92 Kendrick Lamar Quotes from the American Rapper

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, an American rapper from Compton, California, has been celebrated for albums like “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (2012) and “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015).

Beginning his career as a teenager, he initially released mixtapes under the pseudonym K. Dot.

After signing with Top Dawg Entertainment, he became part of the Black Hippy collective.

By 2012, he partnered with Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath Entertainment and released the critically acclaimed “good kid, m.A.A.d. City”. In 2015, “To Pimp a Butterfly” set streaming records and earned Grammy wins.


He followed up with albums “untitled unmastered” (2016), the Pulitzer-winning “DAMN.” (2017) and curated the “Black Panther” soundtrack (2018). By 2022, he released “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers”, acclaimed for its depth and musicality.

Kendrick Lamar is known to be one of the most influential hip hop artist.

Here is a top collection of quotes by Kendrick Lamar.

Best Kendrick Lamar Quotes


I cut off my ears before I hear your advice and vice versa. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I knew I was blessed with a gift of having both parents. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I can’t help the way you was born if you was gay. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


When you give up it means you never wanted it. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


The one in front of the gun lives forever. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

We all get distracted, the question is, would you bounce back or bounce backwards? ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I was a black sheep, but now I’m just a goat. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

What is love? Love to me is god. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I like to let things breathe. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

It’s the beauty in her, But when the makeup occur, I don’t see it, All I see is a blur. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Deep Kendrick Lamar Quotes

How am I influencing so many people on this stage rather than influencing the ones that I have back home? ~ Kendrick Lamar.


You don’t hear no artists from Compton showing vulnerability. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

So the next time you feel like the world’s about to end, I hope you studied, because he’s testing your faith again. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I penetrate the hearts of good kids and criminals. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I always thought money was something just to make me happy. But I’ve learned that I feel better being able to help my folks, ’cause we never had nothing. So just to see them excited about my career is more of a blessing than me actually having it for myself. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I don’t really believe in the type of pressure that people are wanting to put on the type of music that I make. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


My mind is living on cloud 9 and this 9 is never on vacation. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I want to put positive vibes in my music. But actually who I am as a person is not the song. That’s who I wanna be.’ ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Inspiring Kendrick Lamar Quotes

Hip-hop and being a pro athlete go hand in hand. When they come together, it’s a win, not just for your business brand but also for culture. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


The ultimate thing I want to do in making music is to be able to inspire somebody else. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

What separated me from all my homeboys is the fact that I didn’t get caught inside the reality. I was always dreaming about doing something else or going somewhere else. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

There’s a lot of other artists doing things outside of that depth that I enjoy – that music that I can actually have fun to, and not be in depth and think about, then I appreciate that. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Since day one, since the first time I touched the pen, I wanted to be the best at what I do. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


The worst part of success is, to me, adapting to it. It’s scary. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I probably spent more time listening to albums than writing songs. But I think that gave me all the tricks in terms of wordplay, from how I pronounced my words to the actual delivery. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

My folks ain’t graduated from high school or nothing like that, so we always had to struggle in the family – and I come from a big family. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Uplifting Kendrick Lamar Quotes

I think my worst problem is actually living in the moment and understanding everything that’s going on. I feel like I’m in my own bubble. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


Just let me be me, That’s the only way I know. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

So next time you feel like your world is about to end, I hope you studied because He’s testing your faith again. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Brother Kendrick Lamar: he’s not a rapper, he’s a writer, he’s an author. And if you read between the lines, we’ll learn how to love one another. But you can’t do that, I said you can’t do that, without loving yourself first. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Live your life, live it right. Be different, do different things. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

You can’t change where you from. You can’t take a person out of their zone and expect them to be somebody else now that they in the record industry. It’s gonna take years. Years of traveling. Years of meeting people. Years of seeing the world. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I want you to recognize that I’m a proud monkey. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I learned, when I look in the mirror and tell my story, that I should be myself and not peep whatever everybody is doing. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Enriching Kendrick Lamar Quotes

Groups break up because they never got across what they wanted to do personally, and they have creative differences, and egos start to clash. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

A lot of incredible rap albums over the past couple of decades have deserved Album of the Year. To Pimp a Butterfly is an extension of those albums. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


