15 Countries Where You Can Start A New Life

People move to new countries for a fresh start for various reasons.

Some face life challenges that push them to seek new surroundings hoping for a better grip on life with new faces and opportunities.

Others chase the idea of a better life elsewhere, driven by curiosity, the pursuit for happiness or a dislike for staying in one place too long.

Starting anew doesn’t always mean drastic changes like changing your name or moving across the world.

It can be as simple as relocating to a new neighborhood or town. This change is about seeking new  opportunities and happiness.

Countries Where You Can Start A New Life

It’s not about escaping your current life but breaking free from monotony or unsatisfying circumstances to achieve personal goals, financial security, closeness to nature or peace.

The journey of starting over could lead you to a new neighborhood, town or country, offering a refreshing beginning among new people and environments.

Various recommended destinations offer diverse opportunities based on individual needs and aspirations.

Let’s get started.

15 Countries Where You Can Start A New Life

1. Sweden: A Family Paradise

Quality of life100/100 (#1 in the world)
Language(s) spokenSwedish, English
Average monthly cost of living$3,259
Average monthly rent$978-$1,324
Affordability1/100 (#83 in the world)
Job market readiness90/100
Public education system100/100
Public health system100/100

Sweden shines as the top pick for families, offering unmatched quality of life and a supportive environment for raising kids.

With affordable public transport, excellent healthcare and education systems, Sweden promises a balanced life.

The cost might be steeper in cities like Stockholm, but benefits like extensive parental leave make it worth it.

2. Canada: A Melting Pot of Cultures

Quality of life93/100 (#3 in the world)
Language(s) spokenEnglish, French
Average monthly cost of living$3,530
Average monthly rent$1,745-$2,018
Affordability15/100 (#56 in the world)
Job market readiness98/100
Public education system89/100
Public health system91/100

Canada stands out for its diversity and welcoming nature, ranking high in quality of life and safety.

The job market is robust and natural beauty is abundant.

While living costs are on the higher side, especially in cities like Vancouver, the cultural richness and career opportunities balance the scales.

3. Denmark: Work-Life Harmony

Quality of life91/100 (#4 in the world)
Language(s) spokenDanish, English
Average monthly cost of living$3,979
Average monthly rent$1,517-$1,917
Affordability4/100 (#72 in the world)
Job market readiness84/100
Public education system94/100
Public health system89/100

Denmark is ideal for those seeking a balanced lifestyle, with ample time for leisure and social activities.

The nation is especially appealing for professionals in education, pharmaceuticals and energy, offering a high quality of life despite the higher cost of living in places like Copenhagen.

4. Germany: Career and Comfort

Quality of life86/100 (#9 in the world)
Language(s) spokenGerman, English
Average monthly cost of living$3,400
Average monthly rent$1,234-$1,627
Affordability7/100 (#66 in the world)
Job market readiness100/100
Public education system92/100
Public health system87/100

Germany is a beacon for career growth, boasting a strong economy and a high job market readiness.

It offers a good work-life balance and a high standard of living, though the cost of living and rent can vary across cities.

5. New Zealand: Family-Friendly Shores

New Zealand
Quality of life80/100 (#10 in the world)
Language(s) spokenEnglish, Maori
Average monthly cost of living$3,479
Average monthly rent$1,471-$1,791
Affordability6/100 (#68 in the world)
Job market readiness81/100
Public education system66/100
Public health system58/100
New Zealand

New Zealand is celebrated for its excellent education system and is deemed one of the best places to raise children.

The cost of living is relatively high, but the country’s commitment to quality education and family well-being makes it a desirable destination.

6. Japan: Longevity and Opportunity

Quality of life70/100 (#14 in the world)
Language(s) spokenJapanese
Average monthly cost of living$2,841
Average monthly rent$821-$1,298
Affordability11/100 (#59 in the world)
Job market readiness92/100
Public education system86/100
Public health system63/100

Japan offers a unique blend of cultural richness and longevity, with a diet and healthcare system that contribute to a high life expectancy.

It’s particularly accommodating for professionals in teaching, finance and engineering despite its long working hours and the cost of living that reflects its high standard of living.

7. Singapore: A Dream for Professionals

Quality of life50/100 (#21 in the world)
Language(s) spokenEnglish, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil
Average monthly cost of living$4,065
Average monthly rent$3,900-$6,215
Affordability10/100 (#60 in the world)
Job market readiness79/100
Public education system46/100
Public health system35/100

Singapore is a powerhouse for job opportunities, offering a high quality of education and attractive salaries for families.

The cost of living is high, but the potential for professional growth and a strong social network make it an appealing choice for expatriates.

