97 Best George Harrison Quotes from The Quiet Beatle Guitarist

George Harrison, born in Liverpool, England in 1943, gained fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles and was the youngest of the “Fab Four.”

He later had a successful solo career as a songwriter and performer. Harrison was born in a working-class family and began playing guitar in secondary school.

He joined the Quarrymen, formed by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, which later became the Beatles.

He contributed original works to the Beatles and his interest in Indian culture influenced many of their songs.


Harrison released his first solo work in 1968 and continued making music after the Beatles’ breakup in 1970.

He also staged concerts for charity, ventured into film production and collaborated with other musicians.

After surviving an attack in his home in 1999 and being treated for cancer multiple times, Harrison died in 2001 at the age of 58.

Here is a top collection of quotes by George Harrison.

Best George Harrison Quotes


I’m a dark horse, running on a dark race course. ~ George Harrison.

Everyone has choice when to and not to raise their voices: It’s you who decides. ~ George Harrison.

If you drop out you put yourself further away from the goal of life than if you were to keep working. ~ George Harrison.

I’d rather be a musician than a rockstar. ~ George Harrison.

I’m sitting here doing nothing but ageing while my guitar gently weeps. ~ George Harrison.

The world is a very serious and, at times, very sad place – but at other times it is all such a joke. ~ George Harrison.

With our love, we could save the world. ~ George Harrison.

I hope somebody does this to all my crap demos when I’m dead, making them into hit songs. ~ George Harrison.

Life goes on within you and without you. ~ George Harrison.

You don’t need a passport and you don’t need no visas, you don’t need to designate or emigrate before you can see Jesus. ~ George Harrison.

The world is ready for a mystic revolution, a discovery of the God in each of us. ~ George Harrison.

Been stuck in airports, terrorized; sent to meetings, hypnotized; overexposed, commercialized. Handle me with care. ~ George Harrison.

Make love, take love, but you should give love. And try to live love. ~ George Harrison.

Inspirational George Harrison Quotes

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street; if you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat; if you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat; if you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet. ~ George Harrison.

I believe what it says in the scriptures and in the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Never was there a time when you did not exist, and there never will be a time when you cease to exist.’ ~ George Harrison.

Without going out of my door, I can know all things on earth. Without looking out of my window I could know the ways of heaven. The farther one travels, The less one knows, the less one really knows. ~ George Harrison.

My sweet Lord, hallelujah. My, my Lord, hallelujah. My, my Lord, hare krishna. ~ George Harrison.

You can be standing right in front of the truth and not necessarily see it, and people only get it when they’re ready to get it. ~ George Harrison.

I’ll play what you want or I won’t play at all. ~ George Harrison.

Rap music is just computerized crap. I listen to Top of the Pops and after three songs I feel like killing someone. ~ George Harrison.

Scan not a friend with a microscopic glass, you know his faults, now let the foibles pass. ~ George Harrison.

I didn’t notice him coming, but he didn’t seem to be looking for an autograph signature. ~ George Harrison.

Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait. ~ George Harrison.

Yesterday, today was tomorrow. And tomorrow, today will be yesterday. ~ George Harrison.

You go on being reincarnated until you reach the actual Truth. Heaven and Hell are just a state of mind. We are all here to become Christ-like. The actual world is an illusion. ~ George Harrison.

Death is just where your suit falls off and now you’re in your other suit. You can’t see it on this level, but it’s all right. Don’t worry. ~ George Harrison.

You’ve got as many lives as you like, and more, even ones you don’t want. ~ George Harrison.

There’s a fire that burns away the lies, manifesting in the spiritual eye. ~ George Harrison.

With every mistake, we must surely be learning. ~ George Harrison.

My life belongs to the Lord Krishna now. I’m just the servant of Krishna. I’ve never been so humble in all my life, and I feel great! ~ George Harrison.


All things must pass, all things must pass away. ~ George Harrison.

The Beatles saved the world from boredom. ~ George Harrison.

I don’t believe in telling all to the public, but I feel a certain gratitude to them for having provided me with a fine material base that enables me to do pretty much what I want, possibly, for the rest of my life. ~ George Harrison.

I don’t want to be a film star. I don’t even want to be a pop star. I just want to live in peace. ~ George Harrison.

Motivational George Harrison Quotes

I fell in love, not with anything or anybody in particular but with everything. ~ George Harrison.

And the time will come when you see we’re all one, and life flows on within you and without you. ~ George Harrison.

For the forest to be green, each tree must be green. ~ George Harrison.

The more I go inside, the more there is to see. ~ George Harrison.

In the end, this world will go under because of the stupidity of people. ~ George Harrison.

Love, come and get it, it’s free. ~ George Harrison.

I’m only myself when I have a guitar in my hands. ~ George Harrison.

When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there. ~ George Harrison.

The nicest thing is to open the newspapers and not to find yourself in them. ~ George Harrison.

Try to realize it’s all within yourself no one else can make you change, and to see you’re only very small and life flows on within you and without you. ~ George Harrison.

The Beatles will go on and on. ~ George Harrison.

