31 Corey Wayne Quotes on Life and Relationships

Corey Wayne is a YouTuber who has studied ‘Tony Robbins’ teaching approach.

Life and wellness coach Corey Wayne, known for his books, speeches and supplements, founded The Corey Wayne Company in 2005.

He graduated from Florida International University in 1995, majoring in construction management and contributed to Walt Disney World’s $150 million Coronado Springs Resort.


In 2006, he published “How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams.”

Here are some of the best quotes by Corey Wayne.

Best Corey Wayne Quotes

1. “People can hide who they really are for the first 90 days of a relationship. When a guy is abusive.” ~ (Corey Wayne).


2. “When she’s wondering about you, it is having a positive effect on her level of attraction.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

3. “What a woman says is NOT necessarily what she responds to.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

4. “The more she likes you, the easier she makes it.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

5. “When a guy is abusive and controlling, it is because deep inside, he is feeling needy and insecure.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

6 “It’s a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

7. “The idea is always to buy low and sell high.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

8. “At some point in the relationship, you are going to become complacent. It happens to all of us.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

9. “We tend to over-estimate what we can accomplish in a year, but underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.” ~ (Corey Wayne).


10. “Life is a journey. Success is a process.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

Top Corey Wayne Quotes

11. “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the people you consistently spend your time with.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

12. “Investing your personal wealth, and diversifying your security is a wise strategy to safeguard your financial independence.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

13. “If the quantity of years a couple is together is long, but the quality of those years sucked ass, I don’t see how that’s supposed to be a victory or a standard we should all aspire to. It’s better to be alone than in bad company as the old adage goes, makes more common sense than purposefully making yourself miserable and shortening your life span unnecessarily.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

14. “They’re obviously trying to cover something up. Honest people don’t need to justify themselves – it should be obvious, and plain for everyone to see whether or not you’re honorable.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

15. “Instead of looking at it as if my life was over, I started to look at it as a new beginning.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

16. “I’ve always enjoyed the story of how Elon Musk started SpaceX, and although my own journey has been quite different, I can relate to his determination, his business mindset, and the idea of First Principles. When you look at things from a certain perspective, the impossible becomes possible. Lessons about First Principles from SpaceX The one major distinction that sets Elon Musk apart from other entrepreneurs is that he simply doesn’t allow the possibility of failure as a viable option.” ~ (Coach Corey Wayne).

17. “Sigmund Freud, picking up on an idea first put forward by Aristotle, explained that everything we do is either an attempt to avoid pain, or to gain pleasure.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

18. “Take your time…don’t live too fast Troubles will come and they will pass Go find a woman and you’ll find love And don’t forget son There is someone up above”. ~ (Corey Wayne).

19. “What causes people to get fat? Your body’s cells need three things to thrive and survive: 1) oxygen, 2) the proper nutrients and 3) The ability to eliminate waste. If any one of the three is lacking, your cells will mutate (into cancer cells, for example) in order to try to adapt and stay alive in the overly acidic environment. Normally when your body returns to an alkaline state, the mutated cells will devolve back into healthy red blood cells. This process is called pleomorphism. When your body does not have the energy or nutrients it needs to neutralize the acid, it cannot safely move these toxins and acids out of the body. So its only choice is to park them away from the” ~ (Corey Wayne).

Famous Corey Wayne Quotes

20. “Corey Wayne How Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

21. “If you are uncertain of yourself, how can you expect to keep the ideal woman of your dreams?” ~ (Corey Wayne).

22. “When you go out on a date, you are there to be a gentleman, a charming James Bond – not her approval-seeking servant.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

23. “If you want to meet a woman and get into a relationship, you have to act as though you are already in one.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

Short Corey Wayne Quotes

24. “Courtship is ongoing and it is NEVER going to end.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

25. “You have to remain centered at all times and never let her push you off that center.” ~ (Corey Wayne).


