75 Best Kali Uchis Quotes from American Singer and Songwriter

Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis, born as Karly-Marina Loaiza, is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, record producer, music video director and fashion designer, recognized for her stylistically diverse left-field pop music.

She collaborates extensively with cross-genre artists such as Tyler, the Creator, Gorillaz, Daniel Caesar, Juanes and BadBadNotGood.

She independently released an EP titled ‘Por Vida’ in 2015, leading to a contract with Virgin EMI.


Her debut full-length album, ‘Isolation’ (2018), made it to the Top Five Billboard R&B/hip-hop hit.

Raised mostly in Virginia, with some time in her parents’ native Colombia, Uchis learned to play piano and saxophone and developed an interest in visual arts during her teenage years.

She debuted in 2012 with the self-released mixtape ‘Drunken Babble’.

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She also worked with major artists like Snoop Dogg, GoldLink, Tyler, the Creator and Major Lazer and released singles with accompanying videos directed by her.

Her discography grew with featured appearances on tracks by various artists throughout 2017.

Her collaboration with Daniel Caesar, “Get You” and Juanes’ “El Ratico”, earned her Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations, respectively.

Her debut album ‘Isolation’ was released in 2018 peaking at number 32 on the Billboard 200 and at number four on the R&B/hip-hop chart.

Let’s read through some of the quotes from Kali Uchis.

Top 10 Kali Uchis Quotes


I’m constantly progressing. My style is changing every day. ~ Kali Uchis.


On my off day, I really want to just lay in bed. ~ Kali Uchis.


I made music just for myself. ~ Kali Uchis.


Spanish is such an important language globally. ~ Kali Uchis.


La India’s voice is so powerful. It will give you life. ~ Kali Uchis.


My father is my hero. No matter what, I’ll always forgive him. ~ Kali Uchis.


I don’t operate on fear, and I don’t let fear control me. ~ Kali Uchis.


When I start something, I have to finish it, and I’m a super perfectionist, too. ~ Kali Uchis.


I started making music by myself and figuring all of that on my own. ~ Kali Uchis.


I really love secondhand clothes. It’s fun to turn them into something new. ~ Kali Uchis.

Best Kali Uchis Quotes

It was really important for me to understand that I needed to provide for myself, and I needed to become a provider for my own family, too. ~ Kali Uchis.

If my life is a movie – in the movie, there’s always the bad part. There’s also the parts where you’re down and out, and there are parts where everything’s amazing. ~ Kali Uchis.


I never had a backup plan. I felt like if I had a backup plan, it was like saying to the universe that I didn’t believe in myself. ~ Kali Uchis.

I think it’s boring when everybody wears the same brands or the same styles, and it’s like, ‘Oh, this is the new trend.’ ~ Kali Uchis.

When I was 18 or 19, I realized that everything I was doing was connected to music – writing, doing videos, making my clothes. It all centered around being an artist. So I released a mixtape that I made in my bedroom, and it ended up getting a lot more attention than I expected. ~ Kali Uchis.

It’s difficult as an artist sometimes. There’s a lot of pressure when it’s your first album. You want to make something that’s meaningful and timeless, not something that’s trendy. ~ Kali Uchis.


It’s easy to just write about love, because everyone can relate, but I like variety. ~ Kali Uchis.

Being able to incorporate my language into songs is really cool. It’s really cool to see that people are susceptible to it. It helps with writing a lot to turn off one language and then go to another. ~ Kali Uchis.

I grew up being very different and being ready to fight people. I wanted to stand up for myself, and I wanted to not let anyone think they know me based on appearances, so I was always just fighting back with people. ~ Kali Uchis.


I am very much an artist. I like painting and collaging. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’m constantly trying to look at things from a different view and to put myself into some new perspectives to evolve myself, grow myself, and reinvent myself. ~ Kali Uchis.


I just know what I want for myself. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’ve always considered myself a person of color. ~ Kali Uchis.


I’m not a Barbie doll, I’m just a multidimensional human being who likes to make things. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’m Colombian. My family all have different complexions; some are people of color. I’ve been called every name by white people, been mocked for speaking in Spanish by white people. ~ Kali Uchis.

I feel like fashion is about being innovative and being able to turn something into something else, making it cool, and making it your own. ~ Kali Uchis.

I just like stuff that’s raw, itself, real and genuine. I think that’s the way art should be. That’s the kind of stuff that people can connect to more. ~ Kali Uchis.


I love a good old-school reggaeton song. ~ Kali Uchis.

Famous Kali Uchis Quotes

I was really grateful for the photography classes, the art classes, and the video classes. They would let me skip all my other classes and stay and work on my projects. ~ Kali Uchis.


I never really wanted to be a singer. I always preferred to be behind the camera. ~ Kali Uchis.

Colombian culture has had a huge influence on me and taught me a different way of looking at things – I was always different from the people I went to school with, and I learned to embrace that. ~ Kali Uchis.


Do you. Wear what you want to wear. Be an individual. Be unique and live your best life. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’m Colombian-American. My father wanted me to have American citizenship, but he wanted to raise me in Colombia. ~ Kali Uchis.

