53 Laurie Hernandez Quotes from American Artistic Gymnast

Laurie Hernandez is an artistic gymnast from the United States.


Top 10 Laurie Hernandez Quotes


No matter what race or color you are, you can aspire to do something great. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I’m confident. I’m a crowd pleaser. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


Even though I’m a gymnast, I’ve always loved dancing. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I got a piece of a dead person’s ligament in my body. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


It’s weird to hear anyone call me a role model. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I love my height because when I’m doing gymnastics, it really benefits the sport – and also, I think being short is kind of cute. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


My athlete idol is Usain Bolt. He’s inhumanly fast! ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I want to be a role model. I want to be able to know that I inspired girls to work hard and go for their dreams and to never give up. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


It’s really hard to be all serious in the tango and not break into laughter. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Inspiring Laurie Hernandez Quotes

I think it’s amazing that I can go out there and be myself, and the fact that I’m carrying Puerto Rico on my back a little bit is such an honor. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I don’t think that being Hispanic, being black, being white – I don’t think that limits you to anything. I think everyone should just go for what they want. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

The Olympics was really, really stressful because I had never done anything like it. At the same time, I was understanding something like that could never really happen again. I embraced it and took in everything. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


Meeting kids who feel inspired by my story, it means so much to me. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Being able to wear contacts, you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off or how you look during your beam routine. As soon as they’re in, literally two minutes later, you forget that they’re on. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Famous Laurie Hernandez Quotes

When I was a little kid, I don’t remember looking up and seeing so many Hispanic athletes out there. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I think people are people. If you want something, go get it. I don’t think it matters what race you are. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


People have always asked me why my favorite event was floor, and my answer was always, ‘Because I love to dance!’ ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I tell everyone that I’m 5 feet-1 inch tall, but I think I’m technically 5 feet. My mom says she’s 4 feet 11 inches, and I’m barely taller than her. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I feel that, every day, God molds me into someone that He wants me to be. So if that means just, like, talking to teammates and helping them out, or, like, every so often I’ll post a Bible verse on Twitter or Instagram. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Now that I’m doing all these big competitions, I’ve learned to control my nerves and control my mindset, and I think that’s where the maturity comes in. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


People have seen me at my best, but I don’t think most of them know everything that it took to get me to where I am today. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I think a big part of what has helped me move forward with the sport is my family. We’re all so close together, and the support system has been amazing. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

The thing that makes me feel the most confident is definitely my smile. I like that my smile and my facial expressions really show what I’m feeling, and my smile is the best way to show that I’m happy. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Best Laurie Hernandez Quotes


I was an energetic child, always walking on my hands, flipping off of the back of the couch, or jumping up and down on my bed. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

My first week at ‘DWTS’ was amazing! I definitely fangirled when I walked into the ballroom because I looked at all the judges and where they were sitting, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s the official judges’ table!’ ~ Laurie Hernandez.

When you’re a little kid, and you’re, like, thinking about the Olympics, and you just have this big expectation, it just lived up exactly to that. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

My mother was in the Army Reserve for six years. She taught me the importance of following rules, finishing what I start, never giving up, leadership skills, teamwork, staying positive, motivated and how to pack the military way when I’m traveling! ~ Laurie Hernandez.


Two people who really inspire me are my parents, Wanda and Anthony, just because they really made sure to keep up Hispanic culture in my family. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I knew when I started gymnastics, I wanted to have a lot of fun and eventually go to the Olympics. On the moments where I felt really down, I just remembered, ‘You’re almost there. Just keep going. Keep working hard.’ ~ Laurie Hernandez.

When I came home after ‘DWTS,’ I had a couple of days, and I had actually given the Mirrorball to my mom. She loves to decorate the house, so I said, ‘Here – make it pretty. Do what you want with it! ~ Laurie Hernandez.


When I’m not training, I’m typically doing anything self-care, so, like, bath bombs and face masks, or, like, having a movie night with my family, if that’s possible. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

The Olympics, as a little kid, it was such a big goal that I created for myself, and I was able to push through and make that happen. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Popular Laurie Hernandez Quotes

I want to make sure I always show off my smile and have a positive attitude the whole time, whether it’s during a performance, practice, or doing an interview. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


As far as cartoons go, I watched a lot of ‘Ed, Edd, n Eddy’ when I was a kid. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

We’re all different, so even though someone is getting a skill before you, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough; it just means you have to wait a little bit, and the skill will come when it comes. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Life has been a really big whirlwind, but it’s been a lot of fun. I travel so much, and I’m constantly doing things that I love, but it’s just me. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


The big cheat meal will be a cookies and cream milkshake. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I started a gymnastics class at five years old, but it became serious at seven. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

If I could go anywhere, I’d love to visit Greece someday because it looks so beautiful, and I’d also love to go to Mexico. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Something that would probably surprise my fans is that I wear contact lenses, and nobody really knows that because I guess I’ve never really had to tell anybody about that. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I think I still like science and art better, but geometry is a big improvement over algebra. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

My mom decided that she wanted to put the mirror ball trophy on the coffee table in the center of our living room. When people walk in, it’s kind of like, ‘Uh.’ It’s a little weird. Maybe we should put it in the corner or something. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


My earliest memory was watching gymnastics on live TV and wanting to do what the ‘big girls’ did. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Great Laurie Hernandez Quotes

My parents have tried not to intrude. They kind of stayed apart from my gymnastics but are very supportive, and that’s very helpful as a gymnast to not have your parents say, ‘Did you do this today?’ and just be very on top of you. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Basically, I was a little bit nervous before competing beam at the Olympics, and I had this nervous thing to just talk to myself, like ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ And right before I hopped up there, I said, ‘I got this.’ ~ Laurie Hernandez.

The best part is when parents come up to me with their kids, and they say, ‘My daughter started gymnastics because of you.’ ~ Laurie Hernandez.


I would love to be an actress! ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Everyone keeps asking me when I have time to rest. I’ll tell you when: I get all my sleep on planes. If the flight is five hours, my nap is five hours! I’ll sleep through the whole flight. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I definitely take it as a really big responsibility on my shoulders to make sure I’m motivating my generation and the people around me and, hopefully, inspire people to try something new. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

Being able to do something that I love and be at such a high level of gymnastics is just amazing. ~ Laurie Hernandez.


As an athlete, the most important thing is the protein that you eat and the things that you put into your body. Without that, it’s very hard to function throughout the day. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

I feel I could be a role model to other Hispanic gymnasts interested in the sport, but I also want them to understand the importance of being focused, determined, and not giving up, despite all the struggles. ~ Laurie Hernandez.

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