8. The Netherlands: A Blend of Culture and Innovation

The Netherlands
Quality of life88/100 (#7 in the world)
Language(s) spokenDutch, English
Average monthly cost of living$3,409
Average monthly rent$1,544-$1,911
Affordability7/100 (#67 in the world)
Job market readiness90/100
Public education system81/100
Public health system73/100
The Netherlands

The Netherlands, ranked seventh worldwide for quality of life, is a beacon for expats seeking balance and diversity.

With an emphasis on work-life harmony and a bike-friendly environment, it offers an inviting atmosphere.

Despite a higher cost of living, the enriching cultural experiences and family-friendly policies make it a compelling choice for many.

9. Australia: Vibrant and Outdoor-Focused

Quality of life87/100 (#8 in the world)
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Average monthly cost of living$3,725
Average monthly rent$1,734-$2,402
Affordability6/100 (#69 in the world)
Job market readiness94/100
Public education system79/100
Public health system76/100

Australia’s appeal lies in its blend of vibrant urban life and stunning natural landscapes, securing its place as the eighth best in terms of quality of life.

Known for its dynamic job market, especially in IT and healthcare, Australia promises a fulfilling work and leisure balance.

Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are cultural epicenters, offering a plethora of art and entertainment options.

Though the cost of living is high, especially in major cities, the quality of education, healthcare and the welcoming expat community add to its allure, making it an attractive destination for families and professionals alike.

10. Belgium: European Heartland

Quality of life80/100 (#11 in the world)
Language(s) spokenDutch, French, German, English
Average monthly cost of living$3,367
Average monthly rent$1,085-$1,308
Affordability4/100 (#74 in the world)
Job market readiness73/100
Public education system76/100
Public health system74/100

Belgium is more than its culinary delights; it’s a hub of diversity and professional opportunities, thanks to its multilingual society and central European location.

While the cost of living mirrors the European average, the cultural experience, from architecture to beer, is unparalleled.

11. United Kingdom: Diverse and Historic

United Kingdom
Quality of life79/100 (#13 in the world)
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Average monthly cost of living$3,143
Average monthly rent$1,496-$1,975
Affordability3/100 (#77 in the world)
Job market readiness95/100
Public education system87/100
Public health system75/100
United Kingdom

The UK’s rich history and cultural diversity make it an attractive destination for expats.

Job opportunities abound, especially in finance and tech, but the cost of living, particularly in London, can be high.

The vast expat community and deep-rooted traditions offer a unique living experience.

12. Portugal: Sun, Sea and Software

Quality of life58/100 (#19 in the world)
Language(s) spokenPortuguese, English
Average monthly cost of living$2,297
Average monthly rent$1,072-$1,422
Affordability52/100 (#23 in the world)
Job market readiness47/100
Public education system26/100
Public health system26/100

Portugal blends ancient charm with modern vitality, making it a rising star among expat destinations.

Affordable living costs, especially compared to Western peers and a burgeoning tech scene in Lisbon and Porto make it appealing, along with the chance to learn Portuguese amidst beautiful landscapes.

13. Poland: Historical Charm with Modern Opportunities

Quality of life49/100 (#22 in the world)
Language(s) spokenPolish
Average monthly cost of living$2,250
Average monthly rent$875-$1,106
Affordability58/100 (#19 in the world)
Job market readiness47/100
Public education system36/100
Public health system22/100

Poland offers a deep dive into European history and a growing IT sector.

Affordable living and the opportunity to immerse in the Polish language and culture make it an attractive option for those looking to experience Europe’s rich heritage and evolving job market.

14. Malaysia: Tropical Harmony

Quality of life26/100 (#31 in the world)
Language(s) spokenMalay, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Tamil, English
Average monthly cost of living$1,630
Average monthly rent$394-$592
Affordability92/100 (#6 in the world)
Job market readiness35/100
Public education system9/100
Public health system6/100

Malaysia’s tropical allure is matched by its vibrant cultural mosaic and emerging tech scene.

The cost of living is low, providing a comfortable lifestyle amidst diverse landscapes and a multicultural community, though the education and healthcare systems may not meet everyone’s needs.

15. Thailand: A Nomad’s Paradise

Quality of life25/100 (#34 in the world)
Language(s) spokenThai
Average monthly cost of living$1,949
Average monthly rent$606-$1,027
Affordability100/100 (#1 in the world)
Job market readiness27/100
Public education system3/100
Public health system4/100

Thailand is the ultimate destination for digital nomads, offering an affordable cost of living and a cultural tapestry rich in history and flavor.

Bangkok’s dynamic contrast between tradition and modernity, along with the welcoming nature of Thais and the expat community, creates an enticing environment for those seeking adventure and opportunity.

So these were some of the countries where you can start a new life.

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