103 Best Huda Kattan Quotes on Beauty, Makeup and Fashion

Huda Kattan, known as Huda Beauty, is a renowned makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur, celebrated for her viral beauty hacks and successful makeup line.

Kattan’s journey in the beauty industry commenced with her role at Revlon and her blog ‘Huda Beauty’ founded in 2010.

Through her blog and Instagram, she shared makeup tips, tutorials and beauty hacks that rapidly garnered attention.


She launched her makeup brand ‘Huda Beauty’ in 2013, with the first product being fake eyelashes, developed out of personal necessity.

Her brand gained significant recognition after being used by Kim Kardashian and later expanded to include a wide range of beauty products.

Kattan leveraged her influence to create YouTube beauty tutorials, amassing millions of followers and earned a place in the global spotlight as a top beauty influencer, recognized by Time and Forbes.

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She also promoted self-love and frequently presented herself makeup-free to relate to her audience.

Kattan’s net worth is estimated around $560 million, establishing her as a formidable figure in the beauty industry.

Besides being a beauty mogul, she is known for her endorsement work, self-love advocacy and her Facebook Watch series ‘Huda Boss’.

Despite her fame, she stays relatable, promoting emerging artists and frequently sharing aspects of her life and personal preferences.

Here is a top collection of Huda Kattan quotes to inspire you.

Best Huda Kattan Quotes


We didn’t grow up super wealthy. ~ Huda Kattan.


Fun gets people going; fun gets people excited. ~ Huda Kattan.


I get Botox and fillers; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. ~ Huda Kattan.

I fell in love with Instagram. ~ Huda Kattan.

I was born in Oklahoma. ~ Huda Kattan.


I like to think limitlessly, and you can’t be limitless if you’re constantly looking at best practices. ~ Huda Kattan.

Anytime I think about my office, I think about creativity. ~ Huda Kattan.

Makeup and beauty is essentially art so I really can’t say that I dislike any trend. I love seeing innovation and creativity. It feeds my soul! ~ Huda Kattan.

The Dior Show Maximizer, the lash plumper, is one of my favorite products that I’ve used for so long. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’ve had cystic acne; I’ve had it all. ~ Huda Kattan.


We are more than one part of ourselves. ~ Huda Kattan.

A lot of beauty brands, they’ll really infiltrate the States. But going out of the States, they struggle. ~ Huda Kattan.

I think my story relates. When I started out, all I had was my passion and grit. ~ Huda Kattan.

I drink bullet coffee, and I make it myself because I hate coffee. I get a shot of raw coffee, mix it with butter from grass-fed cows and coconut milk. It’s amazing! ~ Huda Kattan.

Women just never think their lips are big enough, even when they are really big. The first thing I always hear from women when they sit down with me is, ‘I need to fill my lips.’ It’s almost crazy how many women say that to me. ~ Huda Kattan.

I don’t think I knew what ‘Vogue’ was as a child. I grew up in a little town in Tennessee, so that wasn’t something we ever would think of. ~ Huda Kattan.

This transition of being a woman and a breadwinner – it took some time for my dad to get used that. It took some time for my husband. I was like, gosh, I’ve worked so hard to be here, and then all of a sudden I don’t know if I feel comfortable being here. ~ Huda Kattan.

Being from the Middle East paired with my upbringing in the United States had pretty polarizing effects on the way I perceive beauty. ~ Huda Kattan.

I would never buy skin care from a makeup brand – full transparency. It feels like the opposite of makeup. ~ Huda Kattan.


We think big and we dream big. ~ Huda Kattan.

If I’m asking people to spend money on Huda Beauty products, I have to genuinely believe we have created the best. ~ Huda Kattan.

Top Huda Kattan Quotes

For the longest time, I just felt like I had to be really, really harsh to be taken seriously as a CEO. ~ Huda Kattan.

Being a Middle Eastern girl in America with a name no one could pronounce was not easy, so I turned to make-up and cosmetics as a way to deal with my insecurities, thus creating my long-term relationship with beauty. ~ Huda Kattan.

It’s hard being in the public eye. ~ Huda Kattan.


To scale your business, you need to delegate responsibilities to others and establish a strong company culture. ~ Huda Kattan.

Although we represent this almost drag-like beauty at Huda Beauty, I’m not only this person who is made up and always likes to wear their hair flawless and their makeup flawless. ~ Huda Kattan.

I try to take breaks from makeup on the weekends. I try to not to wear any on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s good to let your skin breathe and it’s good not to depend on makeup, to feel comfortable in our skin. ~ Huda Kattan.

