at this watermelon makes me feel refreshed. ~ Unknown.

Things that make me happy – watermelon, watermelon-flavored candy, the watermelon emoji. ~ Unknown.

The true Southern watermelon is a boon apart and not to be mentioned with commoner things. ~ Mark Twain.


There were happy days with watermelon and sad days of whiskey. ~ Lewis Nordan.

The inside of a watermelon should display good, crisp, red flesh. Melons should not be mealy and water-soaked. ~ Lonnie T. Lynch.

I am not a watermelon to take me for granted after testing just a bit of my life. ~ Unknown.

So these were the 100 quotes about Watermelon.

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