11 Wes Watson Quotes from Founder of Watson Fit

Wes Watson, born in California on November 19, 1983, is a renowned YouTuber, Instagrammer, fitness trainer and motivational speaker who uses his unique life experiences to help others navigate tough times.

Watson’s journey began with him selling marijuana at a young age, which eventually led him to prison on charges of assault, battery and robbery, among others.

In prison, Watson transformed his life, using his ten-year sentence to learn valuable life lessons.


Upon his release in 2018, he founded Watson Fit, a fitness coaching and training business, which despite humble beginnings, quickly flourished into a six-figure income business.

His training plans range from $47 to $299 per month. With almost 400K YouTube followers and 162K Instagram followers, Watson’s estimated net worth stands at $5 million.

Besides his training program, Watson is working on a book.

His inspirational story of never giving up resonates with many, making him a beloved social media figure.

I have made a list of the popular quotes by Wes Watson.

Best Wes Watson Quotes


A negative mindset during times of adversity blocks the retention of wisdom from much needed life events. ~ Wes Watson.


If a man is right his world will be right. Obey your conscience and follow your moral compass. Your people need the absolute best you. ~ Wes Watson.


The only thing that gives you confidence is the work you put in. Your self-worth is directly correlated to your self-investment. ~ Wes Watson.


Nothing is happening to you; only for you. All seemingly negative external events are nothing but stepping stones of creation that provide you with the tools you will need to become all you’re meant to be in this life. ~ Wes Watson.

Famous Wes Watson Quotes

Presence during painful times initiates growth. Growth is progression. Progression is life. Therefore, once enlightened, pain is pleasure. Everything comes full circle. Never make the mistake of pushing down or bottling up our greatest source of untapped potential – pain! Run straight into it, understand it, and use its power to reach heights once unimaginable. ~ Wes Watson.


Stop the overthinking. Plan a simple day and pull it off with perfection then gradually increase daily variables as each are fully mastered. ~ Wes Watson.

The man who takes more pride in the steps to attain the result than the result itself cannot be stopped. The work truly instills the worth. ~ Wes Watson.

Work and sacrifice is not a man’s punishment. It is his reward, his strength and his pleasure. ~ Wes Watson.


Your view of the world is your confession of character. ~ Wes Watson.

Everything exists simply by contrast, so if we get what we wish for in hard times and negatives don’t exist, then say goodbye to all positive experiences as well. There is no life without death nor good without evil. Acceptance is the main precursor for lasting growth. It’s not all pain, it’s not all love, it’s all the above. ~ Wes Watson.

Be honest with yourself and do what’s needed to become who you truly admire in all ways. ~ Wes Watson.

We don’t rise to our goals, we fall to the strength and comprehension of our system. We must clarify and strengthen our system through repetition. Sitting, waiting, and regretting is much harder than doing. ~ Wes Watson.

Top Wes Watson Quotes

There is no greater feeling on this earth than when you can take a broken individual under your wing and give them their power back. ~ Wes Watson.


Your conscience is the voice of the universe guiding you through life. This is not a ‘what if.’ It’s the path you must walk to live at your highest potential! ~ Wes Watson.

So these were the 11 top quotes about Wes Watson.

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