255 Ex Girlfriend Captions for Instagram and Social Media

You share your lovely photos and romantic songs on Instagram to express love for your partner.

You might post clever captions to make your ex jealous or show you are moving on after a breakup.

These captions let you update friends and followers on your life.

Some use them to taunt exes while others just want to show they have moved on.

Use these tough Instagram captions to make your ex-girlfriend envious.

Ex Girlfriend Captions for Instagram and Social Media

They are great for showing off or getting revenge letting you post the perfect photo to grab attention.

Breakups are hard but the right Instagram caption can make you feel better by showing your ex you’re moving on.

Remember seeking revenge on an ex is not ideal but a little shade can be satisfying.

Post a fabulous photo with a snarky caption to show you’re doing well.

We have gathered top savage captions for ex-girlfriends ranging from clever quotes to funny puns to help you make your post stand out.

Best Ex Girlfriend Captions

Is this how it ends?

Cuter and happier without the ex.

Focusing on the future, not dwelling on the past.

Part of my story, but just an ex.

The past is behind, the future is mine.

Got over a toxic addiction.

Favorite breakup song?

I don’t need a prince, I’m my own queen.

Best breakup advice?

First love, last mistake.

Too cute for my ex.

Leaving you was no regret, loving you was.

I won’t settle for less than I deserve.

3 AM conversations, missed.

Motivated to find better.

Embracing the present over the past.

You were an obstacle, now overcome.

Can’t keep the unwilling.

Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.

Ex-girlfriends, ex-problems.

Part of my past, but not my story.

Once a queen in my world, now I reign alone.

Over you, and it feels good.

Happily ever after? More like happily ever without.

Post-breakup highlights?

Describe your ex, let’s hear it!

I deserve better.

Finding a good wife.

Not single, just waiting for the deserving.

Some are masters of pretense.

Strength from letting go.

Short Ex Girlfriend Captions

Regretting drunken words.

Not worth my tears.

Netflix password lost, joy intact.

Gave love, got back pain.

Disappointed but not surprised by you.

Strangers with memories, not friends or foes.

Better without bitterness.

Regret dating him.

A mistake, but a lesson.

Stronger from battles with an ex.

Free from ex-chains.

Indifference over hate.

Single beats unappreciated.

I left you, remember that.

Ex-girlfriends age like wine, I prefer champagne.

Scars from survival.

Disappointed you’re exactly what I expected.

Thought I was caught, but I was ahead.

Happiness is the best revenge.

Chasing dreams, not you.

We’re just strangers with history.

Annoying like a mosquito, but gone.

Hoping you find hollow love.

Annoying like a summer mosquito, but gone.

Once close, now just history.

Not broken, just a bit bruised.

Miss those late-night chats.

Betrayed by trust and love.

I put my trust in you and you let me down.

Independence, not neediness.

Tears too precious for you.

Realization of never really liking you.

Status change: Single and adventurous.

Constant put-downs by an ex.

You’re my past, not my future.

I’m the one who got away.

Every ending is just a start.

Cool Ex Girlfriend Captions

Still not over you after all these years.

Looking ahead, not back.

Surviving an ex deserves an award.

Realization of dislike over hate.

You won’t find better than me.

I’m too good for you.

A mistake but a learned lesson.

Hurt by indifference, not just loss.

You responded to love with lies.

I’m not bitter, I’m just in a better place.

Blind love, eye-opening breakup.

Sad you became what I feared.

Single status but taken attitude.

So many more fish in the sea!

Found myself after losing her.

Wishing you find love as fake as mine.

No bitterness, just better.

Liked you more when you were someone else.

Someone else’s gain from my ex’s loss.

You think you’re Italic, but I’m striking.

Self-love over yours.

Want, not need.

A tough lesson, but a stronger me.

Life captioned without her.

You’re just not enough.

You’re not enough for me.

Ex-girlfriend lessons, like and share!

Don’t let the past define you.

The day you crashed your car.

I’m not desperate, I’ve just had enough of you.

Growth from breakups.

Roses are red, violets are blue, who’s my ex again?

Hurt me, but no right to hurt back.

Leaving you was for the best, letting you in was the mistake.

Closing one chapter, starting another.

No regrets in love, just time wasted.

Share your favorite breakup movie.

Too adorable for my ex.

Disappointed you’re just as expected.

Hard to accept, but maybe true.

Fan club for mistakes: having an ex.

Disappointed in what you became.

Once knew each other, now strangers.

Learning to use my heart less.

Breaking free from an ex.

Ex-girlfriend karma.

I validate myself.

Overcame my biggest obstacle: you.

You drove me crazy.

