50 Inspirational Gurren Lagann Quotes for Anime Lovers

Gurren Lagann is a Anime TV Series created by Aniplex and Gainax.

Gurren Lagann was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi.


Best Gurren Lagann Quotes

All the lights in the sky are stars. ~ Simon.

We’re gonna show you… the power of the human race! ~ Simon.


Your drill is the drill that will pierce the Heavens! ~ Kamina.

Boasting like that is just asking for death. ~ Viral.

If people’s faith in you is what gives you your power, then I believe in you with every fiber of my being! ~ Nia Teppelin.

Your back is your one big blind spot. ~ Yoko Littner.

We’ll break through the heavens and dimensions! ~ Simon.

A real man never dies, even when he’s killed! ~ Kamina.

Let’s see ya grit those teeth! ~ Kamina.

Famous Gurren Lagann Quotes

Manly combining! ~ Kamina.

If there’s a wall in our way, then we smash it down! If there isn’t a path then we carve one ourselves! The magma of our souls burns with a mighty flame! Gurren Lagann! Just who in the hell do you think we are!? ~ Kamina and Simon.

If you are doing it, I’m doing it. If I don’t do it, will you? If you don’t do it, I’ll do it. I’m doing it so that you’ll do it too!! ~ Kamina.

A true man doesn’t die even if he’s killed! ~ Kamina.

Don’t be distracted by the what-if’s, should haves, and if-onlys. The one thing you choose for yourself ~ that is the truth of your universe. ~ Kamina.

With thoughts of a man gone in my heart, I knowingly took on this impossible fight. A woman’s got her pride. With a maiden’s prayers and rage, I’ll blast you away along with your cheap trap, so prepare yourself!!!! ~ Yoko.

You’re wrong, dumbass! I’ll protect ’em! The girl, the universe, both of them! I don’t wanna regret doing nothing cause of a tomorrow that might never come. That’s the way team Dai-Gurren rolls! ~ Simon.

Top Gurren Lagann Quotes

If you’re going to dig, dig to pierce the heavens. Even if it’s my grave I’m digging, I’ll keep going! When I break through, that means I’ve WON! Who the hell do you think I am? I’m Simon. I’m not my bro, Kamina. I’m ME! Simon the Digger! ~ Simon.

When we were trapped in that hole…there was nothing I could do. But Simon just kept on digging. Believing in my show of courage. In the end, he was the one who saved me. ~ Kamina.

When you’re scared, that’s all the more reason to move forward! ~ Kittan Bachika.

Well, Well, Well, Well… Listen up, big guys! I’ll only say this once… Undefeatable, untouchable, with no regrets! Never looking back, never wavering! You can’t win against this man’s will! Gurren Brigade’s Kamina-sama will be your opponent! Believe it! ~ Kamina.

Believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself. ~ Kamina.

Our friends’ hopes and dreams are etched into its body, transforming the infinite darkness into light! Unmatched in Heaven, and Earth; one machine, equal to the gods! Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann! … We’re gonna show you the power… of the human race. ~ Simon.

We, brawlers, are sustained by willpower even when mocked as reckless and crazy! ~ Kamina.

Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! ~ Kamina.

Popular Gurren Lagann Quotes

When I feel weak, or when I lack self-confidence, I remember Simon’s back as he dug tirelessly. I wanted to become a man whose back would never break. That’s what I thought. ~ Kamina.

I don’t want fear for a future that may not even come, to stop me from acting today. ~ Simon.

Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you! ~ Kamina.

God gave us eyes at the front of our heads so we can look forward to the future. ~ Kamina.

Who the hell do you think I am?! ~ Kamina.

We evolve, beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance with each turn. That’s how a drill works! ~ Simon.

Bro is dead. He’s no longer here. However, on my back, within my heart, he continues to live on! ~ Simon.


The Human spirit is infinite! ~ Nia Teppelin.

If you become a wall that stands in my way… I’ll tear open a hole and break through you every time! That’s… MY DRILL! ~ Simon.

I will face tomorrow. ~ Nia Teppelin.

Do you want to die? If you’re scared, it’s okay to run. ~ Nia Teppelin.

We evolve beyond the person we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance a bit further with each turn. ~ Simon.

The dreams we left behind will open the door! ~ Yoko Littner.

Inspirational Gurren Lagann Quotes

Kamina told me before. He’s the one that always saves Me., He’s the one that doesn’t give up, even at the end. ~ Yoko Littner.

If there’s no road, we’ll forge it with our own hands! ~ Simon.

If this body can create a tomorrow for all spiral life, I will gladly give it. ~ Lord Genome.

Whether impossible or laughable, we continue to walk the path of men! ~ Kamina.

I didn’t have any confidence. I thought I was living the wrong way. Impatiently. Why couldn’t I go where my father could? Truthfully, I wasn’t strong enough. ~ Kamina.

I don’t fully understand, but it doesn’t matter why you were born, or if you’re a princess. The Nia right here is you. So it’s okay if you just be yourself. ~ Simon.

With a man’s soul and a strong back, go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! ~ Kamina.

The dreams of those who’ve fallen! The hopes of those who’ll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that’s Tengen Toppa! That’s Gurren Lagann! ~ Simon.

Who do you think you are having two faces? You cocky bastard! ~ Kamina.


Reject common sense to make the impossible possible!. ~ Simon.

I will believe! I will believe in the me that believes in us, humans and the future! This drill is… my soul! ~ Simon.