With Huda Beauty Angels, we’re investing a portion of our personal family wealth to women-led brands that we believe in! ~ Huda Kattan.


Every once in a while I need a break from Instagram; like six hours long. ~ Huda Kattan.

It’s really important that we take away the shame associated with female hair loss and hair balding. It’s just another beauty issue that we all can get through as soon as we start to feel more comfortable talking about it. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’ve been put in multiple boxes as blogging and as an influencer and not really perceived as a businesswoman, and that’s something that I’ve really had to grow into. ~ Huda Kattan.

I definitely understand a lot of what I want and what I don’t want. I’m very clear on that, and I think that’s been very beneficial. ~ Huda Kattan.

We know now data is so powerful, and you can learn so much about yourself and creating product with data. ~ Huda Kattan.


I realized that my purpose really is to inspire people. ~ Huda Kattan.

This is how I feel about cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. If people want to do it for themselves – it’s fine. If people want to do it for the outside world, that’s when it’s not necessarily a healthy thing. ~ Huda Kattan.

I can spend a minimum of $4,000 a month on makeup. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty, but never realized I could actually make a career out of it. ~ Huda Kattan.

I felt like I was not a cute kid, and I remember seeing people transform. It was actually when my sister was in the beauty pageants and I was in some pageants. I didn’t win any. I always got that like, participant trophy, but I fell in love with the way makeup could transform people. ~ Huda Kattan.

When you think you’ve made it, you need to keep pushing because the person next to you or your competitor is also getting better, and you need to be able to stay ahead. ~ Huda Kattan.


I can understand getting compared to the Kardashians. ~ Huda Kattan.

Personally I’ve always given people make-up advice and talked about beauty products because that’s what I’m passionate about. ~ Huda Kattan.

I have to buy three of everything. It doesn’t make any sense, but I have to. I’m worried I might lose it, and if I lose it, then I have a backup and then I have a backup to my backup. ~ Huda Kattan.

Going to school and formal education wasn’t all that impactful to me, but it was the people that I met at school that really made such a difference. ~ Huda Kattan.

What can I say? I’m a Southern girl. ~ Huda Kattan.


I love a full face of contour, lashes, lip liner – everything! ~ Huda Kattan.

I need to love what I do, because I’m going to give 110 percent. I’m going to be working from 6 in the morning until 10 P.M., so I need to make sure I like it. ~ Huda Kattan.

I can’t promote makeup on Instagram if I don’t believe in the product. ~ Huda Kattan.

I always felt like a misfit. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’m a Sephora girl. ~ Huda Kattan.

I ended up moving to Dubai and going into finance after college because of family pressure. I was trying to love it, but I just didn’t. ~ Huda Kattan.


I have had my fair share of nights out. ~ Huda Kattan.

As long as I can be physically healthy, I don’t mind being curvy. ~ Huda Kattan.

The minute you decide to do what you love to do, you have made a life plan for yourself and a career choice. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’m hairy. ~ Huda Kattan.

I grew up in Tennessee. I loved to wear full glam. I used to want to wear flash lashes every single day. I remember wearing them once and someone was like, ‘Are you wearing false lashes?’ I felt embarrassed. In the U.S., it’s perceived as though you’re trying too hard. ~ Huda Kattan.


I’m either full-glam or no makeup at all. ~ Huda Kattan.

A lot of people don’t always know how successful our brand is and we don’t ever talk about it. But it’s exciting to see the brand resonate so well with people. ~ Huda Kattan.

I want to shake things up, I want people to talk about it. It’s really important that our brand flips the industry upside. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’ve worn pretty much every hat in the beauty industry, from blogger to makeup artist to YouTube influencer to Instagram influencer to journalist. ~ Huda Kattan.


I spend the majority of my time in the office and I usually wear a casual bandage dress and flip-flops or slippers. ~ Huda Kattan.

Product development is emotional for me! It’s really important as a brand that we feel that our products are going to be life-changing for everyone who buys them. We won’t ever launch something we don’t feel strongly about. ~ Huda Kattan.

Famous Huda Kattan Quotes

To start my makeup, I like to put a nice amount of foundation on, and it’s really important that it’s not oily so it actually sticks to the skin. ~ Huda Kattan.

I like things on my desk that are pretty and make a statement. It’s important that whatever is on my desk inspires me because that’s where I spend a lot of my time working and creating things. ~ Huda Kattan.

I basically shop in my sleep! ~ Huda Kattan.


The power of cosmetics and the effect they can have on one’s happiness and confidence is very real. ~ Huda Kattan.

I always felt different and it was because I was Middle Eastern. Where most people were very fair, light-skinned, and had blue eyes, I was hairy with dark hair and dark skin. ~ Huda Kattan.