Joyful living as the ultimate revenge.

Life’s too short for the wrong fit.

Life after an ex, caption it.

Cute Ex Girlfriend Captions

Glad I took the chance.

Setting myself free.

A lesson, not a blessing.

Lessons from an ex, share if you agree!

A lesson, not a lucky break.

Breaking up is a relief.

Over you and indifferent.

Heartbreak has turned into self-protection.

Glad to be rid of him.

Choosing self-love over heartache.

It’s me, I deserve better.

Just a chapter for you, a whole book for me.

Living for today, not the past.

Lesson learned, stronger now.

I didn’t change, you just never knew me.

Love is blind, breakups open eyes.

Crying for deserving better.

Simply disappointed.

We just quit, not broken.

Better alone than feeling lonely together.

Growing without her.

An unexpected chapter ends.

Who’s ready to start anew?

A distraction, now back on track.

Missed opportunities because of you.

Not shattered, just scratched.

Heartbroken but unbroken.

Authoring my life, past a chapter.

Disappointed you met my expectations.

Success is the best comeback.

Author of my own story.

Healing through letting go and moving on.

Can’t handle this cuteness.

Disappointed you couldn’t be what I needed.

Single superpower post-ex-girlfriend.

Just a bump in my journey.

Lost her, found me.

You were a storm, I’m a lasting rainbow.

Summer mosquito: annoying, then gone.

Moving on, one caption at a time.

Living my best life, you’re just a memory.

No relationship, no worries.

I’m way better than you!

Disappointed in your wasted potential.

Better off without you.

Fell for a lie, but it was passionate.

No need for closure, just new beginnings.

Captivating Ex Girlfriend Captions

Changing status to ‘Single and ready to mingle.’

Moving on to the next chapter of your life means not dwelling on the last one.

Letting go to heal and grow.

Toxic ex as a hidden lesson.

A brief part of my life.

New doors open.

Tears don’t mean sadness, they mean readiness for what’s next.

A mistake, but no regrets.

Thought it was love, just a concept.

Love or brownie? Brownie it is!

I’m worth more than you know.

Embracing what’s ahead, leaving behind the past.

Shining bright in the darkest night.

My learning mistake.

Happier and cuter sans ex.

You were mad for a while.

Your loss, not mine.

Sometimes goodbye is the best message.

You lost me.

Exchanging heartbreak for self-love.

Thought you were different.

Ex as motivation for better.

Just two people with a past.

Brief in my life, major in yours.

You were just a step towards success.

Thanks for upending my life.

You were my sunshine, now I shine alone.

From weakness to strength.

Friendship after heartbreak isn’t an option.

Too caught up in having fun, call me later.

She laughs off my concerns.

Don’t let the past control you.

I’m not bitter, just let down.

Strength from breakups.

Her loss, my gain.

Happiness annoys like nothing else.

Friends happy I’m free from my ex.

Memories linger, she’s gone.

Living well is the best revenge.

The car crash day.

Tired of pretending I’m fine.

Exes as reminders of mistakes.

Heartbreak turned into liberation.

Amazing Ex Girlfriend Captions

Heart returned broken.

Ready for someone deserving.

I don’t hate you, just realized I don’t need you.

Dumping you didn’t bring happiness, just realizations.

No relationship, no problems.

Stopped trying, not broken up.

Better off without bitterness.

Self-dates to celebrate strength and beauty.

Too in love with myself to think about an ex.

I deserve better, it’s not you.

Award for surviving an ex.

Grateful for the lessons from my ex.

Maybe she’s right, but it’s hard.

Karma, ever heard of it?

Biggest mistake, greatest lesson.

Learn from the past, move forward.

Hurricane ex-girlfriend.

A small part in my life, a big part in yours.

Your missing out doesn’t bother me, I’ve moved on.

Life’s too short for grudges or exes.

Disappointed you’re just as I thought.

Relieved we’re not together.

Can’t believe I dated him.

They get to me, despite trying not to.

What are your thoughts on breakups and everything happening for a reason?

Feeling your breakup pain.

Complete on my own.

Glad we’re done, I deserve better.

Loved the idea of you, not you.

An experience, not an ex.

You broke my heart, not my spirit.

Moving on, post by post.

Too busy loving myself to bother with you.

Looking great in letting go.

Ex-girlfriend, a beautiful mistake.

Letting go is less painful than holding on.

Lessons in a toxic ex.

Describe your ex in three words!

It’s not you, it’s me.

Post-ex life, caption this.

Wishing you well, just not with me.

Caption this: Life post-ex.

Stress-free and liberated.

Moved on, better off.

Indifference, not anger.

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