So this is the list of quotes from Gurren Lagann.

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Short Description of Gurren Lagann

“Gurren Lagann” is a Japanese anime series that aired in 2007, featuring two teenagers, Simon and Kamina, who embark on an adventurous quest from their underground village to the surface, fighting against the tyrannical Spiral King with their mecha, Lagann.

Full Name Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Japanese 天元突破グレンラガン
Hepburn Tengen Toppa Guren Ragan
Genre Adventure, Comedy drama, Mecha
Created by Gainax
Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi
Produced by Eiichi Kamagata, Norio Yamakawa, Naoki Sasada
Written by Kazuki Nakashima
Music by Taku Iwasaki
Studio Gainax
Licensed by AUS: Crunchyroll LLC,
NA: Aniplex of America,
UK: Anime Limited
Original network TXN (TV Tokyo)
English network AU: C31,
CA: Super Channel,
NA: Neon Alley,
SA: Animax India,
SEA: Animax Asia,
UK: Viceland,
US: Syfy, Adult Swim (Toonami)
Original run April 1, 2007 – September 30, 2007
Episodes 27

The series, which combines action and mecha themes, was acclaimed and awarded, going through multiple licensing changes in North America and the UK.

It expanded into manga, light novels, a video game, and two films. The rights currently belong to Studio Trigger, established by one of the original creators.

Quick Facts about Gurren Lagann

  • “Gurren Lagann” is a Japanese mecha anime series.
  • It aired from April to September 2007 on TV Tokyo.
  • The series consists of 27 episodes.
  • Gainax animated the series, with Aniplex and Konami co-producing.
  • Hiroyuki Imaishi directed, and Kazuki Nakashima wrote the series.
  • The story unfolds in a fictional future ruled by the Spiral King, Lordgenome.
  • Humanity is forced to live in isolated underground villages.
  • Protagonists Simon and Kamina dream of reaching the surface world.
  • They pilot a mecha named Lagann to fight against Lordgenome’s forces.
  • The series was initially licensed by ADV Films in North America in 2007.
  • The North American license later transferred to Bandai Entertainment and then to Aniplex of America.
  • Manga Entertainment, Beez Entertainment, and Anime Limited have licensed it in the United Kingdom.
  • The Sci Fi Channel aired it in their Ani-Monday anime block starting July 2008.
  • A manga adaptation ran from 2007 to 2013, published by ASCII Media Works.
  • The series inspired four light novels and a Nintendo DS video game.
  • Two animated films were released in 2008 and 2009.
  • Gurren Lagann won awards at the Tokyo Anime Awards, Animation Kobe, and Japan Media Arts Festival.
  • Studio Trigger, founded by Imaishi, holds the rights as of 2021.
  • The plot includes themes of adventure, camaraderie, and battling oppressive forces.
  • The series features iconic mechas and dynamic battles.
  • Simon evolves from a timid digger to a confident leader.
  • Kamina, a charismatic rebel, greatly influences Simon.
  • Yoko Littner, a skilled sniper, joins the protagonists early in the series.
  • Nia Teppelin, Lordgenome’s daughter, becomes a pivotal character and Simon’s love interest.
  • The series explores themes of hope, sacrifice, and the fight for freedom.
  • Gurren Lagann’s animation style and character design have been influential.
  • The series faced controversies, including criticism over animation style and episode content.
  • Its music, composed by Taku Iwasaki, features four theme songs.
  • The series’ cultural impact includes a dedicated fan base and influence on later anime.
  • Gurren Lagann’s legacy includes its message of overcoming despair and pushing beyond limits.

Top Questions about Gurren Lagann

Q: What is the primary weapon used by the mechas in “Gurren Lagann”?

A: The primary weapons used by the mechas in “Gurren Lagann” are drills.

Q: Who are the main protagonists of “Gurren Lagann” that aspire to reach the surface world?

A: Simon and Kamina are the main protagonists in “Gurren Lagann” who aspire to reach the surface world.

Q: What significant event propels Simon’s character development in “Gurren Lagann”?

A: Kamina’s death is the significant event that propels Simon’s character development in “Gurren Lagann”.

Q: How does “Gurren Lagann” conclude its story regarding the battle with the Anti-Spirals?

A: “Gurren Lagann” concludes its story with Simon and Team Dai-Gurren defeating the Anti-Spirals in a universe-spanning battle, but resulting in Nia fading away as her existence is tied to the Anti-Spirals.

Q: In “Gurren Lagann,” what major transition does the human population experience after defeating Lordgenome?

A: After defeating Lordgenome, the human population in “Gurren Lagann” transitions from living underground to prospering on the surface world, with Team Dai-Gurren forming the new government.

Q: Which studio acquired the rights to “Gurren Lagann” in 2021, and who founded it?

A: In 2021, Studio Trigger, founded by Hiroyuki Imaishi, acquired the rights to “Gurren Lagann.”

Q: What role does Yoko Littner assume twenty years after Team Dai-Gurren’s victory over the Anti-Spirals?

A: Twenty years after Team Dai-Gurren’s victory, Yoko Littner becomes the principal of a small school, known as Miss Yomako.

Q: Can you name a significant influence on “Gurren Lagann” as cited by its writer Kazuki Nakashima?

A: Ken Ishikawa, co-creator of Getter Robo, was cited by Kazuki Nakashima as a significant influence on “Gurren Lagann.”

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