57 Best Girly Quotes and Captions to be a Proud Woman

When something is girly, it’s cute or attractive.

A proud woman should acknowledge and encourage others’ achievements.


Best Girly Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Best Girly Quotes and Captions

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. ~ Unknown.


Too glam to give a damn. ~ Unknown.


There’s a million fish in the sea. But I’m a mermaid. ~ Unknown.


It’s time to look prettier than the last selfie. ~ Unknown.


Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. ~ Unknown.


Lift up your head, princess, if not the crown falls. ~ Unknown.

You can never go wrong with a little pink… A lot work too. ~ Dana Dalgetty.

I’m a queen crowned in my curls. ~ Unknown.

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins. ~ Paris Hilton.

When I was just a cute little caterpillar, you loved me. So I became a butterfly so you would never leave. ~ Crystal Woods.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. ~ Coco Chanel.

Pearls are always appropriate. ~ Jackie Kennedy.

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress. ~ Coco Chanel.

A clever girl may pass through the phase of foolish miss on the way to sensible woman. ~ Mary Lascelles.

The number one rule of a lady; stay classy. ~ Unknown.

Famous Girly Quotes and Captions for Instagram

A girl should be like a butterfly; pretty to see, hard to catch. ~ Unknown.

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. ~ Unknown.

We girls, we’re tough, darling. Soft on the outside but, deep down, we’re tough. ~ Kristen Ashley.

I was born to stand out. ~ Unknown.

Slay them with sweetness. ~ Unknown.

A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment. ~ Jane Austen.

A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none. ~ Marilyn Monroe.

Be a lady AND a legend ~ Unknown.

I’ve always been very girly. ~ Jennifer Lopez.

Great Girly Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress. ~ Kiera Cass.

You’re a beautiful girl, and you can do anything you want in life. ~ Jeanine Pirro.


You can’t break this girl. ~ Unknown.

Who runs the world? Girls. ~ Unknown.

Whatever boys can do, girls can do better. ~ Unknown.

Like me or hate me, I’d still be this pretty. ~ Unknown.

Be the girl who just went for it ~ Unknown.

There is always a shade of pink for every color because Pink matches everything. ~ Janna Cachola.

Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go everywhere. ~ Mae West.

Short hair, don’t care. ~ Unknown.

A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her. ~ Marilyn Monroe.

Popular Girly Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Never apologize for being a powerful woman. ~ Unknown.

Tangled hair, don’t care. ~ Unknown.


I’m the queen of my own little world. ~ Unknown.

Keep your heels, head, and standards high. ~ Unknown.

Better to be strong than pretty and useless. ~ Lilith Saintcrow.

I am the princess of my own Fairy Tale. ~ Unknown.

Lips without lipstick is like a cake without frosting. ~ Unknown.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together. ~ Elizabeth Taylor.

Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy. ~ Gabriella DeMartino.

If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack. ~ Coco Chanel.

Top Girly Quotes and Captions for Instagram

A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink. ~ Gina Carey.

I’m a bit of a tomboy, but then a girly girl. And I feel like you can be both. ~ Doja Cat

Don’t be the girl who needs a man, be a girl a man needs. ~ Unknown.

I have a tough personality but then have a very soft side to me. I’m kind of a tomboy, but I throw it together with girly pieces. ~ Sofia Richie.

Be your own kind of beautiful. ~ Unknown.


I’m too fabulous to fit in. ~ Unknown.

Every beautiful girl need to hear some cute words but only one who deserve it. ~ Nabil Toussi.

More than anything, acting helped me discover who I’m not. I’ve learned that I’m a girly girl, but not a prissy girl. ~ Debby Ryan.

You should always feel pretty. ~ Unknown.

So these were the 57 top quotes about ‘Girly’.

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