45 Best Henrik Lundqvist Quotes From Ice Hockey Goaltender

Henrik Lundqvist is a retired Swedish ice hockey goaltender who played a 15-season career with the New York Rangers in the NHL.

He won the Vezina Trophy in 2012, was the only goalie to record eleven 30-win seasons in his first twelve seasons and holds the record for most wins by a European-born goaltender in the NHL.

Nicknamed “King Henrik”, he led Sweden to Olympic gold in 2006.

Henrik Lundqvist

Before the NHL, he played for Frölunda HC, winning the Honken Trophy three times and the Guldpucken and Guldhjälmen in 2005.

Known for his aggressive butterfly style, strong positional play and mental and physical toughness, Lundqvist is set to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2023.

Here are the top quotes by Henrik Lundqvist.

Best Henrik Lundqvist Quotes


We try to do different types of projects and last time was a fun event. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


My first idol was a Swedish goalie, Peter Lindmark. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


Sometimes it just feels like the only thing you do is play hockey and eat. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


I got here, my main goal was just to make the team. And after that it just raised the bar. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

As a goalie, you must stay positive. And if you do make a mistake, well, those things happen when you play my position. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


When I grew up, I always ate Frosties Kelloggs. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

You spend that money, and then what? At least now you know it’s going to a great cause. We’ll see how many masks I’ll keep in the future, but certain ones have more meaning, so I’ll hold onto them. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

It’s important if you take the lead in the series. It’s good to get a confident feeling. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


I like to play music; play guitar – I love that. Play some golf in the summer. Just relax, enjoy the summer. That’s nice. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I listen to all kinds of music. The Calling, Blink 182, Bruce Springsteen, I mean, it’s everything. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I love playing music, so I think the whole John Varvatos look is kind of cool. I think he has a great style. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

The key for hipsters is that they usually try really hard, but the important thing is they want to come across like they don’t try. To make it look effortless. I don’t mind. It really fits New York, the hipster look. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


When I sit down and looked at the goals. I don’t know what I could do differently. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

We’ve been doing something every year. We had a rock concert a few years ago to benefit the Garden of Dreams. And then we had the mask event. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Famous Henrik Lundqvist Quotes

I love that about New York: You just dress the way you want to dress and feel really comfortable because nobody is judging. You can just be yourself, and it’s perfectly normal. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

For me, what takes up most of the space in my closet are suits. I wear a lot of suits and jackets. But I think every man needs a black suit at home. You can never go wrong in a black suit. But in terms of style, I think it’s about being comfortable in what you wear. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


It felt good to get a win again because the last loss really bothers me and I think it bothers the whole team. It feels good to be back on the right track. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

You obviously never know when you have a lot of changes to a team, but the new guys have come in here and they look great. They work hard. But the league is so competitive now so it’s hard to predict. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Never say never. For the right reason, over the years I’ve been auctioning off masks for charity and it’s always for a good cause. I think you would regret it if you just sold it for money. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Just because they’re going to the gym, a lot of guys wear old T-shirts that look like they’ve been lying in the closet for 15 years. My workout clothes have to work. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

It really comes down to fit. When it comes to a suit, for example, it’s important that the shoulders fit you well; the length of the pants are important. That kind of shows me right away if you’re into it or if you don’t care. If they get the shoulders right, you know that they have some sort of interest in getting a good look. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Great Henrik Lundqvist Quotes

I don’t shop by brand loyalty at all. I’m just drawn to what I like when I shop. I do like this brand called Tiger of Sweden a lot, though. They make great sportswear and tailoring. And Calvin Klein; big supporter of them as well. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

No special suits for game days. I like to keep all my favorites in the mix. I’m always trying to look my best, even when I’m just visiting a city for eight hours and then getting back on a plane again. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Most of the guys do it. (My girlfriend), she knows the deal, she can’t complain, especially during the playoffs. It brings some luck, hopefully. There’s always some guys on the team that look like Santa Claus, it’s pretty funny. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


We played very well in the penalty killing box. Had some luck, too. After that, we got a lot of confidence. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I’ve always aligned myself with a more modern, European fit. I maintain that fit is the thing that makes or breaks an outfit. Good tailoring trumps designer and price any day. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

We are all built differently. Some guys are more powerful. Some guys are very tall. I’m not very tall, so I rely on quickness. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

We had a good meeting this morning about going forward. We talked about the experience we have as a team. We talked about how they are, of course, the favorites in the series. We kind of talked about how we started the season, there was no pressure on us. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

We’re showing a lot of the good signs you need for a good team, so I have high hopes. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Top Henrik Lundqvist Quotes

You get to the rink, stretch for 10-15 minutes, go on the ice 20 minutes before practice starts and do goalie drills, practice for an hour, then stay on the ice for about 10-15 minutes to do extra shooting. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


I don’t think I’ll watch. I’ll probably just get away from hockey for a couple of days. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

It’s one thing if we were winning and you get pulled, maybe you would get angry. The situation was tough. We had a tough start and had to do something. I can live with that. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I wanted to tell him something I don’t have to tell you what I said. I said it in English. I wanted to make sure he understood. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

It was a tough loss. We had the lead, but things like this happen every once in a while. Of course, I’m very disappointed. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

Last time I was starstruck was when I met Roger Federer. He is one of the few athletes that I really look up to – incredibly talented both on and off the track and a great role model for tennis. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I usually have a hard time with the fit of off-the-rack suits, thanks to my athletic proportions, but somehow Burberry always fits me perfectly. There’s no tailoring really required, which is rare for me. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I always want to push myself as far as possible; I always want to be up there and recognised as a good goalie and have people appreciate what you do. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

During the Olympics they’re really strict about what you’re allowed to wear. You get a lot of clothes, but everything is pre-ordered. We had a fitting over the summer. You’re not allowed to wear your own clothes. No logos, nothing. You get fined if you wear something you’re not supposed to wear. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.


I think Jennifer Lawrence seems to really get it right when she’s on the red carpet. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I love all the different ways that New Yorkers show their individuality through what they choose to wear. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

I flew over all my masks from Sweden, including my first that I bought when I was 15. That was a little while ago so the masks looked a little different. I painted it myself, but actually the way it looks now is not the look it had when I played. I repainted it after I was done using it. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

There was a time in my life when I tried a lot of different things, different looks. Between the ages of 17 and 22, there were a lot of bad looks. But I guess you learn from your mistakes. After that, I kind of found my style and what I like to wear. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

When I try to relax, it’s more Swedish rock, softer music, and I go out and do fun stuff. I play guitar, but it doesn’t matter really what it is – just something that keeps you away from hockey. ~ Henrik Lundqvist.

So these were the 45 top Henrik Lundqvist quotes and sayings.

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