12 Special Gift Ideas For First Anniversary

Celebrating a one-year milestone is a big deal in marriage or a long-term partnership.

If you are on the hunt for the ideal first-anniversary gift, either for yourself or a friend, you are in luck!


We have gathered some creative and inspiring gift ideas to help you find that perfect token of love.

Dive in, and you just might discover the perfect present right here!

1. One-Year Anniversary Picture Frame

Celebrate a year of memories with this charming, rotating picture frame made from lightweight wood and real glass.

One Year Anniversary Picture Frame

Designed to hold two 4×6 photos, it’s a perfect 1st-anniversary gift with a rustic touch and comes ready to gift. EYITUPC ensures satisfaction with a service guarantee.

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2. Wooden Plaque with Engraved Puzzle Pieces

Celebrate your 1st anniversary with a personalized wooden plaque featuring engraved puzzle pieces symbolizing unity.

Wooden Plaque with Engraved Puzzle Pieces

Ideal for boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses, this unique gift commemorates love and togetherness with a romantic message.

It is a timeless keepsake that honors your first year and promises many more.

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3. Anniversary Sundial

Celebrate your first anniversary in style with a handmade, solid brass sundial from the UK, perfect for the 2023-2024 milestone.

Anniversary Sundial

This elegant, durable piece, finished in white, combines simplicity and elegance, measuring 6.4″ by 3″.

It comes with a stand for indoor display and all necessary fixings, including a gnomon for shadow casting.

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4. 1st Anniversary Blanket

Celebrate your 1st anniversary with a cozy, flannel blanket adorned with romantic words, perfect for showing love to your significant other.

1st Anniversary Blanket

Ideal for all seasons and settings, this soft, portable 60”x50” blanket is not just a warm gift but a symbol of love and special memories, easy to clean and maintain.

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5. Two Hearts and Cross Iron Sculpture

Celebrate your love with a handcrafted iron sculpture featuring two hearts and a cross, inspired by the poem “Marriage Takes Three.”

Two Hearts and Cross Iron Sculpture

This elegant, thoughtfully packaged piece symbolizes unity and spiritual connection, making it a perfect gift for anniversaries, from the 1st to the 50th. Measuring 10.8 x 9.5 x 3 inches, it’s a timeless keepsake of your shared journey.

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6. Wedding Anniversary Journal

Cherish every moment of your marriage journey with our Wedding Anniversary Journal, from the first meeting to the 70th anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Journal

This linen-bound, heirloom-quality journal, with 189 pages, offers guided prompts and space for photos, making it the perfect way to document your love story and major milestones.

Ideal for couples of all ages, it’s a thoughtful gift that grows with your relationship, crafted by Duncan & Stone Paper Co. to connect generations through the art of storytelling.

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7. 1st Anniversary Figurine

This Precious Moments figurine captures the essence of a couple’s first year of marriage, reflecting on shared learnings and the promise of lifelong love.

1st Anniversary Figurine

A perfect 1st-anniversary gift, it’s crafted from fine bisque porcelain, hand-painted with care, and measures about 5 by 4 by 2.5 inches, making it a timeless memento of the initial year’s cherished memories.

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8. Hand Casting Kit

Capture the bond between you and your loved one with our Couples Size Hand Casting Kit, the perfect unique gift for special occasions.

Hand Casting Kit

This easy-to-use kit preserves every detail with a non-toxic, high-quality molding material.

Suitable for various combinations of hands, it includes all necessary materials and a satisfaction guarantee, making it a top choice for creating a timeless keepsake.

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9. First Anniversary Candle

Celebrate your first anniversary with a unique lavender-scented candle, perfect for any partner or couple.

This thoughtful gift, infused with love and adorned with love wax blocks, symbolizes love and cherished moments.

One-Year Anniversary Candle

Crafted from natural soy wax and essential oils, it offers a long-lasting fragrance and up to 60 hours of burn time.

The eco-friendly glass jar adds a touch of elegance and can be repurposed for home decor, making it an ideal anniversary token.

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10. Anniversary Wine Glass

Celebrate with an elegant anniversary wine glass, presented in a beautiful gift box with a customizable “Best wishes” card.

Anniversary Wine Glass

Made from eco-friendly, durable glass, its design is both practical and stylish, ideal for any beverage.

While it is dishwasher-safe, hand washing is advised to preserve its quality. A perfect present for wine enthusiasts and a thoughtful token for friends, family, or colleagues.

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11. 1st Anniversary Pop-Up Card

Celebrate your 1st anniversary with a delightful 3D pop-up card, sure to make your partner’s day special.

1st Anniversary Pop-Up Card

This 3.1×3.1×7.1 inch card is crafted from premium recycled paper and includes a golden envelope and a note card for personal messages.

A memorable keepsake, it promises quality and satisfaction, making it an unforgettable part of your celebration.

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12. 1st Anniversary Coffee Mugs Set

Celebrate your 1st anniversary with this charming coffee mug set, crafted from high-temperature ceramic for safety and durability.

1st Anniversary Coffee Mugss Set

Featuring a unique “1 Years of Being MR/MRS Always Right” design, these 12oz mugs are dishwasher and microwave-safe, designed for comfort and convenience.

A perfect gift for various occasions, they promise to be a lasting token of love, reminding your loved one of your bond with every sip. Dedicated customer service ensures your satisfaction.

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What is the classic gift for celebrating a 1-year anniversary?

The time-honored gift for a first anniversary is paper. Symbolizing the delicate, yet significant nature of a young marriage, paper serves as a metaphor for the unfolding story of a couple’s life together.

What symbolizes the first anniversary?

The first anniversary is symbolized by paper, representing the beginning chapter of a lifelong narrative. While traditional gifts include stationery items, a modern twist suggests gifting a clock to signify timeless love.

What color represents the first anniversary?

Gold or Yellow is the official color for marking a first anniversary, symbolizing optimism and the dawn of a continuing journey together.

Which flower is associated with the first anniversary?

Carnations are the designated flowers for a first anniversary. Their vibrant and fresh appearance reflects the passion and excitement of the first year of marriage.

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