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Internet Pillar is your one-stop destination for exploring and finding the best quotes and sayings from Famous People, Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Topics to inspire and motivate you.

We are a website dedicated to publish quotes and sayings for motivation and inspiration.

We believe that words have the power to change lives, so we provide our readers with powerful and popular quotes that can help them sail through tough times.

We hope that our readers and community will be able to find the quotes they need to be happy and successful in life.

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About Me

I am the Founder of Internet Pillar website. I like to curate quotes to inspire and motivate people.
Chandan Negi
Founder of Internet Pillar

My Story

I was going through a bad phase in my life in 2010. Nothing seems to be working, no matter what I tried.

Then one of my friend suggested me to take the help of books, quotes, affirmations and goal-setting. I knew these things do work however I was hesitant and delayed it for some time.

Once things got worst and I saw no way out, I started reading self-help books such as The One Thing and quotes from websites and this resulted in me getting back my focus on the important things in my life.

Things started moving in the right direction after few months and then I got control of my life. Since then things have worked out quite wonderfully for me and my family.

I got inspiration to start a Quotes website so that I can help people who are going through similar situation as I.

This led to the building of Internet Pillar website in 2019. The goal of the internetpillar.com is to inspire and motivate people to reach great heights in their lives and improve their lives both personally and professionally.

It is my endeavor to build this website for years to come to help as many people as I can.

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