15 Ways to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

Professionals are great at building brands, but they often overlook the importance of building their own personal brand, especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

Being busy or feeling like it’s egotistical might hold them back but ignoring personal branding means missing out on big opportunities in sales.

The most effective salespeople on LinkedIn are those who have worked on their personal brand.

Ways to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn constantly updates its features to help users showcase their skills and motivations better, so checking your profile regularly can reveal new ways to enhance your personal brand.

Let’s get started.

15 Ways to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

1. Have a Winning Profile Picture

Your LinkedIn photo can make or break first impressions.

Aim for a professional look that reflects your industry. Think soft lighting, simple backgrounds and attire that aligns with your career goals.

Your photo should invite potential connections to want to engage with you, making sure it is a recent one where your face takes up about 60% of the frame.

Have a Winning Profile Picture

Smile genuinely—it is your digital handshake.

2. Craft a Compelling Headline

Don’t limit your headline to just your job title. Expand it to reflect your approach to work, what drives you and what sets you apart.

Look beyond the conventional and use this space to showcase a unique blend of your experience and skills, making it clear why you’re exceptional in your field.

Avoid cliches like “Looking for Opportunities,” and instead, demonstrate your value proposition.

3. Be Approachable

Choose a tone for your LinkedIn profile that invites interaction.

While maintaining professionalism, write in a way that makes others want to connect with you.

Whether you opt for a first-person narrative or a more formal third-person voice, steer clear of overused industry jargon unless it’s absolutely necessary for your field.

4. Sharing Your Story

Your summary isn’t just a list of skills or past job titles. It is your opportunity to share your journey, highlighting why your experiences matter and how they add value.

Take your time to craft a narrative that resonates with your audience, making your profile more than just a resume, but a story that others can connect with.

Sharing Your Story

5. Expand Your Network

Growing your LinkedIn network can be as simple as syncing your profile with your email contacts, allowing LinkedIn to suggest potential connections.

Make a habit of sending connection requests after meetings and conversations to keep your network active and relevant.

6. Highlight Relevant Skills

Identify and list skills that truly represent your expertise and support your professional narrative.

Keep your skills list focused and relevant, avoiding the temptation to add every skill you possess. Periodically review and update your skills to keep your profile current.

7. Engage with Your Network

Actively participate in your network by sharing content that aligns with your professional interests and viewpoints.

This not only keeps you visible in your connections’ feeds but also adds value to your network, establishing you as a thought leader in your field.

Engage with Your Network

8. Seek Out Recommendations

Recommendations are personal endorsements that can significantly enhance your profile’s credibility.

Thoughtfully choose who to ask for a recommendation, personalizing your requests to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Remember, authentic testimonials can significantly impact how others perceive your professional capabilities.

9. Keep Your Location Current

Updating your location on LinkedIn helps boost your visibility in local searches, like when someone’s looking for professionals in your area.

It is also a great way to transition online connections into real-world interactions, potentially leading to networking opportunities over coffee or at local events.

10. Highlight Your Services

For consultants, freelancers and small business employees, LinkedIn Service Pages provide a free platform to showcase your offerings.

These pages help you present your services clearly and attract potential clients through a structured request and proposal system.

Highlight Your Services

11. Engage in Collaborative Articles

LinkedIn’s collaborative articles feature invites professionals to add their expertise to AI-initiated discussions.

Contributing to these articles can showcase your knowledge and perspective, enriching the content and your professional reputation.

12. Exchange Endorsements

Endorsements validate your skills and enhance your credibility.

Start by endorsing skills for your connections who you believe deserve recognition. This often prompts a reciprocal gesture, increasing your profile’s strength.

Remember, reaching out politely to request endorsements for specific skills can also be effective, but ensure it’s from connections who are familiar with your work.

13. Curate Your Endorsements

As endorsements accumulate, it’s important to manage them to accurately reflect your expertise.

Prioritize endorsements that align with your core skills and consider hiding or removing less relevant ones to maintain a focused professional image.

14. Optimize Your LinkedIn URL

Customizing your LinkedIn URL enhances your profile’s accessibility and professional appearance.

Aim for a URL that includes your name or a professional variation, making it easier to share and more memorable.

Optimize Your LinkedIn URL

15. Stay Proactively Engaged

Active participation on LinkedIn, such as posting relevant content, commenting and engaging with others’ posts, improves your visibility and can lead to meaningful professional relationships.

Consider contributing articles to LinkedIn Pulse to share your insights and expertise more broadly.

So, these were some of the ways to make a great LinkedIn Profile.

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