6 Best Allen Tucker Quotes from the American Artist

Allen Tucker was an American artist and was called as “The American Van Gogh”.

Allen Tucker started as an architect after graduating from Columbia University in 1888.

He later studied art and was influenced by American impressionist John Henry Twachtman.

By 1904 Tucker switched to painting full-time.

He played a key role in the 1910 New York Exhibition of Independent Artists and co-founded the American Association of Painters and Sculptors helping organize the groundbreaking Armory Show in 1913.

Tucker’s style evolved to post-impressionism inspired by Vincent van Gogh.

During World War I he served in the American Ambulance Field Service and Red Cross in France writing about his experiences in poetry.

In the 1920s he taught art and continued writing passing away in 1939.

Below I have collected the top quotes by Allen Tucker.

Best Allen Tucker Quotes

Allen Tucker Quotes

We enact many laws that manufacture criminals, and then a few that punish them. ~ Allen Tucker.


The weather this year sure has been a challenge. ~ Allen Tucker.


Our neighborhood has seen plenty of rain this year. ~ Allen Tucker.


A lot of the romance of the West is in here. ~ Allen Tucker.


So, we are probably right about on average for the year. It was just a tough way to get there. ~ Allen Tucker.


The thing which we speak of as beauty does not have to be sought in distant lands. . . . It is here about us or it is nowhere. ~ Allen Tucker.

So these were the 6 top Allen Tucker quotes and sayings.

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