52 Aisha Tyler Quotes from American Actress & Comedian

Aisha Tyler is an American actress, comedian, director, and talk show host. 

Aisha Tyler is the first woman to regularly host Talk Soup.


Best Aisha Tyler Quotes


Karaoke is the great equalizer. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I’m black, and black don’t crack. It does droop. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I’m such a geek, and have always been a real nerd. ~ Aisha Tyler.


The best advice anybody could have given me was to keep getting up over and over again. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Wounds turn into scars and scars make you tough. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Comedy is ugly. It’s honest, it’s raw. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Pop culture is great, but it can be bad, at times. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I grew up on the back of a motorcycle – my dad didn’t have a car until I was a teenager. And then my closest friend from grade school was a guy. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Nothing really worth having is easy to get. The hard-fought battles, the goals won with sacrifice, are the ones that matter. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Omnipresence can be a good or bad thing, I suppose. I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. I’m super-grateful. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Top Aisha Tyler Quotes

I like the company of guys. I have a lot of good girlfriends that I really love, but you know, most of my close friends are men. ~ Aisha Tyler.


On general principle, I boycott shows that don’t employ actors. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I talk to grown-ups who are out to have a good time and they want to be spoken to in a different way. I don’t want to be pandered to, so I try not to pander. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I’m the kindest, most supportive friend ever, probably to my own detriment, but I hope that I am toughening up a little bit. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I love to be busy and be challenged. I’m my happiest when I’m under pressure and almost overwhelmed by how much I have to get done. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Popular Aisha Tyler Quotes

TV always wants more people to be watching. ~ Aisha Tyler.

But I love stand-up, and it’s where I came from creatively, so it’s something I never want to walk away from. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Stark and egregious errors, the truly epic failures, forge character. They burnish your edges and make you the person you are. ~ Aisha Tyler.


The Internet is where stupid goes to find stupider so it doesn’t have to feel so stupid. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Get up, go out into the world, and do awesome shit. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Sometimes the mistake I see people make is thinking that they’re always going to be up, and I think that’s impossible for anyone. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I don’t believe in superheroes but I love Batman movies. There’s a part of every person that is entertained by the idealistic, the fantastic. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I don’t want to be pandered to, so I try not to pander. ~ Aisha Tyler.

When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I’ve always been a gamer, and I had a period where I was gaming at a really hardcore level. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Famous Aisha Tyler Quotes

I like grown up comedy. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Am I going to complain about being typecast as smart? I don’t think so. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I take the most wrenchingly painful moments of my life, brush them off and present them for the amusement of others. Luckily for me, my childhood was torture. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I can tell you this: Stand-up is not glamorous. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I liked comedy, but didn’t know it was something you could do for a living. I actually wanted to be an attorney. ~ Aisha Tyler.

My parents were vegetarians. I’d show up at school, this giant black kid, with none of the cool clothes and a tofu sandwich and celery sticks. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I have always been a softie, and I fight it with every fiber of my being. Sadly, my being’s fibers need to hit the gym. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Just give me a second to get my wind back. Who the hell put that pole there? ~ Aisha Tyler.

I think diversity in television is important. It’s not about trying to fill a quota or satisfy some idea of diversity, but I think what diversity brings to any daypart is more eyeballs, just more opportunity. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I love Toronto. I love it. I love Toronto. I love Canada. I can’t wait to get back. Can’t wait to have some Timbits. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Powerful Aisha Tyler Quotes

Marriage is a mystery and part of it is just being kind to each other, not being selfish. ~ Aisha Tyler.

They always say some women like to fix people. I don’t like to fix people, but you like a challenge. ~ Aisha Tyler.


I’m just myself, so I don’t know that I think of myself as a nerd icon. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Marriage isn’t a carnival ride. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I love it when I come across a word I don’t know. And I would never treat my audience like they weren’t smart enough to come along with me. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I like to be nice. I want to be a hero. I want to save people. Or just kill zombies, because they deserve it, because they’re already dead and they can’t feel it. They don’t have feelings. ~ Aisha Tyler.


When we are crushing on someone, they are a swirling blur of dimples and crooked smiles, hair flips and skateboard tricks. ~ Aisha Tyler.

Inspiring Aisha Tyler Quotes

I thought I was gonna be an attorney, so I went to Dartmouth and I was a government major and I minored in environmental policy, and I didn’t do anything academically around the arts. ~ Aisha Tyler.

One thing we do really well on Archer and one thing I’ve always tried to do in my comedy and my writing and my podcast is to never speak down to my audience. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I want to point out that this is not my fault that everyone’s afraid of me, because I did not kill a couple people the other day. ~ Aisha Tyler.


Pop culture hales you and wants you to fail. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I really do know football. ~ Aisha Tyler.

I always wanted to be as busy as possible so that if one job went away I’d still have plenty of other things to do. ~ Aisha Tyler.

So these were the 52 top quotes about Aisha Tyler.

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