40 Florence Pugh Quotes from the English Actress

Florence Pugh is an actress from England.


Top 10 Florence Pugh Quotes


If I can make my mark just a little bit, then great. ~ Florence Pugh.


I’ve tried not to get too bogged down by what people want you to be. ~ Florence Pugh.


When I look for roles, I am looking for incredibly powerful women. ~ Florence Pugh.


It’s always shocking when you see a modern woman in a period storyline. It doesn’t make sense. ~ Florence Pugh.


I like a role where some of the character’s motivations are confusing or at least interesting. ~ Florence Pugh.


I don’t want to feel like I have to change myself or my image. ~ Florence Pugh.


The women I’m attracted to playing I hope will mean something to someone. ~ Florence Pugh.


I grew up in a very loud and dramatic household, and we loved being in the spotlight. ~ Florence Pugh.


I want women on-screen that we all either want to be, or we know, or we recognize. ~ Florence Pugh.

Wearing a corset is extremely uncomfortable. ~ Florence Pugh.

Famous Florence Pugh Quotes

I always hate it when I see the wrong person in massive roles, so for me, my biggest fear would be accepting a role I thought I wouldn’t find the rhythm of. ~ Florence Pugh.


As beautiful as cinema is, it’s a massive part of the problem of why we look at ourselves in the way we do. ~ Florence Pugh.

What audiences love with series is that they can invest in characters for such a long period of time, and it’s the same for actors. You can truly tell your story; then it’s done. ~ Florence Pugh.

I think there’s always some good reason to try and modernize most period things, because, at the end of the day, they may have, I suppose, used a different language or a different etiquette, but ultimately, these are still people that loved and breathed and lived and ate and weed and pooed just like we do now. ~ Florence Pugh.


You are hugely responsible for people following you. You need to work out why you are posting, what the message is, and what you are doing to these people. ~ Florence Pugh.

During the Me Too breakthrough, I was hanging out with Emma Thompson and Emily Watson – two people I’ve looked up to my entire life. Talking to those women was so empowering. ~ Florence Pugh.

As an actor, it’s very interesting to make the audience love you while you are doing horrendous things. ~ Florence Pugh.


I don’t want to feel like I have to change myself or my image. ~ Florence Pugh.

I’m a bit of a gypsy. I live everywhere; I live out of a bag. ~ Florence Pugh.

I like a role where some of the character’s motivations are confusing or at least interesting. ~ Florence Pugh.


The one thing that I always try and take with me, if there’s, like, a remake, or you’re doing something again, is that every generation has a new story to tell. ~ Florence Pugh.

Best Florence Pugh Quotes

We’re learning things every decade we grow through, and ultimately, you do end up with a different way of looking at things. ~ Florence Pugh.


Someone asked if I wanted to be the first female Bond, and I was saying that I don’t think we necessarily need that whole conversation. ~ Florence Pugh.

There’s a reason why there’s a problem with bodies, and it’s because you never actually get to see any normal versions of them. ~ Florence Pugh.

I played Mary at the age of seven in my first nativity play, and I loved it – there is something so fascinating about embodying someone else. ~ Florence Pugh.


My dad still collects newspaper clippings about me. ~ Florence Pugh.

What I’ve noticed about Hollywood is, if you go out there shouting about who you are, they will love you for it. But if you go out not knowing what it is that you’re representing, and you are just a canvas, they will make you into the thing they need you to be. ~ Florence Pugh.

I don’t think I’m going to be an international sex symbol. I mean, I know I’m not going to be an international sex symbol. ~ Florence Pugh.


There’s always going to be pressure, and there’s always going to be an area where you disappoint. As a storyteller, you have to understand that. ~ Florence Pugh.

I wanted to go to drama school, but when I got the part in ‘Falling,’ I got an agent, so it seemed a good idea to work. I always did a lot of singing and dancing, so I am glad it worked out that way. I would like to study stage acting at some point, though. ~ Florence Pugh.

I think it’s so interesting which ways your career can go. I would have been a completely different actor doing a completely different story, and I would have missed ‘Lady Macbeth.’” – Florence Pugh

Popular Florence Pugh Quotes

It’s always shocking when you see a modern woman in a period story line. It doesn’t make sense. ~ Florence Pugh.


I am learning on every job I do. There is something new every time. ~ Florence Pugh.

I have been enormously lucky. My first role was in a great film by a woman director. ~ Florence Pugh.

I grew up in a very loud family where you had to fight to get your voice heard, in a good way. ~ Florence Pugh.

‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is my favourite book, favourite film. ~ Florence Pugh.

In order for us to appreciate this world, we have to be a bit more honest, and I hope I do that. ~ Florence Pugh.

Every time ‘Lady Macbeth’ and everyone involved in the film gets nominated, it’s amazing. ~ Florence Pugh.

So these were the 40 powerful quotes about Florence Pugh.

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