75 Ferris Wheel Quotes and Sayings for Inspiration

A Ferris wheel is a famous amusement park ride that will well-known for its high, whirling structure and superb views from the top.

Due to its serene and slow-moving nature, the attraction is suitable for people of all ages and it often serves as an iconic centerpiece at amusement parks, carnivals and fairs.


Best Ferris Wheel Quotes


All friendships should find their way to a Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.


Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up. ~ Leonardo da Vinci.

Life is like a Ferris wheel; you have to get past your fear to enjoy the view. ~ Linda Poindexter.

Am I tall enough to ride this ride? ~ Unknown.

Reaching for the moon on a Ferris wheel, dizzy as a bat. ~ Richard Vallance.

POV: You’re riding the Ferris wheel with me. ~ Unknown.

She used to love watching the mirthful world in a Ferris wheel. Until her life became like a Ferris wheel and she was left with nothing but to jump off from top of the wheel. ~ Virali Tiwari.


Live, laugh, and love every second of the ride. ~ Unknown.

A Boat O beautiful was the werewolf in his evil forest. We took him to the carnival and he started crying when he saw the Ferris wheel. Electric green and red tears flowed down his furry cheeks. He looked like a boat out on the dark water. ~ Richard Brautigan.

Life is like a Ferris wheel… As it turns and advances forward, we see new things, develop new perspective, experience highs and lows, and we get the choice to enjoy the ride. ~ Dan Howard.

Life is a beautiful ride. ~ Unknown.

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels The dizzy dancing way you feel As every fairy tale comes real I’ve looked at love that way. ~ Joni Mitchell.


Just vibin’ on top of the Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ~ Unknown.

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Cotton candy skies and my best friend by my side. ~ Unknown.


We’re on the Ferris wheel of love but I want to get off. ~ Unknown.

You never know how great a kiss can feel when you are stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel. ~ Freddie Cannon.

Life is like a Ferris wheel, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. In the end, you just have to learn to enjoy the ride. ~ Unknown.


I wish one day we will break the Ferris wheel curse. ~ Fahmi Fatima.

You loved Ferris wheels more than roller coasters because life shouldn’t be lived at full speed, but in anticipation and appreciation. ~ Amy Harmon.

Famous Ferris Wheel Quotes

Hope is a Ferris wheel – It takes low and high; And when you reach the top, it’s like you can touch the sky! And when it takes you down hope becomes a thing that, When you’re getting off, You take with you to bring. ~ Robin Herrera.


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~ Lao Tzu.

You can’t help but smile when you’re on a Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

You know that feeling when on a Ferris wheel, when you can see the world from up so high, it’s like God is willing you to jump and then spread you wings and fly. The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. ~ Natalie Babbitt.


Life is like a Ferris wheel with ups and downs… In every angle it shows different views. ~ Dia.

Life is like a Ferris wheel spinning around, when you get to the top it is hard to look down. Just hang on, you’ll make it through. ~ Unknown.

Amazing Ferris Wheel Quotes

See you again next fall, Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.


Coming at you live from the Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

Sitting on a Ferris Wheel is not a thing for faint-hearted people. You need to have the spirit and courage to sit and enjoy this ride which makes this life worthy. ~ Unknown.

Ride the Ferris wheel. There’s something romantic about riding the Ferris wheel, especially when it stops and you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world. Remember to kiss your Valentine when you’re staring at the stars together. ~ Julia Spira.


Life is like a Ferris wheel, even when you are down, just remember, there’s always a way back up. ~ Unknown.

Life is like a Ferris wheel. One minute you’re on top, the next you’re at the bottom. Just stay in your seat, enjoy the ride, and hang on until you reach the top again. ~ Susan Gale.

Hope is a Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

Ferris Wheel Captions for Instagram

Fall wouldn’t be complete without friends and a Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

Life is like a Ferris wheel. Sooner or later, it always come around to where you started again. ~ Unknown.


Just here for the fried dough and Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

If you want to see the world don’t be the fulcrum pin of the Ferris wheel. Rather be a nail on one of the benches in one of the cars. ~ Vineet Raj Kapoor.

I never met a French fry or Ferris wheel I didn’t like. ~ Unknown.

We have the best seat for golden hour. ~ Unknown.


Some people around here say that we’re a Ferris wheel away from being somewhere. ~ Ryan Collins.

Don’t just live – exist. ~ Unknown.

Top Ferris Wheel Quotes

First, we’ll ride the Ferris wheel. Then, we’ll get a treat. ~ Unknown.

You can find me on the Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

I’ll look back on this and smile, because it was life and I decided to live it. ~ Unknown.


Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life. ~ Snoopy.

…and where the Ferris wheel carried its passengers high and brought them low and raised them high and brought them low again, as if it were not merely a carnival ride but also a metaphor for the basic pattern of human experience. ~ Dean Koontz.

Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on a Ferris wheel. One minute, I’m on the top of the world. Then, the next, I’m at the rock-bottom. ~ Unknown.


The sky is the limit, and I’m almost there. ~ Unknown.

On top of the world. ~ Unknown.

Life is like a Ferris wheel. Even when you’re down, just remember there’s always a way back up. ~ Unknown.

Powerful Ferris Wheel Quotes

The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai, the biggest factory in the world is in China, the largest oil refinery is in India, the largest investment fund in the world is in Abu Dhabi, the largest Ferris wheel in the world is in Singapore. ~ Fareed Zakaria.

What a wonder a Ferris wheel is! Up and down, it goes around. You may think, you are at the top but then it turns and there you are, at the bottom! It is the only thing that resembles life. Both are complex but ensures a thrill ride. ~ Nahid Belal.


I once knew a man who stole a Ferris wheel. ~ Dashiell Hammett.

A Dauntless Ferris wheel wouldn’t have cars. You would just hang on tight with your hands, and good luck to you. ~ Veronica Roth.

The first lights of the evening were springing into pale existence. The Ferris wheel, pricked out now in lights, revolved leisurely through the dusk; a few empty cars of the roller coaster rattled overhead. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Life is a ticket to the greatest show on Earth. ~ Martin H. Fischer.

It’s been one blur of fun. ~ Lily Pulitzer.

She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying. ~ Atticus.

The only things you should chase in life are your dreams and a chance to be in the sky. ~ Unknown.


Dear Ferris wheel, Thanks for teaching, what goes around comes around surely. ~ Dorian Grey.

Love is a Ferris wheel, it keeps on rotating all along with you, assuming your heart to be the axis of rotation. ~ Unknown.

Someone left the door to the cotton candy machine open, and all the pink flew into the sky to welcome the rising sun. ~ Erica Gerald Mason.

Great Ferris Wheel Quotes

Grieving is like a Ferris wheel. One moment you are up the next you’re down. You just keep going around and around. ~ Unknown.

I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel. ~ E.B. White.

Enjoy the ride. ~ Unknown.


Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on a Ferris wheel. ~ Unknown.

Certainty a strange Ferris wheel of a statement! ~ John Allen Paulos.

Nothing but good times and vibes. ~ Unknown.

This is what dreams are made of. ~ Unknown.


He is the guy I want to get stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel with. ~ Unknown.

You think the Ferris wheel is the best ride? That’s fair. ~ Unknown.

So these were the 75 top quotes about Ferris Wheel.

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