45 Zakk Wylde Quotes from the American Guitarist

Zakk Wylde is a well-known American guitarist and singer.


Top 10 Zakk Wylde Quotes


You never toot your own horn. ~ Zakk Wylde.


The tours are campaigns. ~ Zakk Wylde.


Every day you try to get better. ~ Zakk Wylde.


It isn’t a band. It’s bigger than a band. It’s a lifestyle. ~ Zakk Wylde.


I have sold my soul. Just sign right here. ~ Zakk Wylde.


Another time I cracked two of the vertebrae in my back and broke a rib. ~ Zakk Wylde.


I’m a good Catholic boy. ~ Zakk Wylde.


I screwed my knee up once because I fell off the stage. ~ Zakk Wylde.


I’ve messed myself up more playing music than when I played football. ~ Zakk Wylde.


There’s only one Sabbath guitarist and he is the architect for everything, Tony Iommi. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Famous Zakk Wylde Quotes

Another Black Label motto. That’s what I think life is. It’s just another bridge to cross. You ask no questions. Whatever work it is you gotta do, you gotta go over it, under it, through it, around it, to do it. ~ Zakk Wylde.

If you have passion for what you want to do and that’s what you want to do, you’ve just got to bust your balls and go for it if you want to play music. ~ Zakk Wylde.


Any guy that’s not working with the same amount of intensity and passion that I do, I don’t want to know. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Had an awesome time. You tell me to show up and all I have to do is drink beer, play guitar all day and I can lift weights and you’re going to pay me for this! ~ Zakk Wylde.

Whatever it is you love, and whatever it is that you want to do, that’s what you should be doing. ~ Zakk Wylde.


I knew that I was going to dedicate my life to music and that was it… ~ Zakk Wylde.

One day my wife went and saw the accountant and said she’s pulling the plug. She said you guys are done. I said, how bad can it be? 10 grand? She said you’re not even close. It came out to almost $50,000 in alcohol for two months. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Live, it’s just the free flow and the energy and the excitement. It’s a one-off and you have that adrenaline for an hour and a half. ~ Zakk Wylde.

It’ll leave you feeling hollow and helpless, and there is where you’ll stay. Ain’t it funny child, love sometimes leaves you as dead as yesterday. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Best Zakk Wylde Quotes

We were sitting on the bus one day and there were 5 of us hanging out. There was only one beer left in the cooler and we actually all took a little cup and split it. It was a pathetic day in a rock and roll when five grown men have to be sitting there sharing a beer. ~ Zakk Wylde.

If somebody says they really like my playing I say thanks a lot. ~ Zakk Wylde.


You’re never going to learn everything. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Even when I played sports when I was little, I played to win. Otherwise, what’s the point of putting the pads on and going to practice? I don’t understand. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Without a doubt, Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitar player who has ever lived. ~ Zakk Wylde.

You’ve got certain guys that just want to be famous and then you’ve got the real musicians that just love playing music. ~ Zakk Wylde.


On the tour we get a case of beer on the bus every day from Ozzfest. ~ Zakk Wylde.

The one thing about the music business is that there is no rulebook. It’s not like the NFL or something where there’s four downs to get ten yards or baseball where it’s three strikes and you’re out. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Popular Zakk Wylde Quotes

The work these brave men and women do is extremely important, not only to our nation but to all the countries that our troops are stationed at around the world. I am grateful to the USO for having us and to all the troops who shared their day with us. ~ Zakk Wylde.

As much as I love heavy riffs, I like The Eagles, Neil 17. As much as I love heavy riffs, I like The Eagles, Neil Young, Elton John, Crowded House. ~ Zakk Wylde.


There are no rules in the entertainment business. ~ Zakk Wylde.

That’s why for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society the colors are black and white. There are no gray issues. Life is black and it’s white. There’s no in-between. ~ Zakk Wylde Quotes.

You have to have passion for anything you do. Whether it’s sports, whether it’s music, whether you want to be Mother Theresa, you have to have passion for what it is you do, or what’s the point in getting up in the morning and getting out of bed? ~ Zakk Wylde.


Chris Jericho is a great guy. He’s beyond hysterical. He’s good people. They’re really good. Chris wanted me to throw down a solo. He sent it to me and I knocked it out. ~ Zakk Wylde.


Face your fear Accept your war it is what it is. ~ Zakk Wylde.

It’s pure Black Label. It’s about violence and booze. That’s all it is. There is no plan. ~ Zakk Wylde.

Every night I get up on stage, I love it. I never get like, ‘Oh, I’m bored, I want to go home.’ I never, ever get like that. ~ Zakk Wylde.


You have to have passion for what you’re doing. ~ Zakk Wylde.

If you bleed Black Label and you’re going to be a man, you gotta get up there and do what you gotta do every day, relentless and as tired as you can be. ~ Zakk Wylde.

I feel sorry for these kids in bands. Everything is so disposable nowadays. These kids don’t even get 15 minutes of fame, it’s like a minute and a half. ~ Zakk Wylde.

So these were the 45 top quotes about Zakk Wylde.

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