Anna Diop is an actress and model from the United States.

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Best Anna Diop Quotes

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Theater was something that I always wanted to study. ~ Anna Diop.

There’s room for everyone, and everyone is wanted and needed. Whoopi showed me that. When I first saw ‘The Color Purple,’ it was so huge. That was the first time I had seen myself, my mother, my aunts, women that I had known my whole life on-screen. It gives us hope, and it gives us confidence. ~ Anna Diop.

Anna Diop Quotes
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I didn’t grow up reading the Bible. ~ Anna Diop.

Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. I was in love with Lisa Ling, who’s a broadcast journalist and who travels the world. I used to read all of her articles and watch her when she’d go to China or South Africa or Australia. I thought that was the coolest job because she got to travel and tell people’s stories. ~ Anna Diop.

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There’s nothing like being shot on camera. ~ Anna Diop.

I love Viola Davis. I call her ‘Queen.’ I think she’s phenomenal. She’s so raw and so bold. When I first saw her was in ‘Doubt,’ and she just changed everything for me. Her performance was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I think she’s phenomenal. ~ Anna Diop.

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