34 Camila Cabello Quotes about Love, Life and Success

Camila Cabello, originally from Cuba, rose to fame as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed on Fox’s The X Factor in 2012.

The group garnered success with hits like “BO$$,” “Worth It,” and “Work from Home.” Cabello began solo endeavors with hits like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes and “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly.

She made headlines with her departure from Fifth Harmony in 2017. As a solo artist, she topped the Billboard 200 with her debut album, “Camila,” and scored her first solo number one single with “Havana.”

Camila Cabello

She received Grammy nominations for this album and later for her collaboration “Señorita” with Mendes.

Cabello’s second album, “Romance,” released in 2019, hit number three on the Billboard 200.

After debuting as Cinderella in a 2021 film musical, she launched her third album, “Familia,” in 2022, featuring notable artists like Ed Sheeran and Willow Smith.

I have listed below the best quotes by Camila Cabello.

Camila Cabello Quotes

I love love. I’m, like, obsessed with it. ~ Camila Cabello.

I love elephants! It’s my favorite animal. ~ Camila Cabello.

If you don’t want to piss people off, be a vegetable. ~ Camila Cabello.

I think songwriting was the biggest way that I found my identity. ~ Camila Cabello.

Feel everything. That is the difference between living and existing. ~ Camila Cabello.

It’s been so difficult to watch people criticize me and my intentions. ~ Camila Cabello.

There’s no freedom like the freedom that comes from accepting yourself. ~ Camila Cabello.

I like Noah from ‘The Notebook.’ One – hundred percent. I fall in love with him so hard. ~ Camila Cabello.

Best Camila Cabello Quotes

I think everybody can relate to loving somebody and them bringing out a wild side in you. ~ Camila Cabello.

No matter how old you get, crying in your mom’s arms will always make you feel 3 years old. ~ Camila Cabello.

At the end of the day nobody’s perfect and everybody’s weird whether they embrace it or not. ~ Camila Cabello.

You have to follow and honor that inner voice. I always encouraged the girls to do the same. ~ Camila Cabello.

Obviously any band, any group, someday is not going to be together anymore. That’s the truth. ~ Camila Cabello.

Look at Rihanna. She’s so sexy. She comes from Planet Sexy. I worship her. I really, really do. ~ Camila Cabello.

Pain is a monster fed by fear — the more afraid you are of it finding you, the more it’ll grow. ~ Camila Cabello.

Inspiring Camila Cabello Quotes

Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent. ~ Camila Cabello.

A lot of the music I write is about love. Sometimes I won’t understand how I am feeling until I write a song about it. ~ Camila Cabello.

There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with, and I’ve had to put my foot down. ~ Camila Cabello.

Any song I do, I put my heart and soul into and, as an artist, you can only hope it makes other people feel the way you feel when making it. ~ Camila Cabello.

Fifth Harmony is an entity or identity outside all of us, and I don’t think anybody felt individually represented by the sound – we didn’t make it. ~ Camila Cabello.

It’s okay not to be perfect. Your imperfections are what make you YOU. And at the end of the day, people like real people, flaws and all. At least I do. ~ Camila Cabello.

Now and forevermore, I’m going to stick up for immigrants, and I’m going to stick up for Hispanic people and their rights. I feel like that’s just my job. ~ Camila Cabello.

In the music industry, there’s often a lot of egos and people aren’t always very supportive, but we cheer each other on and we push each other to be better. ~ Camila Cabello.

Great Camila Cabello Quotes

The whole point of music is being able to share your story. I’ve been songwriting for a long time, usually while on the road, as a way to get my feelings out. ~ Camila Cabello.

I’ve always written songs that were confessional, acoustic, wordy – my writing style matches my personality. The music always has to match the mouth it comes out of. ~ Camila Cabello.

There’s nothing wrong with showing sexuality. If you have that inside, it’s just an expression of who you are. If you want to share that with people, that’s amazing. I love that. ~ Camila Cabello.

Because I’m a good girl, I tend to fall for the bad boy persona, and it ends up biting me in the butt. They end up not knowing how to treat me, and I end up completely devastated. ~ Camila Cabello.

I like to know that when I’m 90 years old, I’m going to be able to look at a song or poem I wrote and say, ‘Wow! I remember I was so crazy about this person,’ or ‘I remember what that day felt like.’ ~ Camila Cabello.

I’ve had writing sessions with people, but I’ve never had one where you’re just there, and you start making a song, and then it’s too good to be true that something really cool will come out of this. ~ Camila Cabello.

Fifth Harmony as a group represents more confidence, more girl power, more unity. They’re anthems, as opposed to confessional songwriting about one person’s life when there are five individual women. ~ Camila Cabello.

For me, I’ve learned if I want a very stable, normal relationship, where I’ll be like, ‘Okay, this is nice, I know what’s going to happen in a month,’ it’s probably better to date outside the industry. But you can’t help who you fall for. It’s our dating pool. ~ Camila Cabello.

All of the songs my grandparents and parents listened to are called boleros – they’re all love songs. They’re about giving your heart to a person. It’s a culture that is so romantic and passionate, and that’s something that I’m very proud of. We grew up with nothing, so we just want to live a life full of love. ~ Camila Cabello.

I would wake up really early and go into the hotel bathroom, put a towel over the toilet, and put my laptop there. I’d put my headphones on and just write. And so now when I do writing sessions, and I am stuck on a part, or I can’t figure out a chorus, I’m just like, ‘Give me a second,’ and I’ll go to that bathroom. ~ Camila Cabello.

I definitely think being a young girl, there’s a time where – like when you’re in middle school or when you first start liking boys – you don’t really feel comfortable. You remember that time when you first got your period, or when your boobs started coming in, that you were like, ‘This is weird.’ You have to grow into yourself. ~ Camila Cabello.

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