Manuel Alberto Diaz II (Manny Diaz) is an American football coach at Penn State University.

He is presently the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. From 2019 to 2021, he was the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

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He is a very good coach, and the team has had a lot of success under his leadership.

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Top 5 Manny Diaz Quotes

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Tearing down and building two stadiums is an even bigger expense. ~ Manny Diaz.

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This could have a huge bearing on the results. ~ Manny Diaz.

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We’ve got to learn to finish what we start. It’s just part of building confidence. ~ Manny Diaz.

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He was someone who came to our program who was a good player but not a great player. He became a great player due to his hard work. ~ Manny Diaz.

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What is on the table today is not an offer. It’s a demand. ~ Manny Diaz.

Famous Manny Diaz Quotes

The courts in this country, every single day, make determinations with regard to what is in the best interest of the child. There is no automatic law, as far as we’re concerned, that says simply because you are the parent of the child that you automatically – no matter what – have custody of that child. ~ Manny Diaz.

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Now, when someone calls and says, ‘You haven’t picked up my trash,’ we can get on the computer and find out how long it took us to pick up the trash after they called. ~ Manny Diaz.

That’s the reality and that’s why we have a long-term goal to deal with this problem, … But we also have a constant influx of immigrants coming here to live the American dream. ~ Manny Diaz.

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The kicking game is always the hardest to practice in full-speed situations. There will be penalties in the kicking game. There will be mistakes. It always happens in the first game. ~ Manny Diaz.

Knowing the kind of coach Frank Beamer is, he knows we could have sacked the quarterback 150 times – that they lost the game because their punter drops the snap and because they miss a field goal at the end. If one of those two things don’t happen, they win. Forget our D-line, forget everything else. ~ Manny Diaz.

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The process is ongoing, nobody has pulled the plug. ~ Manny Diaz.

The biggest concern is they apply so much pressure, in all phases, that if you make a mistake they’re going to punish you. Against Virginia Tech, that always concerns you, and it’s quadrupled in the first game of the year, because someone is going to make a mistake in the first game. That’s just the way it is. ~ Manny Diaz.

There’s a Metro line that runs right through here, … We are in the next four or five years hopefully going to build our light rail system and streetcar system that has been funded by the federal government this year. We are planning ahead. ~ Manny Diaz.

Best Manny Diaz Quotes

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The family respects the rule of law, … The family recognizes and accepts the legal right of the INS to pick up Elian. The door will be open. The family will not interfere. The family will not resist. ~ Manny Diaz.

I think we have a good record to run on. People can see that changes that have occurred, and people like the direction the city is going, … People want to come to Miami to live, work and play. ~ Manny Diaz.

We started off as a very individualistic program where everybody was doing their own thing, but we’ve come a long way and we’re starting to play as a team. I’m very proud of them. ~ Manny Diaz.

We’ve created a tremendous amount of excitement, … Miami is becoming a major destination, a major capital, particularly as it relates to Latin America. ~ Manny Diaz.

We’re going through probably the greatest transformation in American history of any city in this short period of time, … I just want to savor every moment of it. ~ Manny Diaz.

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At times like this, you need a guy who’s been on the ground floor. ~ Manny Diaz.

There is still no commitment from the United States government that Elian Gonzalez will not leave this country during the pending appeal. ~ Manny Diaz.

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