26. “Ask really great, high-quality questions that illicit an explicit response.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

27. “become distracted, thinking about what he did wrong, or what he should have done instead. That just detracts from the present moment, and adds nothing to it because he has become emotionally hijacked by the past. You have to fight, and work for every moment of every possession, and make the most of that possession when you have it. No matter what you’re involved in, whether it’s playing baseball, or if it’s somebody in the NFL – no matter what, you have to focus on each and every present moment. Even if you struck out the last three times – you’re at bat right now, in this moment, and you have another chance.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

28. “An alpha female is beautiful, confident, successful, takes care of herself and is use to leading in all areas of her personal and professional life. She is not going to tolerate half-ass effort, weakness, shy or timid men. She knows her worth, wants a true equal and will not settle for less than she knows she deserves. She has her choice with men and wants a man who has choice with women. The only way to attract an alpha female is to be at the top of your game in all areas of your personal and professional life. Not being intimidated by her beauty and sex appeal, confidence and to continually pass her tests of your strength to demonstrate through your example, that you are worthy. Only then will you exude the vibe and certainty that will make her feel safe and comfortable enough to willingly submit to your leadership of the relationship.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

29. “Because of movies, music and television shows, men have come to believe that they are supposed to wait on a woman hand and foot and act like a stalker to make women fall for them. They learn, basically, that if they become her do-boy, she will fall in love with them. That may look romantic in the movies, but when you try that in real life, that is not the way it happens. It actually turns them off. Approval seeking behavior is not masculine. It is creepy stalker-like behavior.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

30. “People think of banks as money warehouses, and if you take a loan from the bank, you’re basically borrowing someone else’s money, or money that actually exists. Not true. When you take out a loan, most of that money is created out of thin air, and lent to you with interest.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

31. “You should buy property when there’s ‘blood in the streets’ – in other words when things become unstable, the value drops, and it’s a good time to buy because everyone is trying to sell. Eventually prices go back up when everything settles. When I got into real estate, there were plenty of properties for sale that were really cheap – and this was because the market had been unstable before – with the previous S&L crisis. I was lucky enough to get into it at the perfect time.” ~ (Corey Wayne).

So, these were some best quotes by Corey Wayne.

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Short Biography of Corey Wayne

Corey Wayne, born on January 30, 1970, is an American author celebrated for his book “How to Be a 3% Man.”

He advocates for self-discovery and personal growth, focusing on the dynamics of masculine energy and female psychology.

Full Name Corey Wayne
Born January 30, 1970
Education Graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Construction Management
Profession Author, Life Coach
Notable Work “How to Be a 3% Man”
Focus Relationship Advice, Personal Development
Social Media Active on platforms like Instagram, sharing relationship advice and podcasts

A Florida International University graduate with a construction management degree, Wayne is also a prominent social media figure.

He uses platforms like Instagram to share relationship tips and podcasts, encouraging others to overcome negative views and embrace a growth-oriented lifestyle.

Quick Facts about Corey Wayne

  • Corey Wayne was born on January 30, 1970.
  • He earned a degree in Construction Management from Florida International University.
  • Wayne is well-known for his book titled “How to Be a 3% Man.”
  • His work provides practical advice on successful romantic relationships.
  • He focuses on personal development and understanding masculine and feminine energy dynamics.
  • Corey emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and challenging limiting beliefs.
  • He is active on social media, especially Instagram, where he shares relationship advice and podcasts.
  • His teachings encourage individuals to embrace self-improvement and a growth mindset.
  • Wayne’s insights help people challenge negative perceptions and pursue their passions.
  • He has a broad audience engagement through his social media posts and podcasts.

Top Questions about Corey Wayne

Q: What is Corey Wayne’s educational background?

A: Corey Wayne earned a degree in Construction Management from Florida International University.

Q: What is the focus of Corey Wayne’s book “How to Be a 3% Man”?

A: The book “How to Be a 3% Man” by Corey Wayne offers practical advice on fostering successful romantic relationships and understanding the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy.

Q: How does Corey Wayne engage with his audience?

A: Corey Wayne actively engages with his audience through social media platforms like Instagram and podcasts, where he shares relationship advice and insights on personal growth.

Q: What themes does Corey Wayne emphasize in his teachings?

A: Corey Wayne emphasizes self-discovery, challenging limiting beliefs, and embracing a growth mindset to improve oneself and overcome negative perceptions.

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