75 Inspiring Wu-Tang Quotes for Hip Hop Fans

Wu-Tang Clan is a famous American hip hop group from New York with members like RZA, GZA and Method Man.

They started in 1992 and have made a big impact on hip hop music.

Their first album in 1993 “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” was a big hit and is still loved today.

They have made other albums too but none as popular as their first. The group has also helped other artists and groups get started in music.

Wu-Tang Quotes

People think very highly of Wu-Tang Clan with some calling them the best hip hop group ever.

Here is an amazing collection of quotes from Wu Tang Clan members.

Best Wu-Tang Quotes


The glorious days is gone, and everybody’s doing bad. ~ Ghostface Killah.


I wanna sit behind the scenes and see nothin’ but the greens. ~ Method Man.


Decay is inevitable, but death is not. ~ RZA.

In order to be one of the greats, you’ve got to study the greats. ~ Raekwon.

The first person you have to resurrect is yourself. ~ RZA.

No matter where you from, there’s ghettos all over the place. ~ Method Man.

Working hard may help you maintain to learn to overcome the heartaches and pain. ~ Inspectah Deck.


You can see the weakness of a man right through his iris. ~ GZA.

The better you get, the more your legacy shines. I always just try to go hard. If you don’t want to do it for real, don’t do it at all. ~ Raekwon.

Knowledge, know the ledge to where your heart is or fall off into the internal hell that’s uncharted. ~ RZA.

Things change. Nothing ever stays the same, yo. You ain’t never gonna stay 25 or 30 or 40. You always gonna change. Every day you change. ~ Ghostface Killah.


My thoughts must be relaxed, be able to maintain cause times is changed and life is strange. ~ Ghostface Killah.

Curse to the wicked snakes who try to snatch the truth away, cursed be the ones who try to take our youth away. ~ RZA.

I strive to be like the sun sitting in the middle of the solar system with all the planets spinning around it ~ millions of things going on. It’s just sitting there being the sun, but exerting gravitational effect on everything. I think man should look at himself that way. ~ RZA.

Top Wu-Tang Quotes


So love, like wisdom, dissolves you and then resolves you. It breaks down your ego and puts you back together again properly. ~ RZA.


I’m taking one for the team. Like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream. ~ Method Man.

Valentine cards and birthday wishes? Please, be on another level of planning, of understanding the bond between man and woman and child. The highest elevation, cause we above all, that romance crap, just show your love. ~ Method Man.

If you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your nature. If you don’t know your nature, you don’t know where to exist. By knowing your nature, knowing yourself, you know what to be and how to live. And that only comes from knowledge of self, knowing yourself. ~ RZA.

Leave it up to me while I be livin’ proof. To kick the truth to the young black youth. ~ Inspectah Deck.


Don’t wait till you die to go to heaven. ~ RZA.

The true joy of love brings a thousand tears in the world of desire, there’s a thousand snares. ~ RZA.

I mean, I love myself; I am the king on the board, but other pieces do different things and they all work together, so it’s not one particular move unless it’s checkmate because usually there’s an answer. You know, chess is about questions and answers. ~ GZA.


I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain. ~ Method Man.

Take a sip from the cup of death. And when you’re shaking my right hand, I’ll stab you with the left. ~ Ol’ Dirty.

Happiness: which is total and complete satisfaction with yourself. This means you realize that nothing and nobody else can make you happy. ~ RZA.

I think that’s a weak excuse, to say because a rapper’s getting older that he ain’t got it no more. Nah. Don’t go by that philosophy. Let’s just recognize that talent is within. ~ Raekwon.


I call my brother ‘Sun’ cause he shine like one. ~ Method Man.

When we neglect others out of superficial wisdom, fake respect, phony knowledge – we tell ourselves it’s their life; we say it’s not our responsibility; we don’t want to get involved. F*ck that. Get involved. Or we’ll all feel the pain. ~ RZA.

I don’t think a computer can process information to even 10% of what the human brain does. The brain’s got mad sh*t going on in your body right now. ~ RZA.

You gotta have a schedule, you gotta have a team that’s passionate about seeing you do the things you say you wanna do. When it comes to delivering this, it takes a lot of work and I can’t do that on my own. ~ Raekwon.

When I sit here and see that the eight brothers from the neighborhood that I grew up with still have success, it had to be magical. ~ Raekwon.


War’s extremely serious and it saddens me. ~ Masta Killa.

I got mouths to feed, unnecessary beef is more cows to breed. ~ GZA.

