85 Dave Grohl Quotes About Life and Music

Dave Grohl, born in 1969, is an emblematic figure in rock. Growing up in Washington, D.C., he honed his musical skills influenced by rock and punk legends.

Starting with the punk band Scream, Grohl swiftly moved to Seattle, joining Nirvana as their drummer in 1990, contributing significantly to their iconic “Nevermind.”

Post-Kurt Cobain’s tragic end, Grohl explored various projects, eventually forming Foo Fighters in 1995, shifting from drums to lead vocals and guitar.

Despite lineup changes, the band soared, releasing multiple hit albums. Apart from the Foos,

Dave Grohl

Grohl’s association with Queens of the Stone Age, directing ventures like “Sound City,” and individual projects like “Play” showcased his profound musical versatility.

Here is a top collection of quotes from Dave Grohl.

Best Dave Grohl Quotes


I had no idea what I was doing and I faked it and it worked. ~ Dave Grohl.


Heavy Metal would not exist without Led Zeppelin, and if it did, it would suck. ~ Dave Grohl.


Your personal history is a part of what happens with your hands and your head as you play music. ~ Dave Grohl.

Sometimes, you can’t save someone from themselves. ~ Dave Grohl.

I think people should feel encouraged to be themselves. ~ Dave Grohl.


What’s the last thing a drummer says in a band: Hey guys, why don’t we try one of my songs? ~ Dave Grohl.

I love being a drummer but I love being a musician in general and I love the Foo fighters. ~ Dave Grohl.

You will only be great at things you love to do don’t pursue a career in something you hate to do. ~ Dave Grohl.

What I really miss these days in music – is the music. I prefer to listen to melodies and songs, not just sounds. ~ Dave Grohl.

Being in Nirvana was an amazing experience that will never happen again for me. And I look on them as some of the best and worst times of my life. ~ Dave Grohl.


How do I stay humble? Because I’m the best at being humble. ~ Dave Grohl.

It’s funny, there aren’t too many musicians that also moonlight as studio engineers. There’s a few – the really brilliant ones. ~ Dave Grohl.

I’m big on taking the lady out to dinner. We have some candlelight romance every now and then. And our whole family is within a 6-mile radius. It’s disgustingly domestic. I’m big on Costco. ~ Dave Grohl.


I think I’m scared a lot. I’m scared of almost everything. And I’m constantly trying to work my way through each obstacle, whether it’s a present, past, or future relationship. ~ Dave Grohl.

Guilt is cancer. Guilt will confine you, torture you, destroy you as an artist. It’s a black wall. It’s a thief. ~ Dave Grohl.

Top Dave Grohl Quotes

I stopped doing drugs when I was 20. I was finished with drugs before Nirvana even started. ~ Dave Grohl.


Nickelback walks into a bar…there’s no punchline because ruining music isn’t funny. ~ Dave Grohl.

When Nirvana became popular, you could very easily slip and get lost during that storm. I fortunately had really heavy anchors – old friends, family. ~ Dave Grohl.

Don’t look at the poster on your wall and think ‘I could never do that.’ Look at the poster on your wall and think ‘I’m gonna do that!’ ~ Dave Grohl.


Be someone’s light when they are hopeless. ~ Dave Grohl.

A musician should only sound like what they do, and no two musicians sound the same. It’s an individual-feel thing, you know? ~ Dave Grohl.

That’s one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons. ~ Dave Grohl.

I dropped out of high school and I couldn’t go to college ’cause I wasn’t smart enough, so I’d resigned myself to loading trucks and playing punk rock on the weekends. ~ Dave Grohl.


Mom, thanks for letting me drop out of high school. Haha! ~ Dave Grohl.

I’ve experienced great things, I’ve experienced great tragedies. I’ve done almost everything I could possibly ever imagine doing, but I just know that there’s more. ~ Dave Grohl.

Inspiring Dave Grohl Quotes

There’s poetry in being the band that can sell out Wembley but also makes a record in a garage. I don’t like doing what people expect me to do. ~ Dave Grohl.

To me, that is beauty. Not the gleam of prefabricated perfection, but the road-worn beauty of individuality, time, and wisdom. ~ Dave Grohl.

I’m not allergic to fashion. I’m just one of those people who when they put on a suit look like they’re going to a funeral or to court. ~ Dave Grohl.


There’s nothing better than having a bottle of beer in your hand in the waves. ~ Dave Grohl.

I believe the history of American music is just as important as anything political because it’s changed generations of people. ~ Dave Grohl.

The Nirvana unplugged album was something we’d always knew we were capable of doing, but it was just a matter of doing it right. ~ Dave Grohl.

People are so into digital recording now they forgot how easy analog recording can be. ~ Dave Grohl.

I’m not like a voracious hoarder who has 50,000 albums of vinyl stacked in a storage space in the San Fernando Valley. But I do have albums from the last 40 years of my life. ~ Dave Grohl.


If it weren’t for the Beatles, I would not be a musician. ~ Dave Grohl.

I mean, I never liked being told what to do. It’s one of the reasons I dropped out of school. ~ Dave Grohl.

My first instrument was actually the trombone, but that didn’t last long. Soon I was playing guitar in bands from the time I was 11 or 12. ~ Dave Grohl.

I’m told that my blood sugar level was twelve times the legal limit – I was sweating honey. ~ Dave Grohl.

