18 Useful Gift Ideas For Hikers

We all know someone who’s always off-grid, planning their next outdoor adventure, and tricky to shop for because they have their favorite hiking gear.

What can you gift such a dedicated hiker? Options are limitless, ranging from upgraded versions of their existing equipment to items they compromised on initially due to budget constraints, like a high-quality backpack or superior hiking poles.


This opens up plenty of thoughtful gift possibilities for any hiking enthusiast. Here is a collection of the best and most useful gifts for hikers.

1. Trekking Poles

Explore the outdoors with Trek-Z Ergonomic Trekking Poles!

These lightweight, compact poles are designed for durability with aircraft-grade aluminum and feature an ergonomic cork grip for comfort.

Trekking Poles

Ideal for any terrain, they fold down to 15 inches for easy travel. Perfect for hiking enthusiasts of all sizes.

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2. Personal Water Filter for Hiking

The Personal Water Filter for hiking eliminates over 99.999% of bacteria and parasites, and filters out microplastics down to 1 micron.

Personal Water Filter for Hiking

Certified by rigorous lab tests to US EPA standards, each filter provides up to 1,000 gallons of safe drinking water. Purchases help provide clean water to school children.

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3. Hydration Backpack for Hiking

This hydration backpack for hiking makes carrying water easy and refreshing, featuring a 2-liter bladder, kink-free sip tube, and cushioned bite valve.

Hydration Backpack for Hiking

It offers a custom fit for all body types, 18 liters of storage, and multiple features like a weather guard and bungee system for added convenience.

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4. Compact Picnic Blanket

The Pike Trail picnic blanket is compact, lightweight, and durable, made from rip-stop nylon with a waterproof coating, perfect for up to four people.

Compact Picnic Blanket

Ideal for various outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and beach trips, it’s puncture and tear-resistant, ensuring comfort and reliability. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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5. Collapsible Water Bottles

The collapsible silicone water bottle is space-saving, foldable, and leak-proof, designed for easy transport.

Collapsible Water Bottles

It’s safe and suitable for all ages and made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free materials. It features a wide mouth for easy refilling and cleaning.

TSA-approved, this durable bottle is ideal for travel and everyday use.

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6. Rechargeable Flashlights

This rechargeable flashlight boasts a 900,000 lumens output, illuminating up to 3280 feet – ideal for dog walking or camping.

It features a high-capacity battery that recharges quickly and lasts 12 hours, with an indicator for battery status.

Rechargeable Flashlights

With five lighting modes, including an adjustable beam, and an IPX6 waterproof, durable design, it’s also accompanied by a full accessory kit and robust customer support.

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7. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Wp Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot combines advanced technology with practical features for comfort and durability.

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Wp Hiking Shoe

It includes a cushioned midsole, slip-resistant rubber sole, and waterproof leather construction.

Adjustable laces ensure a secure fit, while the versatile design and breathable mesh enhance its utility and style.

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8. Columbia Women’s Hatana Breathe Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Women’s Hatana Breathe Hiking Shoe is designed for aggressive trail use, combining sleek aesthetics with high performance.

Columbia Women's Hatana Breathe Hiking Shoe

This lightweight, nimble shoe features breathable mesh, synthetic overlays for protection, and a stable mid-foot lockdown system.

It offers responsive cushioning and exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions, ideal for diverse terrains.

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9. Men’s Lightweight Hiking Pants

Men’s Lightweight Hiking Pants are designed with multiple pockets for essentials and are made from durable, breathable fabric.

Men's Lightweight Hiking Pants

Featuring quick-drying, moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry, these pants have an adjustable waistband and leg openings for a custom fit.

Perfect for hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

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10. Small First Aid Kit

This Ultralight Waterproof First Aid Kit is compact and lightweight, designed with premium, water-resistant materials and zippers.

Small First Aid Kit

Weighing just 2/3 pounds, it includes 114 essential supplies for minor injuries and emergencies, plus a whistle and multitool.

Ideal for various outdoor activities and handy for vehicle use, it’s a top choice for dependable, on-the-go first aid.

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11. Camping Hammock

This camping hammock combines comfort and convenience, ideal for various outdoor activities.