Everyday I try to escape the realities of this world. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Whatever pressure I feel all comes from me, from within. I always was that person who was hard on myself and challenged myself no matter what I was doing, whether it was passing third grade or playing basketball. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I’m Machiavelli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York, king of the coast, one hand, I juggle them both. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Forgiving is easy. Trusting again, not so much. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Famous Kendrick Lamar Quotes

Maybe because I’m a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


It’s easy to forget who you are. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Teenagers expressing this on a daily basis in the middle of the streets – you can’t help but believe we are in the mind state of taking our losses and changing people’s perceptions of us and our community. We are strong. Our families are tired of being hurt. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The thing about hip-hop is they always want to classify you as one particular artist, but hip-hop is about going outside the box and expressing yourself however you want to. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The message I’m sending to myself – I can’t change the world until I change myself first. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

You can have the platinum album, but when you still feel like you haven’t quite found your place in the world – it kind of gives a crazy offset. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I don’t vote. I don’t do no voting. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Once I looked in the mirror and decided this is who I am, and I’m not scared of who I am, and I’m not scared that I can’t be like you, and I’m good with just doing me, that’s when I found myself, as a man. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


Hip-hop is not the problem, our reality is the problem. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

At first, I was scared to show fear because you can never be sure how people will perceive you. But I dared myself to do that, to stand out. Now I’ll talk about being beaten up or robbed or making a stupid decision because of a girl or whatever. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Found myself screaming in a hotel room. I didn’t want to self-destruct. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Popular Kendrick Lamar Quotes


If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it? ~ Kendrick Lamar.

It’s a great, great experience to finally get the reception that you know you rightfully deserve. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I had to come from something, come from a place that was negative and positive but the majority of it is a negative place. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

My pops and my mom started playing Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers and all these people, but at the same time, they always had Snoop on right behind it in the same mix. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God Then die and find out there really is Think about it. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I always tell people that if I move anywhere it would be Toronto. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


A dollar might turn to a million and we all rich that’s just how i feel. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

My mom’s one of 13 siblings, and they all got six kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The moment I made that decision to get in the studio and actually work and study the culture of hip-hop, then everything just started to open up and blossom for me. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Great Kendrick Lamar Quotes

Life will put many red lights in front of you, but sometimes we must push on the gas and trust god. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The Universe energy doesn’t lie. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I stole a Bible, is that a sin? ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Being able to tell one from start to finish, and making that puzzle come together at the end. That’s the art for me. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The best thing is to always keep honest people around, because when you have a bunch of yes men around that know that you’re making a mistake but let you go on with it, that’s when it ruins your mind state as an artist. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Don’t you know your imperfections is a wonderful blessing, from heaven is where you got it from. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

While you have people who are actually fronting for your needs and wants, sometimes your needs and wants may not be right for you. The people around you are just trying to keep their jobs. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Eventually you get to this point where you understand what you want to do and get across and sound like. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Consequences from evil will make your past haunt you. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

God to me is love. It’s the ruler of all things, whether it’s with a person or with music or with your TV. I feel like it’s this energy. God is energy, love is energy. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Top Kendrick Lamar Quotes

I always felt like there was a certain standard of music that I had to do from the beginning, even when I didn’t have the recognition that I have now. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I ain’t a drinker I’m a thinker, call it what you want. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

When you go on your Twitter or look down your Timeline and it’s all great positivity – I love that. But at the same time, it can really divert you from what your purpose is or what you’re trying to do. And I’ve seen artists get caught up in that. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Love is not just a verb. It’s you looking in the mirror. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I’m standing on a field full of landmines doing the moonwalk hoping I blow up in time. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I don’t talk about these things if I haven’t lived them, and I’ve hurt people in my life. It’s something I still have to think about when I sleep at night. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

Although the butterfly and the caterpillar are completely different, they are one and the same. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

My lyrics say I have morals, I have confidence, I have weaknesses, I have strong points, that I am a human being. ~ Kendrick Lamar.


I was raised inside the gang culture. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

The opposite of love? Vice. Temptation. The negative influences that we have. The bad energy that comes around us and makes us do certain things. To me, it’s always been a war between the two. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

People gonna be they own individuals and have they own worlds and I can’t knock it. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

We made a right, then made a left, then made a right; Then made a left, we was just circling life. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

I see conflict. But the conflict is what makes it relatable. I’m conflicted; you’re conflicted. I’m not perfect – nobody is. I’m just blessed to be able to express my conflict through song. ~ Kendrick Lamar.

So these were the 92 top Kendrick Lamar quotes and sayings.

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