Popular Dave Grohl Quotes

There weren’t a lot of career opportunities in crazy-fast hardcore punk, so you didn’t have a lot of ambition, just the love and passion to play music with your friends. ~ Dave Grohl.


No one is you and that is your biggest power. ~ Dave Grohl.

I think that if you’re passionate about something and you’re driven and you’re focused, then you can pretty much do anything that you want to do in life. ~ Dave Grohl.

You will only be great at the things you love to do. Don’t pursue a career in something you hate to do. ~ Dave Grohl.

When I listen to the radio, I just hear so much music that doesn’t even sound like people. The vocals are all tuned, and the drums are all fake. ~ Dave Grohl.

The most important thing for me is my family, and my health and happiness, and making sure everyone is cool. ~ Dave Grohl.


I love to play music. So why endanger that with something like drugs? ~ Dave Grohl.

Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that’s stripped down. ~ Dave Grohl.

We just do what we always do. We play shows and go home and rest and then play more shows. ~ Dave Grohl.

If you’re trying to connect to people with music – it’s more of an outward process and a lot of times musicians can be very inward. ~ Dave Grohl.

It’s nice when people are happy to hear that you’re still alive, rather than feeling like Oh, finally he’s dead? ~ Dave Grohl.


I love everything about my job, except being away from the kids. ~ Dave Grohl.

When you have kids, you see life through different eyes. You feel love more deeply and are maybe a little more compassionate. It’s inevitable that that would make its way into your songwriting. ~ Dave Grohl.

You look up to your heroes and you shouldn’t be intimidated by them, you should be inspired by them. ~ Dave Grohl.

I once received a cape that was made from the little purple bags that Crown Royal Whisky comes in. ~ Dave Grohl.

Famous Dave Grohl Quotes

When there’s so much left to do, why spend your time focusing on things you’ve already done, counting trophies or telling stories about the good old days? ~ Dave Grohl.

I’m obsessed with Led Zeppelin and have been since I was a teenager. ~ Dave Grohl.


Rock stars are like sports stars: If you snap your ankle, you’re done. ~ Dave Grohl.

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s gathering people together to do something fun. ~ Dave Grohl.

When something good comes your way, you better feel fortunate, because it doesn’t last forever. ~ Dave Grohl.

Trust me, the sweet sting of a love refused is powerful enough to send any scribe scrambling for pen and paper. ~ Dave Grohl.

For every Foo Fighters record, we’ve had two or three beautiful, acoustic-based songs, but they never usually make their way to the record, because we want to make rock records. ~ Dave Grohl.

Sharing music is not a crime. It shouldn’t be. There should be a deeper meaning to making music than just selling downloads. ~ Dave Grohl.


I’d love it if everyone knew one Foo Fighters song. ~ Dave Grohl.

No one is you, and that is your power. ~ Dave Grohl.

I was ready to quit music. It felt to me like music equaled death. ~ Dave Grohl.

A long time ago, I made a promise to myself: Okay, you know what? I’m going to play music, and hopefully I’ll make enough money that I can go back to school. Once I make enough money to put myself through school, that’s what I’m going to do. ~ Dave Grohl.

Develop that individuality by working as hard as you can at what you love. ~ Dave Grohl.

Inspirational Dave Grohl Quotes

The most important thing is that you honor that musical integrity, whether you make music that sounds like ABBA or you make music that sounds like Void. ~ Dave Grohl.

My mother was a public school teacher in Virginia, and we didn’t have any money, we just survived on happiness, on being a happy family. ~ Dave Grohl.


For, in a world full of Barbies, every girl needs a Joan Jett. ~ Dave Grohl.

It’s tough to go to sleep at night, and I wake up after five hours because I feel like I’m wasting time. I just sit up at night and think about what I can do next. ~ Dave Grohl.

Never lose faith in real rock and roll music. Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it’s always going to be there. ~ Dave Grohl.

When you’re young, you’re not afraid of what comes next. You’re excited by it. ~ Dave Grohl.

There’s a big difference between falling in love with someone and falling in love with someone and getting married. Usually, after you get married, you fall in love with the person even more. ~ Dave Grohl.

I always loved writing songs – writing for myself and demoing songs, really with no intention of ever letting anyone else hear them. ~ Dave Grohl.


Life is just too damn short to let someone else’s opinion steer the wheel. ~ Dave Grohl.

Always have the highest bar for yourself. Wake up everyday and no matter how crappy you feel, want to change something for the better. Do something that makes someone happy. Create something that inspires someone. Be someone’s light when they are hopeless. ~ Dave Grohl.

What we feel most comfortable doing is playing loud, screaming rock songs. ~ Dave Grohl.

The human element of making music is what’s most important. ~ Dave Grohl.

I can understand how some people might resent me for having the audacity to continue playing music, but it’d take a lot more than that to stop me from doing it. I started Foo Fighters because I didn’t want to retreat. ~ Dave Grohl.


My songwriting is like extending a hand to the listener. ~ Dave Grohl.

From one generation to the next, The Beatles will remain the most important rock band of all time. ~ Dave Grohl.

Wow, I get to wake up again? Ok. You have to make good with what you’ve got. ~ Dave Grohl.

So these were the 85 top Dave Grohl quotes on life and music from the Iconic musician.

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