It’s lightweight, folding down to the size of an eggplant, and easy to set up with included tree straps and carabiners.

Camping Hammock

Available in single or double sizes, it’s made from durable parachute nylon with machine-washable fabric.

Perfect for both seasoned adventurers and casual backyard loungers.

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12. Headlamp Rechargeable

This rechargeable headlamp features a super bright 1200 lumens output and a 1500mAh battery that lasts 4-10 hours.

Headlamp Rechargeable

It includes a motion sensor for easy on/off control, 12 lighting modes, and is IPX4 waterproof, making it versatile for all conditions.

Lightweight and adjustable, it’s an ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

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13. Camping Tent

This camping tent sets up quickly within 1-5 minutes due to pre-attached poles and features an integrated rainfly for added weather protection and airflow.

Camping Tent

Made with durable double-thick Polyguard 2X fabric, it comfortably fits a queen-size air bed, measures 8 x 7 ft, and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

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14. Walkie Talkies

The MOICO walkie-talkies offer 22 FRS channels and 99 CTCSS tones for secure, private communication.

They feature VOX for hands-free use and can cover up to 3 miles in open areas, with range varying by environment.

Walkie Talkies

Each unit has a back-lit LCD, LED flashlight, and a rugged design. MOICO supports this product with an unprecedented 3-year full warranty.

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15. Camping Solar Generator

The MARBERO solar generator kit, combining a 21W solar panel and an 88Wh power station, offers reliable and eco-friendly power for outdoor activities.

Camping Solar Generator

It allows for daytime charging and nighttime use, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for devices like mini-fridges, CPAP machines, laptops, and phones.

This portable kit is perfect for camping and road trips, providing a sustainable energy source wherever you go.

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16. Camping Cooking Utensil Set

This 45-piece camping cooking utensil set includes everything needed for meal preparation and serving, from knives and forks to a grill spatula and storage bag.

Camping Cooking Utensil Set

Made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free materials, it offers durability and safety.

The set is portable, organized in a compact bag with individual pouches, making it ideal for camping and picnics, and as a thoughtful gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

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17. Double Sleeping Pad for Camping

This double camping sleeping pad is spacious, measuring 93.7″ L x 58.2″ W before inflation and suitable for two people.

Double Sleeping Pad for Camping

It features a unique drawstring support technology and a built-in foot pump for easy inflation.

Made of durable materials, it’s waterproof and tear-resistant, perfect for outdoor activities. Provides comfort and warmth even on rugged terrain.

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18. LED Camping Lantern

This LED camping lantern offers 8 lighting modes, including mood lighting, suitable for various settings like camping or home parties.

LED Camping Lantern

It’s rechargeable via solar or USB, with a long-lasting 7500mAh battery.

Portable and durable, it’s designed for outdoor use, featuring a screw hole for mounting and a cowhide belt for hanging.

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What is Hiking?

Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity involving walking along trails or in nature.

It serves as great exercise and provides opportunities to appreciate beautiful landscapes and relax away from everyday life.

Hikers may encounter various terrains, from easy paths to challenging mountain trails, making it a versatile hobby suitable for all fitness levels.

What is the most important thing to bring hiking?

When going hiking, it’s crucial to pack essential items to ensure safety and comfort. Key things to include are:

  • A suitable hiking backpack
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, including moisture-wicking and layered options
  • Proper hiking footwear
  • Sufficient food and water
  • Navigation tools like a map and compass
  • A first-aid kit
  • A knife or multi-tool

What are people who love hiking called?

People who enjoy hiking are generally known as hikers. The term ‘hiker’ originates from the 19th-century word ‘hike’ or ‘hyke’, which means to go on an extended walk, often for pleasure.

What are the 10 essentials for survival?

For survival in the wilderness, especially during hikes, it’s important to carry the “10 Essentials.” These items are:

  • Navigation tools (map and compass)
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)
  • First aid kit
  • Knife or multi-tool
  • Means to start a fire (matches, lighter, fire starters)
  • Shelter (tent, space blanket, tarp)
  • Extra food
  • Extra water
  • Extra clothes, suitable for the weather.
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