Famous George Harrison Quotes

It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite. ~ George Harrison.

My life belongs to me, my love belongs to those who can see it. ~ George Harrison.

All I got to be is be happy. ~ George Harrison.

Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature. ~ George Harrison.

Why live in the darkness all your life? Why, if you are unhappy, if you are having a miserable time, why not just look at it? Why are you in the darkness? Look for the light. The light is within. ~ George Harrison.

I’ve been the same all along. I talk when I feel like it and I shut up when I don’t feel like talking. ~ George Harrison.

I’ve got my mind set on you. But it’s gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money, it’s gonna take plenty of money. ~ George Harrison.

Since our problems have been our own creation, they also can be overcome. ~ George Harrison.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. ~ George Harrison.

Let me tell you how it will be. There’s one for you, nineteen for me. Cause I’m the taxman. ~ George Harrison.

Through all ages, great saints have remained as living proof that this non-temporary, permanent state of God consciousness can be revived in all living souls. ~ George Harrison.

America has everything, why should they want us. ~ George Harrison.

If everyone who had a gun just shot themselves, there wouldn’t be a problem. ~ George Harrison.

Sunrise doesn’t last all morning, a cloudburst doesn’t last all day, seems my love is up and has left you with no warning. It’s not always going to be this grey. All things must pass, all things must pass away. ~ George Harrison.

You can actually see God, and Hear Him, play with Him. It might sound crazy, but He is actually there. ~ George Harrison.

I don’t know how you were diverted
You were perverted too. I don’t know how you were inverted
No one alerted you. ~ George Harrison.

There’s a bottomless heart hooked into all of you and it’s wondering how much you care. ~ George Harrison.

Great George Harrison Quotes

Beware of sadness It can hit you It can hurt you Make you sore and what is more That is not what you are here for. ~ George Harrison.

Give me love, give me peace on earth, give me light, give me life. ~ George Harrison.


It’s easier to criticize somebody else, than to see yourself. ~ George Harrison.

Ultimately the love can become so big that we can love the whole of creation instead of ‘I love this but I don’t like that.’ ~ George Harrison.

Hare Krishna, Peace and Love. ~ George Harrison.

All religions are branches of one big tree. It doesn’t matter what you call Him just as long as you call. ~ George Harrison.

Life is like a rain drop on a lotus leaf. Everybody realizes that you’re either very lucky person or you’re not. ~ George Harrison.

Gossip is the Devil’s radio. ~ George Harrison.

I was so young when I was born. ~ George Harrison.

I still practice Transcendental Meditation and I think it’s great. Marharishi only ever did good for us, and although I have not been with him physically, I never left him. ~ George Harrison.

Consciousness and meditation are methods where you can actually obtain GOD perception. ~ George Harrison.

The only thing we really have to work at in this life is how to manifest love. ~ George Harrison.

It’s all in the mind. ~ George Harrison.

Some got rabies, some got fleas, some got incurable diseases from this cockamamie business. ~ George Harrison.

I remember thinking I just want more. This isn’t it. Fame is not the goal. Money is not the goal. To be able to know how to get peace of mind, how to be happy, is something you don’t just stumble across. You’ve got to search for it. ~ George Harrison.

Krishna is God, the source of all that exists, the cause of all that is, was, or ever will be. ~ George Harrison.

I’ll give up this sort of touring madness certainly, but music-everything is based on music. No, I’ll never stop my music. ~ George Harrison.

As long as you hate, there will be people to hate. ~ George Harrison.

All religions are branches of one big tree. ~ George Harrison.

The smile on your face is sometimes out of place, don’t mind no frowns, cheer down. ~ George Harrison.

Inspiring George Harrison Quotes

The microscopes that magnified the tears, studied warts and all. Still life flows on. ~ George Harrison.

If I had half a chance, I’d put acid in the Government’s tea. ~ George Harrison.

Oh yeah, gossip. I heard you on the secret wireless. You know the devil’s radio child. ~ George Harrison.

You’re asking me will my love grow. I don’t know, I don’t know. You stick around now it may show. I don’t know, I don’t know. ~ George Harrison.

It’s easier to tell a lie, than to tell the truth. It’s easier to kill a fly, than it is to turn it loose. ~ George Harrison.

I’m a tidy sort of bloke. I don’t like chaos. I kept records in the record rack, tea in the tea caddy, and pot in the pot box. ~ George Harrison.

No truth could ever fear me. ~ George Harrison.

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much. ~ George Harrison.

My son looks more like George Harrison than I do. ~ George Harrison.

It doesn’t really matter what chords I play, what words I say or time of day it is, as it’s only a Northern Song. ~ George Harrison.

I can see the Beatles sticking together forever, really. We’ve been together a long time. ~ George Harrison.

I don’t wear small shoes, or tight pants that squash your balls. ~ George Harrison.


Hippies are so phony and fake. ~ George Harrison.

Show me that I’m everywhere and get me home for tea. ~ George Harrison.

We are not these bodies, just souls having a bodily experience. ~ George Harrison.

So these were the 97 top George Harrison quotes on success, entity, guitar, Hinduism and music.

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