55 Gintama Anime Quotes to Blow Your Mind

Gintama is a popular manga and anime series about a samurai named ‘Gintoki’.

Gintama Quotes


Whether doing good or evil, I will be the boss. ~ Kagura.


Have faith in your inspiration. Feel the imagination!. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


Fair or unfair, it doesn’t matter to him. ~ Kondo Isao Gintama.


You yourself have to change first, or nothing will change for you! ~ Gintoki Sakata.


I stand on the battlefield to protect what’s important to me. ~ Kagura.


There’s no such thing as parents who don’t think about their children. But there are few children who understand their parents feelings. ~ Ichi Terakado.


You need to look carefully both above and below. That’s an iron rule of surveillance, Crow-kun. ~ Yamazaki Sagaru.


The best way to live your full life is to be a child, no matter your age. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


It’s quite easy for humans to become adults, but to always have a child-like heart that makes everything joyful isn’t such an easy task. ~ Hattori Zenzou.


Some lies are necessary for giving children dreams. ~ Shimura Tae.

Best Gintama Quotes

Life is like a mountain – you can say you’ve reached the top, but only after climbing back down. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


Sensei, you can’t control them. They won’t be defeated by any color, and neither will they be dyed by any color. ~ Kondo.

The Other Side of the Other Side of the Other Side would be the Other Side. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

If you have faith, your dreams will surely come true. ~ Kotarou Katsura.


You can’t sell dreams to someone who walked the path of Nightmare. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Living without protecting what needs to be protected is the same as death… ~ Hideaki Sorachi.

Satan and Satan. One brings dreams, the other brings nightmare. They’re more or less the same. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


How I live and where I live is up to me, got it! ~ Kagura.

Even if you can’t move anymore, or your back gets bent out of shape, it doesn’t matter!. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Famous Gintama Quotes


Honest feelings can sometimes lead to cruel endings. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make any progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change. ~ -Hijikata Toushiro.


Change is never easy in this world. I can’t even change one friend, let alone a whole country. ~ Kotarou Katsura.

Inside me, there is an organ more important than my heart. Although you can’t see it, I feel it going through my head and down to my legs, and I know that it exists inside me. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Listen up! What we need is this! Yes, calcium! If we have enough calcium, we can do anything! ~ Gintoki Sakata.


You can’t just run away, especially from the things you want to forget!. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

I don’t care if this country of Samurai fell. Then and now, what I protect has never changed! ~ Gintoki Sakata.


I’ll protect what I want to protect. ~ Gintoki.

How am I supposed to hit on a girl with this hair? I can’t play anything beyond a side role in Fist of the North Star. ~ Yamazaki Sagaru.

Top Gintama Quotes

I don’t care if I lose an arm or a leg, as long as I am still breathing I’ll keep fighting, that’s a street fight for you. ~ Hijikata Toshiro.


There are two things people fear… those are death and embarrassment. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Tears are handy for washing away troubling and sad feelings. But when you grow up, you’ll learn that there are things so sad, they can never be washed away by tears. ~ Obi Hajime.

Sake sure is nice. You can forget your troubles if only for a moment. You’ll have to remember them tomorrow though, and they’ll be even more painful than they were the night before. You can’t run away from things like this. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


Try to commit a crime that’s worthy of this punishment. What crime will you be guilty of? ~ Hijikata Toshiro.

I have an organ more important than my heart. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Powerful Gintama Quotes


Happiness depends on each person. If you think you ‘re happy, then you must be happy. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

It lets me stand on my feet, it lets me walk forward without trembling. If I stop here, I feel like it would break… My soul will break. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

A life without gambling is like sushi without wasabi! ~ Gintoki Sakata.


Kids these days just want to stuff their faces. ~ Kagura.

I suppose it’s not so bad that an old friend is the same as ever. ~ Kotarou Katsura.

Even if you’re the main character, you can still die… I better be careful-ttebayo. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


Love is based on unpredictable events. ~ Kotarou Katsura.

There’s no short-cut to becoming strong. Even if you try to look strong on the outside, that thin layer will soon fall off. ~ Shimura Shinpachi.

You know my sword, don’t you? If so, then it’s probably in memory of defeat you cannot wipe away: you know that your sword can’t reach me. ~ Utsuro.


Before you try revolutionizing the country, why don’t you try revolutionize yourself first? ~ Hijikata Toshiro.

If I were to survive, but couldn’t protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead. ~ Tama.


No matter whether you win or not, there’s no meaning to war. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Great Gintama Quotes

Life is just an important choice after another, keep going forward and watch how far those foolish choices can take you. ~ Abuto.

Having no money is like having a sinus infection. You just ignore it and it goes away. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


You don’t need a driver’s license to hit and run! ~ Kagura.

It doesn’t bother me. Everyone in Edo is like that. They’re somewhat cold and indifferent towards people. ~ Kagura.

The night is darkest just before dawn. But keep your eyes open. ~ Gintoki Sakata.


If you have time to fantasize about a beautiful end, then just live beautifully ’til the end’. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Don’t try picking up a gun, if you are not ready to hurt somebody. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

But men are always boys at heart until they die. ~ Gintoki Sakata.

Do you have any idea how stupid we are? Don’t underestimate us! ~ Gintoki Sakata.

So these were the 55 quotes from Gintama manga series.

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