38 Best Jade West Quotes, Famous and Savage Lines

Jade West, one of the main characters from the popular Nickelodeon TV show “Victorious,” often plays an antagonist to Tori Vega, yet remains a part of the same friend group.

Despite their rivalry, Jade has a complex relationship with Tori, frequently interacting with her and their mutual friends.


Moreover, Jade’s character has a significant place in the show as she is one of Cat’s closest friends and Beck’s girlfriend.

Her character is intriguing because, even though she serves as a rival figure, her involvement in the group dynamics is undeniable.

Jade’s sharp wit and distinctive style make her quotes noteworthy, showcasing her as a unique and memorable character.

Her quotes often reflect her intense personality and give insight into her relationships and her perspective on various situations in the show.

These Jade West quotes capture the essence of her character, offering fans a deeper understanding of her role within “Victorious.”

Best Jade West Quotes


Love is love. ~ Jade West.

I was surviving Carl Brooks. I was loving Rick Warner. ~ Jade West.

It’s in controlling someone else’s pleasure that the real man finds his own. ~ Jade West.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Norman Cousins. ~ Jade West.

You’re mine in this place, Cat. Mine to command, mine to control, mine to protect. You will give yourself to me. ~ Jade West.

To Trina: No one likes you. ~ Jade West.

I don’t know if I lost out on being a kid because my mum was scared to let me love someone who didn’t love her. ~ Jade West.

Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it. Elizabeth Wurtzel. ~ Jade West.

Our failures are always our own. Own them, change them, demand more from yourself than a pat on the back and a better luck next time. ~ Jade West.


This is it… why I’m here… what I crave… The beautiful rhythm of pain is the only beat that consumes me. My only release. I need this. ~ Jade West.

Love has to be free. Alive like a butterfly, not pinned to a mount like the specimens I’ve been keeping for so long. ~ Jade West.

And that’s what I’m really scared of. Of loving someone as much as this so quickly. Because if I can love him this much already, when I don’t even know him, not really, how much am I going to love him when I’m used to him being my everything? ~ Jade West.

Sometimes in life you have to let people take care of you. Sometimes you have to accept that people want to help, want to be there for you. Not. ~ Jade West.

As her defences crumbled and opened her up to my touch, so the quiet desires of her deepest filthy soul would be there for the taking. Claiming that shadowy side of her blossoming sexuality would be the ultimate prize, and the one that would leave her raw and desperate in the aftermath, an addict craving more. ~ Jade West.

Short Jade West Quotes

I write what I feel! ~ Jade West.

Puppies wearing sunglasses. ~ Jade West.

Enjoy her cupcakes. ~ Jade West.

Starting with the pretty girl. ~ Jade West.

My favorite toy was a hammer. You finish the puzzle. ~ Jade West.

No! Fifteen years ago, your mother gave birth to the wrong thing! ~ Jade West.

Yeah! We’re clapping because it’s over! ~ Jade West.

Top Jade West Quotes

I love you, and I love Rick. I love both of you. I love both of you together, and both of you as just yourself. Sometimes I’ll want to love Rick, and sometimes I’ll want to love you, and sometimes, most of the time, I’ll want to love you both together.” I let him digest my words. “And sometimes I’ll want you to love each other without me. That’s how three should work. ~ Jade West

His eyes eat me up but I hold mine firm. The darkness there takes my breath. My demons wave at his, and I swear they wave back. I feel the ghost of a shiver up my spine. “My whole body wants him to wrestle me into his truck and drive me away. Goodbye, Cinderella,” he says and heart stutters. ~ Jade West.


Nothing like the zone, is there? Finding your groove and letting the muse steal you away. ~ Jade West.

I don’t need to drape myself over a woman to show she belongs to me. It’s all in the eyes. In hers, in mine. If a woman truly belongs to you it’s written all over her. She smells of it. It’s in her smile. In the flutter of her lashes. In the way her body pulls towards yours, like a magnet. ~ Jade West.

The road was suburbia central, and I was surprised the street itself wasn’t paved with banknotes. ~ Jade West.

“I see.” I pulled the application form back. “In that case this intern thing isn’t for you. I’ve already got one joyrider in my programme, I don’t need another”. ~ Jade West.

She raised her eyebrows, gripping her ice-cream by the shaft of the glass to take another spoonful. Firm grip. Nice fingers. ~ Jade West.

Famous Jade West Quotes

But you can’t save other people, no matter how much you want to. People will always walk their own path, dance with their own demons. ~ Jade West.

I used to think dreams were constant and unchanging, that they’d last a lifetime. Maybe some dreams do. Maybe others ebb and flow, dull and fade to be replaced by others. Maybe some dreams return from the ashes. ~ Jade West.

Love is love, David. Commitment is commitment. Integrity and consideration and communication, honesty and genuine care, compassion, support… those are the things that make a worthwhile relationship, whether that’s two people, or three people, or ten people. ~ Jade West.

It’s always such an error of judgement on their part. They invariably think that Rick is the nice one. The safe one. And while Rick is both of those things, he’s also a dirty, kinky little freak who’s easily as brutal as me in the right conditions. Stretching is his thing, stretching and body fluids, and boundary-pushing filth. ~ Jade West.

Ultimate Jade West Quotes

The legal Puppet Master pulling the strings of the dirty elite. Just who is Alexander James Henley Jnr? ~ Jade West.


Hi, I’m Katie, pleased to meet you. Handshake? Hug? Air kiss? Maybe not. ~ Jade West.

But it was something.
It was something to me.
She was something to me. ~ Jade West.

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So these were 38 top Jade West quotes and sayings.

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