27 Best Duncan Trussell Quotes from the Standup Comedian

Charles Duncan Trussell, born on April 20, 1974, is an American stand-up comic, actor and podcaster renowned for “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour” podcast.

He has featured in Netflix’s “The Midnight Gospel” and SYFY’s “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.”

Trussell’s career highlights include writing and performing for shows like “Stupidface,” “La La Land,” “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time,” and HBO’s “Funny or Die Presents.”


He has also toured nationally, participating in major comedy festivals. Trussell’s television roles span MADtv, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Adventure Time and Drunk History.

Apart from comedy, he delves into spiritual discussions, drawing from Tibetan Buddhism and mindfulness, on his podcast, where notable guests like Joe Rogan, Ram Dass and Tim Ferriss have appeared.

Netflix’s “The Midnight Gospel” is based on his podcast episodes. Personally, Trussell overcame testicular cancer in 2012, lost his mother in 2013 and has two sons with his wife, Erin, whom he married in 2018.

In this post, I have selected the best quotes by Duncan Trussell.

Best Duncan Trussell Quotes


We’ve just barely stopped being monkeys. ~ Duncan Trussell.


You are essentially just a cloud of atoms that will eventually be aerosolized by time. ~ Duncan Trussell.


That thing in you that you think is a demon is actually a bodyguard that’s run amok. ~ Duncan Trussell.

When we set an intention, somehow the world seems to magically come to meet us. ~ Duncan Trussell.

If you just follow the breadcrumbs of your desires, then strangely they will lure you into the direction of paradise. ~ Duncan Trussell.


The time of death is uncertain, but death is certain. ~ Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel.

I hope the magicians that do tricks for zoo monkeys know that the monkeys usually go insane and have to be euthanized. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Following in another man’s path is dangerous.
Do what you’re drawn to, no what you think you should be doing.
Do the thing you’re attracted to doing, That’s what you’re meant to do.
That’s who you are. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Top Duncan Trussell Quotes

There’s no rules. The main rule is this is your incarnation and you get to do what you want with it. The idea is to, as much as you can, expand in your levels of happiness and your awareness so you can feel connected and good in this existence. ~ Duncan Trussell.

If you inquire into the hurt, you’ll know what you’re experiencing is love. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Death opens your heart. It breaks your heart open. Our hearts have been closed because we’ve closed them. We’ve defended ourselves against pain. ~ Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel.

Wise Duncan Trussell Quotes

I do think that we suffer more if we resist the flow of the river. ~ Duncan Trussell.


Putting your gimp in a leather sun dress is self care. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Thought prisons are the best prisons to get into, because you have the key and you can get out. ~ Duncan Trussell.


Put the past aside and the future aside and get sense into your bodies. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Tesla was 84, and he died in a hotel, completely broke and alone, in love with a pigeon. ~ Duncan Trussell.

When you’re depressed it’s like those people up on the top of Everest who don’t have enough oxygen. Just basic stuff like zipping up your jacket is like doing f***ing squats! ~ Duncan Trussell.

Popular Duncan Trussell Quotes

True healing is realizing that you were never sick in the first place, true healing is realizing that you had a little bit of dust on the windshield and brush it of. ~ Duncan Trussell, The Joe Rogan Experience.


I felt terror that if I stopped drinking I would never write again, because I needed that misery. I needed that edge. ~ Duncan Trussell.

If there’s too much plot happening in animation and people are too focused on what’s around the corner, they start feeling like their brain is being ripped in half. You don’t know what to pay attention to. ~ Duncan Trussell.

I don’t want anyone having access to a nuclear arsenal that worships a god that’s planning on, at some random time, blasting the planet I’m living on and wiping out the majority of the people, cause he’s pissed about what they did to his f***ing hippie kid, 2000 years ago. ~ Duncan Trussell, The Joe Rogan Experience.


What you’re saying is often less important than what you’re feeling when you’re saying it. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Some poor, phoneless fool is probably sitting next to a waterfall somewhere totally unaware of how angry and scared he’s supposed to be. ~ Duncan Trussell.

Famous Duncan Trussell Quotes

David Lynch was a big influence in how when you watch Twin Peaks or many of his films, one of the things I love is that he empowers the viewer to make their own decision about what’s happening. It just starts in a world you don’t know too much about, and he’s so good at using that to amplify the mystery, but also the feeling that you’re smart enough to figure this out. I love that. ~ Duncan Trussell.


I love being a carbon molecule. ~ Duncan Trussell.

If you can forgive yourself then you will no longer see the reflection of your own internal judgment in the faces of the people around you. And if you can do that then suddenly you’ll be in a whole different universe because the universe we all exist in is the one where we’re all so terrified of the judgment of our peers. ~ Duncan Trussell.

So these were the 27 top Duncan Trussell quotes from the standup comedian and actor.

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