Sunshine plays a major part in the daytime. ~ Ghostface Killah.

Since I was eight years old. I didn’t have a TV, so comic books were definitely my television, my soap operas, and all that. ~ Method Man.

Meditate on this. Don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your good today and ruin your great tomorrow. ~ RZA.


All I did was take my time, figure out where I made a lot of mistakes, and try not to make them no more. ~ Raekwon.

A day to God is a thousand years. Men walk around with a thousand fears. ~ RZA.

I think a lot of people can learn from listening to hip hop. It ain’t always about beats and rhymes. ~ Raekwon.

In a way, when TV went digital, we lost a foothold in reality. Now, we’ll never truly know if what we’re watching is real or has been altered and transmitted to us. Digital culture brought a step away from truth. ~ RZA.

Inspiring Wu-Tang Quotes

Look here: ‘mo’ money, mo’ problems,’ my ss. You’re a naive cat if you still believe that. ~ Ol’ Dirty Bst*rd.


You don’t know me and you don’t know my style. ~ Method Man.

When you devote yourself to being an artist, you have to stay on your craft and always try to get better and better. ~ Raekwon.

Rap is a gimmick, but I’m for the hip-hop, the culture. ~ Method Man.

We got food stamps. Glad to get the food stamps. Why wouldn’t you want to get free money? ~ Ol’ Dirty Bstrd.


Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children. ~ Wu Tang Clan.

When you love what you do, more than likely everything is gonna just come out decent. ~ Ghostface Killah.

Famous Wu-Tang Quotes

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept? ~ GZA.

I don’t think I have a favorite chess move, other than checkmate, because each move is part of a combination of other moves. Just like I don’t have a favorite piece, because they all work together. ~ GZA.

Life comes when you have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding when you can see for real, touch, and feel for real, know for real. Then you are truly living. ~ RZA.


Envy, greed, lust, and hate, separate. ~ Method Man.

As an artist, it’s so important to create music that puts a chill through your body or does something to make you feel good. I think my album has a little bit of everything in it and that’s important to me. ~ Raekwon.

To increase your lifeline, strengthen your heart. ~ Ghostface Killah.

You know the things I went through as a youngster, coming into the business, all the good, the bad, and the ugly that came. I’d had a rough life. I grew up single parent. My mom, she was like a father to me. ~ Raekwon.


Inspiration is found everywhere if you look hard enough. ~ RZA.

It’s been taught that your worst enemy couldn’t harm you as much as your own wicked thoughts. ~ RZA.

Happiness is something you get from yourself. If you’re completely satisfied with yourself, nobody can take it away from you. ~ RZA.

Homicide’s illegal and death is the penalty. What justifies the homicide, when he dies in his own iniquity? ~ Masta Killa.


We strivin’ for perfection. ~ Raekwon.

I think most of my approach to life has been like that, to find order in chaos, to be in the middle of a bunch of things happening at the same time, but find focus. ~ RZA.

Ultimate Wu-Tang Quotes

How do I say goodbye? It’s always the good ones that have to die. ~ RZA.

They say wisdom is the wise words spoken by a brother attempting to open the graves of these mentally dead slaves. ~ RZA.

Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyze the sky, and ask myself: was I meant to be here? Why? ~ Ghostface Killah.


Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. ~ Inspectah Deck.

Confusion is a gift from God. Those times when you feel most desperate for a solution, sit. Wait. The information will become clear. The confusion is there to guide you. Seek detachment and become the producer of your life. ~ RZA.

Do I let my children listen to my music? Of course, I do. Shoot, the worst curse is a lie. ~ Ol’ Dirty Bstrd.

Regardless of how I or this man right here or anybody else in this business get when we walk on an airplane in first-class looking like this, we’re gonna get searched. ~ Method Man.

I consider myself a genius because, when you talk about anything and everything, you a genius to me. It’s just about making it fire on top o’ more fire. ~ Raekwon.


If you can’t hear, you ain’t with us. ~ RZA.

Light is provided through sparks of energy. From the mind that travels in rhyme form. Giving sight to the blind. ~ Masta Killa.

You’re out of luck like two dogs stuck. ~ Ghostface Killah.

If you can’t live, you dying, you give or you buy in. Keep it real or keep it moving, keep grinding, keep shining. ~ Raekwon.


It’s harder to make the glass than break the glass. ~ RZA.

Peace is the absence of confusion. ~ RZA.

Behind every fortune, there’s a crime. ~ Method Man.

So these were the 75 top Wu-Tang quotes on music, love, life, money and friends.

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