Tony Baker is a Comedian, Actor and Stand Up Comedian from Los Angeles, United States.

He is known for his videos of animal voice-overs and comedy shows.

Tony Baker has been making people laugh for almost a decade, bringing his distinct brand of comedy and flair to venues all around the world via his YouTube channel.

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Best Tony Baker Quotes

As he got closer and closer to Toronto, more and more news spread about him … it was fantastic. It was really exciting and it was inspiring. It was kind of magical. ~ Tony Baker.

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My wife has tried calling over 200 times. Nothing but a busy signal. ~ Tony Baker.

We’re able to make all the decisions here locally… We don’t feel the pressure from investors or stockholders, wherever they may be, to drive that bottom line on a quarterly basis. ~ Tony Baker.

It’s the only time of year they buy champagne, and they will purchase it by the case. Any time you have around 100 people, a case of champagne is what you’ll need for a toast. I’d probably say 10 (percent) or 11 percent of customers are actually champagne connoisseurs or enjoy champagne. ~ Tony Baker.

Famous Tony Baker Quotes

Many people stay a long time because they like the paper and they like the community. We’re blessed with a strong staff, a lot of people who are overachievers, who have more good ideas than we can put into practice. ~ Tony Baker.

We believe the community is best served by a locally owned newspaper. It’s the family’s intention to continue to own and operate the paper in that manner for years to come. There’s no question that if the family was interested in doing anything other than continue to own and operate the paper, it wouldn’t be saddling itself with this debt load. ~ Tony Baker.

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The Valley is all about liquor. Wine, and sparkling wine, is tough to move. That’s a flip-flop from the Bay Area, where they do higher volumes of wine than liquor. ~ Tony Baker.

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