A lot of people don’t give Virginia credit. Pharrell, Missy Elliott – a lot of people come from here. ~ Kali Uchis.


When I was little, I went through a lot of phases, like any girl. ~ Kali Uchis.

Every time I go out to do shows, it just becomes a little bit more real and a little bit more full, so I’m excited just to see it hit its next level. ~ Kali Uchis.


Aliens are definitely real. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’ve always experimented with my look. Growing up, I thought it was so weird that people dressed alike and all bought the same things. ~ Kali Uchis.

I was always into music and stuff, so I would always make songs since I was little. ~ Kali Uchis.


The constant pressure to be the perfect, ideal female – there’s no such thing. ~ Kali Uchis.

Selena is a classic and timeless singer, and she really doesn’t need an introduction. Her music is always good for the soul. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’ve never been pressed to be friends with everyone or be popular, even in school – I’ve always done my own thing. ~ Kali Uchis.


I really try to balance my feminine and masculine energy when I write. ~ Kali Uchis.

As a musician, you are all the music that you absorb into your mind; that just subconsciously connects. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’m just inspired by life and, growing up, I listened to all types of different sounds, genres, and areas of music. ~ Kali Uchis.


I think everybody needs to be more empathetic. ~ Kali Uchis.

It’s really not easy to be an artist. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and be honest. I’m making things that are really happening to me, and it’s not easy to share that with the world. ~ Kali Uchis.

You’re always taught that the world is so competitive. You’re taught that it’s not very likely for you to become successful and that odds are you’re going to be a struggling artist for the rest of your life. ~ Kali Uchis.

I can only be inspired if I’m working with people that I really respect. ~ Kali Uchis.

Music is your way to change the frequencies of everything around you and move your own body, move your whole environment. ~ Kali Uchis.


It’s really natural for me to write bilingually. ~ Kali Uchis.

I said, okay, okay, okay, okie dokie, my infatuation
Is translatin’ to another form of what you call it? ~ Tyler, The Creator, Kali Uchis, See You Again.

You can consciously make a difference with music. Bob Marley is one of those few artists that everyone can say that they love. He makes you feel good. It’s very real. ~ Kali Uchis.

When I’m making a song, I try not to think about audience or genres. It’s free-flowing. Natural. ~ Kali Uchis.


That’s the best kind of music: the stuff that happens based off intuition. ~ Kali Uchis.

No one can decide what you should do, what course of action you should take to get where you wanna go, except for yourself. ~ Kali Uchis.

Great Kali Uchis Quotes

Not everything happens when you expect it; it is what it is. The people who ride with you, ride with you. ~ Kali Uchis.

Back in the day, I used to get really upset when people used to say that I didn’t really make all my own things – like my art or my videos or whatever. I work really hard on everything, so it used to upset me when people would try to discredit me or say that I wouldn’t have what I had without this person or that person. ~ Kali Uchis.


I always felt you could age with style and grace, or you could age in denial and hold on to issues and never push through. ~ Kali Uchis.

As female artists, we have to be constantly criticized for the way that we look, the way that we dress, on a whole other level that men don’t have to face. ~ Kali Uchis.

There’s no particular method or course of action that I take in order to decide who I’m going to work with besides feeling complete and total respect and admiration for that artist. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’m into crystals and good energy and harnessing more. It’s just like prayer. It helps you be grateful, think about good things, and keep that positive energy around you. ~ Kali Uchis.


No matter where you are, what point in your life you’re at, it’s not the end. ~ Kali Uchis.

I’ve always been very insecure and had a lot of self-doubt growing up. That was partially because of how I was raised. ~ Kali Uchis.

My first relationship was from when I was about 15 to 19. My second relationship was kind of like a rebound, but also a really important part of my journey – he was very emotionally manipulative and just wanted me to be an accessory. ~ Kali Uchis.

You live in my dream state
Relocate my fantasy
I stay in reality ~ Tyler, The Creator, Kali Uchis, See You Again

When you’re an artist, you’re working, literally, for the sole purpose of art, and when people discredit you, it’s probably the most disrespectful thing you can do. ~ Kali Uchis.


While performing, I can’t wear anything that I’m not going to be able to dance in or heels that don’t have ankle support. ~ Kali Uchis.

Sometimes I leave mayonnaise on the ends of my hair for a few hours while I’m writing; it’s a really good moisturizer. ~ Kali Uchis.

You’re taught that it’s not very likely for you to become successful… that odds are you’re going to be a struggling artist for the rest of your life. ~ Kali Uchis.


I like lowriders and music from the ’50s and ’60s. A lot of people assumed I was Mexican. ~ Kali Uchis.

I just believe in standing up for people and against discrimination. I consider myself an advocate for human rights. ~ Kali Uchis.

I never had any technical training. I never considered that, one day, I’m going to be Beyonce like a lot of girls aspire to be. It just kind of happened. ~ Kali Uchis.

So these were the 75 top Kali Uchis quotes and sayings.

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