17 Benito Juarez Quotes from Former President of Mexico

Benito Pablo Juárez García, national hero and President of Mexico (1861–72), is known for fighting against foreign occupation under Emperor Maximilian and seeking democratic constitutional reforms.

Born to Mesoamerican Indian parents, he was orphaned at three and began formal education in Oaxaca.

He studied law and entered politics, becoming governor of his state. Juárez believed economic health lay in replacing the Church and aristocracy’s economic monopoly with capitalism and achieving stability through federal constitutional government.

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As President, Juárez faced opposition, depleted treasury and foreign intervention due to debt suspension.

Despite setbacks and personal losses, he persisted, leading to Mexico’s liberation from the French.

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Juárez’s progressive policies paved the way for Mexico’s modernization and his leadership against the French cemented his place as a national hero.

Below are some of the the most famous quotes by Benito Juarez.

Top 5 Benito Juarez Quotes


The Imperial Government will not succeed in subduing the Mexicans, and its armies will not have a single day of peace. ~ Benito Juárez.


Men are nothing, principles are everything. ~ Benito Juárez.


The law has always been my shield and my sword. ~ Benito Juárez.


Sooner or later the cause of rights and justice will triumph. ~ Benito Juárez.


Mexicans: let us now pledge all our efforts to obtain and consolidate the benefits of peace. ~ Benito Juárez.

Famous Benito Juarez Quotes

There is one thing beyond the reach of perversity. The inevitable failure of history, she will judge us. ~ Benito Juárez.


Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace. ~ Benito Juárez.

The emission of ideas by the press ought to be as free as the human capacity for thought. ~ Benito Juárez.


Democracy is the destiny of humanity; Freedom is its indestructible arm. ~ Benito Juárez.

Under the federative system, public officials cannot dispose of income without responsibility. They cannot govern on impulses of a capricious will, but subject to the laws. ~ Benito Juárez.

Top Benito Juarez Quotes

The government has a sacred duty to address the nation and make it listen to the voice of its greatest rights and interests. ~ Benito Juárez.


As a son of the people, I could never forget that my only goal should be their greater prosperity. ~ Benito Juárez.

The government of the republic will fulfill its duty to defend its independence, to repel foreign aggression, and accept the struggle to which it has been provoked, counting on the unanimous spirit of the Mexicans and on the fact that sooner or later the cause of rights and justice will triumph. ~ Benito Juárez.

Adversity, Citizen Deputies, discourages none but contemptible peoples; ours has been ennobled by great feats and we are far from being shorn of the immense obstacles, material and moral, which the country will oppose… ~ Benito Juárez.


The respect of the rights of others is peace. ~ Benito Juárez.

There is no help but in defense but I can assure you… the Imperial Government will not succeed in subduing the Mexicans, and its armies will not have a single day of peace… we must stop them, not only for our country but for the respect of the sovereignty of the nations. ~ Benito Juárez.

So these were the 17 famous quotes about Benito Juárez.

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