87 Edwin Louis Cole Quotes from Founder of Christian Men’s Network

Edwin Louis Cole, born in Dallas in 1922, was a well-known priest and author dedicated to reinforcing Christian men’s roles in family and church.

He established the Christian Men’s Network, aiming to guide men towards godly living and character growth.

Growing up in a devout household, Cole was educated at the S.M.U. School of Divinity and Southwestern Theological Seminary and was shaped by his WWII experiences as a U.S. Navy soldier.

Edwin Louis Cole

In 1951, he started his ministry in Dallas, emphasizing men’s spiritual leadership. His Christian Men’s Network reached over 100 countries.

Cole wrote influential books addressing men’s challenges from a biblical perspective.

He remained grounded, valuing his family. He passed away in 2002, but his teachings continue to inspire men globally.

I have made a top collection of quotes by Edwin Louis Cole in this blog post.

Best Edwin Louis Cole Quotes


Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


All wrong conduct is based on wrong believing. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


A ton of prayer will never produce what an ounce of obedience will. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


You seek the heights of manhood when you seek the depths of God. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


What you believe about God has the greatest potential for good or harm in your life. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Knowledge is the acquiring of facts, understanding is the interpreting of facts, wisdom the application. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The pattern of the prodigal is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


Character is more important than talent. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Have faith in God; God has faith in you. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Failing is not the worst thing in the world; quitting is. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Famous Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

It is not enough to be delivered from sin; it is enough to be delivered to righteousness. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


The yoke you wear determines the burden you bear. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Your best friend and worst enemy are both in this room right now. It’s not your neighbor right or left – and it’s not God or the devil – it’s you. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Illusions of grandeur are not the same as visions of greatness. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

By use you possess gain; by disuse you decline and lose. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


Truth cannot be defeated. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Marriage may be the closest thing to Heaven or Hell any of us will know on this earth. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Inspiring Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

To him who knows to prosper and does it not, to him it is sin. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Reading is an art form, and every man can be an artist. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The difference between men who succeed or fail is their ability to handle pressure. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

You can tell the nature of the man by the words he chooses. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


A dream doesn’t become a goal until it is written. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Professionals who are prayerful and productive are indispensable! ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Attitude determines the altitude of life. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Building a godly life on the sand of scriptural illiteracy is impossible. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Peace is the umpire for doing the will of God. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Fear attracts attack. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Inspirational Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

God is the Creator; Satan is the counterfeiter. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

You are committed to what you confess. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

You cannot compensate by sacrifice what you lose through disobedience. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Crying over what’s gone won’t find the present. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Sin is still sin – no matter how you spell it. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Men and women have strengths that complement each other. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

All sin is a form of insanity. Satan is the most insane being of all because he still believes he can defeat God. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

God will lead you into a deliverance where the means that delivers you will be those who would destroy you. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Motivational Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

Being faithful in that which is another man’s qualifies us to receive our own. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Christians are not patched-up sinners, they are new creations. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

A woman’s uniqueness is her greatest appeal to a man – and his greatest challenge. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Men are limited by the knowledge of their minds, the worth of their characters and the principles upon which they are building their lives. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Faith is the ticket to the feast, not the feast. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

You don’t reward reaction; you reward results. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Greatness comes through serving. The more you serve, the greater you become. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Mediocre men work at their best; men seeking excellence strive to do better. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

There is a high cost for low living. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Inconsistencies in men are generally testimony to their immaturity. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Top Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

Successful people recognize crisis as a time for change – from lesser to greater, smaller to bigger. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The counterfeit trinity is me, myself, and I. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Obedience is an act of faith; disobedience is the result of unbelief. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Truth is life’s most precious commodity. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The Ten Commandments have never been replaced as the moral basis upon which society rests. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Men tend to feel threatened; women tend to feel guilty. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

When the pressure comes, preferences give way while convictions hold firm. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Popular Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

Knowledge of God’s Word is a bulwark against deception, temptation, accusation, even persecution. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

A man who honors God privately will show it by making good decisions publicly. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Sin is basically a denial of God’s right of possession. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

God never ends anything on a negative; God always ends on a positive. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Good is often the enemy of best. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.


What the mind cannot retain, the body will have to endure. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Conscience allows us to do two things: Pass judgment on ourselves; approve or condemn our own conduct. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

You cannot be responsible for salvation until first you’ve been responsible for sin. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

If you can’t take it, you won’t make it. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Great Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

Our Lord never condemned the fig tree because it brought forth so much fruit that some fell to the ground and spoiled. He only cursed it when it was barren. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

God authors desires in your heart, then fulfills His Will by enabling you to realize those desires. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Your faithfulness makes you trustworthy to God. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Believing in evolution is believing in the unproved, while believing in Christ is believing in the proven. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

God will finish what He authors, but He is not obligated to finish what He has not authored. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Reasonable men adapt to the world around them; unreasonable men make the world adapt to them. The world is changed by unreasonable men. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The man who seeks to please God is the man who people are pleased with. The man who seeks to please others won’t satisfy anyone. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Wise Edwin Louis Cole Quotes

The discipline of daily devotion to God undergirds decisions. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

The more you build your life on principle and less on personality – yours or others – the straighter will be your course. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

To talk to his children about God, a person needs to first talk to God with the impossible. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Accepting responsibility for the actions of others contributes to your own greatness. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Life is lived on levels and arrived at in stages. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice. ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

Maturity comes not with age but with the acceptance of responsibility. You are only young once but immaturity can last a lifetime! ~ Edwin Louis Cole.

So these were the 87 top Edwin Louis Cole quotes and sayings.

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