Being women behind a massively growing business is not an easy task, and the journey to find the right investors and to secure true partners has proven that. ~ Huda Kattan.

My makeup will stay on from morning until late and people are always like, ‘How? What do you do?’ It comes down to – and I know this is going to sound so bad – but really layering lots of makeup properly. That’s the key if you’re partying, working, or a mom or whatever – this is foolproof. ~ Huda Kattan.

I wake up at 6 A.M. and start with yoga. I’m by no means a morning person, but I’ve trained myself to become one. My husband wakes up at 4:30 A.M., so he makes me feel like a loser. When you wake up and no one is in the bed, it kind of gets you up. ~ Huda Kattan.

I feel like I’ve mixed my Middle Eastern and Western loves together. ~ Huda Kattan.

I really don’t like monkeys. ~ Huda Kattan.


There’s something sexy about a lip with a hint of red in it. ~ Huda Kattan.

In the Middle East, I can’t walk down the street without being recognized. In the States, I’m totally fine going out. ~ Huda Kattan.

I love red laser therapy or red light therapy and you can do it at your home and it’s really convenient. Kim Kardashian used it to get rid of her psoriasis and I’ve been using it for years. ~ Huda Kattan.

My husband and I love the saying, success is not owned. It’s rented, and rent is due every single day, and I really and truly believe that. ~ Huda Kattan.

Inspirational Huda Kattan Quotes

I love seeing people being more daring with their makeup. ~ Huda Kattan.


Sometimes, you really need to trust your gut. ~ Huda Kattan.

Long-lasting makeup is all in the setting! I always bake in areas where I am prone to shininess and I find it really helps for keeping my skin looking great all evening. ~ Huda Kattan.

One of my favorite drugstore brands is NYX. ~ Huda Kattan.

I think a lot of people overthink things. ~ Huda Kattan.

Kids used to tell me I was weird all the time. When I got older, I wanted to embrace my name and I put it on everything. And I also wanted to embrace being weird. ~ Huda Kattan.


As a kid, I never felt attractive at all. ~ Huda Kattan.

In Dubai, people respect you if you wear lashes to the grocery store. I’ve been at the gym at 5 in the morning and seen full glam, which, I think working out with your full makeup is just crazy. ~ Huda Kattan.

Over the years, I’ve really put in the time to achieve flawless skin. ~ Huda Kattan.

The more focused you are, the more powerful you will be in the long run. ~ Huda Kattan.

This sounds really weird, but I feel like God has given me so many beauty dilemmas so I can help people. ~ Huda Kattan.

Our goal at Huda Beauty is to inspire anyone and everyone to create their own idea of beautiful with all of the products we offer. ~ Huda Kattan.


Being happy, being healthy, is the most important thing. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’m so in love with Chanel’s perfume bottles. I grew up seeing my mom use Chanel No. 5, so it’s quite sentimental to me. ~ Huda Kattan.

You need to constantly out-do yourself and constantly improve yourself. ~ Huda Kattan.

I’m not on my phone when I eat. ~ Huda Kattan.

Huda Beauty is doing so well, we’ve grown like crazy. ~ Huda Kattan.


I have the worst skin ever. If I don’t take care of it religiously, I break out every single time without fail. ~ Huda Kattan.

I would die to do Meghan Markle’s makeup. ~ Huda Kattan.

The eyes are so telling. That’s how you engage with people and bond with them. I love direct, strong eye contact. ~ Huda Kattan.

What’s getting me excited is a lot of times Huda Beauty is that brand that people get when they are just starting with makeup and I hope we can get them to start being more artistic and more experimental. ~ Huda Kattan.

Remember, words are powerful and can have a profound effect, which is why it’s so important to be your own cheerleader, and let your words lift you up! ~ Huda Kattan.


I worked in financial recruitment and really just found it miserable. For me, it just was not the right fit. ~ Huda Kattan.

Hold true to your value. Stay really really focused. The more focused you are the more powerful you will be in the long run. It’s easy to get sidetracked on the journey, have laser-like focus. ~ Huda Kattan.

A lot of time when we needed extra product or packaging, I would do makeup artistry jobs so I could afford to buy supplies. ~ Huda Kattan.

If I do something I’m not passionate about, how am I going to impact the world? And if I am not changing the world in some way then what am I doing? ~ Huda Kattan.

Whenever you are pushing boundaries, there will be push-back from people. Embrace what you stand for, and accept that there will be criticism. ~ Huda Kattan.

So these were the 103 top Huda Kattan Quotes on Beauty, Makeup and Fashion.

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